What to do with Jamie Lundmark?

Kent Wilson
March 25 2009 12:04PM


This past summer, Jamie Lundmark agreed to a contract with the Calgary Flames, doubtlessly the only NHL team that had any interest in his services. It was a two-way deal, with him set to make a bare-bones 100k/annum rate while toiling in the AHL. The minimal dollar amount was a calculated risk on Lundmark's part: it allowed him to avoid re-entry waivers due to a wrinkle in the current CBA. That meant, the Flames would have no barriers to calling him up if they needed him during the year. It also meant that if he floundered in the AHL or if the Flames decided not to summon him to the big leagues, he'd be making a relatively piddly amount on probably his last NA pro hockey contract. For Jamie, it was the equivalent of going all in before being blinded-out. 

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Pardy vs. Vandermeer

Kent Wilson
March 23 2009 10:56AM


A lot of issues afflict the Flames currently: the goaltending, the penalty killing, the injuries.

Another (admittedly minor) point of contention is Jim Vandermeer playing instead of rookie Adam Pardy. The former is older, more battle tested and more expensive, but there's a growing perception that Pardy might actually be the better player.

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Pick your Poison

Kent Wilson
March 17 2009 11:57AM


With 13 games left in the stretch drive, it's about time to start sizing up the Flames potentional first round opponents, yes? Some folks in town are anxiously eying the NW Div standings after the 3-4 road trip, but the truth of the matter is the Flames will likely finish first in the NW and are pretty much guaranteed to make the play-offs either way. So without further ado - the sizing up!

First of all, the standings. If the post season were to start today, the Flames would be facing CBJ in the first round. Might as well start with them.

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Flames news and notes

Kent Wilson
March 10 2009 10:57AM


I don't have any lone, overarching themes, beefs or theses to share with you at this point, so here are a series of facts and thoughts in no particular order:

- As I sit here, it's -25 degrees in Calgary (or -13 F for you Americans out there). That's about the temperature of the city's hockey club at the moment too, Im afraid. The Flames have been outscored 11-3 in their last two losses, both at the hands of sub-play-off SE division teams. Hell ATL is in the running for John Tavares.

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Jokinen and Leopold additions - the implications

Kent Wilson
March 05 2009 02:23PM


Let the line juggling commence!

In the wake of the Flames busy deadline, many are wondering what's going to happen with the various line combos. I figured I might as well throw my two cents in.

On forward, there's no question in my mind that Jokinen was acquired to be the club's #1 center - meaning, he's going to play with Jarome Iginla. I've written elsewhere that Keenan was clearly dissatisfied with the prior situation, frequently rotating a number of pivots through the number one slot between Iggy and Cammalleri (Lombardi, Conroy and sometimes Langkow or even Boyd).

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