Abbotsford Heat Dipping Into Public Coffers

Kent Wilson
March 18 2010 10:45AM

Outside of trades for doddering Oiler defensemen and fourth round draft picks, it seems the Flames orginzation is annoying people outside the realm of hockey decisions as well.

In this Province article, Kent Spence relates a cozy little deal the Heat have with the city of Abbotsford, as well as the local residents resistance to the arrangement:

 Council approved a deal with the Heat on Monday that will guarantee the team its $5.7-million annual expenses, regardless of fan support, which is 34-per-cent below expectations.

The subsidies absolve the team from paying its $200,000 annual rent at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre unless a profit is made.


Vince Dimanno, president of the Abbotsford Ratepayers Association, said the subsidy amounts to a $57-million "liability" over the 10-year length of the deal.

"It's debt. Abbotsford has assumed all the risks. The owners risk nothing. There is no business plan to turn this money-loser around," he said.

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Flames Nation Round-up

Kent Wilson
March 17 2010 02:15PM


As I'm having a tough time writing any material that isn't dreadfully depressing or sharply sarcastic, I figured it was time to take a tour of the Flames-o-sphere and share some of the stuff I've come across.

- First off, fledgling Flames Blog The 4th Line has added frequent M&G commenter Justin Azevedo to the roster. Airk and Justin will be posting answers to "7 questions of interest and intrigue!" (title created by me) as they receive them. Highlight so far?

 5.) If the Flames had a 9 game losing streak, what ritual would you perform to regain the favor of the hockey gods?

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Darryl Sutter and the Mayor of Casterbridge

Kent Wilson
March 16 2010 11:38AM

Calgary Flames v Vancouver Canucks


An eery silence has settled on the Flames fanship today. In the immediate aftermath of the gut punch loss to the Detroit, there was the expected wailing and gnashing of teeth. Our own Pat Steinberg no doubt fielded angry calls deep into the night. Today, however, in the cold light of a late winter morning, a sort of bland resignation seems to have taken hold of the faithful at large. Perhaps it's because, with 13 games left on the schedule, it's far too early to begin the Flames eulogy. While many may be planning the post-mortem, the truth is the patient isn't quite dead yet.

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On Flames Goalie Prospects and Kevin Lalande

Kent Wilson
March 15 2010 02:49PM

Columbus Blue Jackets v Minnesota Wild


The Abbotsford Heat have won a boatload of games recently, launching them back into the AHL playoff race. The starter for the club over the recent winning streak? David Shantz, a 23 year old free agent signing who was picked-up to fill out the organizations bottom-end. He began the season in the ECHL.

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Flames Wake Up To Find a Hockey Game Going On

Kent Wilson
March 15 2010 11:14AM

Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks


Glancing at the stats page is often a poor substitute for actually watching the game.

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