Yzerman to Tamba Bay

Kent Wilson
May 25 2010 09:53AM

Team Canada Announces the 2010 Olympic Men's Hockey Coaching Staff

Scratch another name from the rumor pile. The Tampa Bay Lightning are calling a press conference today to announce that Steve Yzerman, a man frequently connected to the Flames in past week, has been hired as the club's GM.

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Prospect Profiles - Greg Nemisz

Kent Wilson
May 21 2010 12:47PM

2008 NHL Entry Draft Portraits

With the draft about a month away, it's time to start turning our attention towards the Flames futures. I plan to profile some of Calgary's top youngsters over the next week or so, beginning with former first rounder Greg Nemisz. 

Because of his draft pedigree and accomplishments to date with the CHL's juggernaut Windsor Spitfires, Nemisz is roundly considered to be the Flames best forward prospect behind Mikael Backlund. He has scored 30+ goals in each of his last 3 seasons in the OHL and has also increased his point-per-game pace every year, culminating in the 1.37 rate he managed this year in 51 games. 

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Rumor: Kisio to Ascend to Flames Front Office

Kent Wilson
May 20 2010 11:52AM

CHL Top Prospects Game


According to Allan Maki of the Globe and Mail, the latest rumor du jour around town is that Calgary Hitman GM (and former Flame) Kelly Kisio will join the Flames decision makers in order to "assist" (not too sure what that means) Darryl Sutter. Of course, as Maki notes, the Flames have previously raided their junior teams staff by scooping up the Hitmen's erstwhile head coach (and also former Flame) Dave Lowry. 

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Mark Seidel on the Art of Scouting

Kent Wilson
May 19 2010 09:04PM

NHL Draft Lottery Drawing


I stumbled across a very interesting article by the Chief North American Central Scout Mark Seidel today. Entitled "Why NHL Teams Fail at the Draft" much of what he discusses resonates with my own thoughts on prospect evaluation. It's also relevant for the Calgary Flames, a team that clearly fails at the draft

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Trade Kiprusoff

Kent Wilson
May 17 2010 10:59AM

Calgary Flames v Washington Capitals


As we've established, the Flames will have to start making some hard decisions about their "cornerstone players" over the next year or two. The position of the organization is well known by this time: limited cap space, aging assets, a general lack of quality prospects. I've already made a case that Iginla is a poor bet to provide value for his contract as he ages. If the team is unable - or unwilling - to move the face of the franchise, Kipper might be the next best asset to put on the auction block. 

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