Chris Higgins - Diamond in the Rough

Kent Wilson
February 19 2010 05:25PM

Los Angeles Kings v New York Rangers

When the Flames traded Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust for Ales Kotalik and Chris Higgins, the principles of the deal seemed to the Kotlik and Jokinen. Thanks to nominal counting stats and an expiring contract, Higgins seemed like a "throw-in" in the deal. And, indeed, his fortunes haven't changed much in Flames colors. Through six games for Calgary, Higgins is the only new-comer without a point.

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Mikael Backlund Finding His Feet

Kent Wilson
February 18 2010 02:44PM

Upper Deck NHL Rookie Debut


It's been something of a rocky start to his (North American) pro career for the Flames top prospect this year. His early returns with the Abbotsford Heat were unimpressive, lagging behind the likes of Jamie Lundmark, Jason Jaffray, Kris Chucko and David Van der Gulik.

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Jokinen - Failure or Misunderstood?

Kent Wilson
February 18 2010 10:48AM

Calgary Flames v Phoenix Coyotes


I've taken a look forward in my most recent articles, but perhaps it's time to glance backwards and paw through the wreckage that was the Olli Jokinen experiment. While his acquisition was met with a nearly unanimous chorus of cheers last year, I was far more apprehensive

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Have the Trades Helped Jarome?

Kent Wilson
February 17 2010 08:27AM

Calgary Flames v Ottawa Senators


Yesterday I talked about the apparent team-wide improvement that has occured since the Phaneuf and Jokinen trades. Today I'll focus on the apparent effect they've had on Jarome Iginla. One of the unspoken reasons for executing such a major exchange was the struggles of the Flames captain, who is (was?) having one of his worst seasons in the last decade in terms of results and underlying stats.

Prior to the deals, Iginla wasn't really driving possession in a manner that was consistent with his past or his paycheck. In fact, he and Jokinen spent the first half of the season chasing the bad guys around their own end for most of the night. Iggy was on pace for his lowest point total since 2005-06 and his lowest goal total since 1999-2000. It wasn't the result of bad bounces either, since his personal shot rate (3/game) was way off his typical pace (3.65/game). That doesn't look like huge difference, but over an 82 game schedule that's about 50 shots.

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Flames Before and After the Great Re-Build

Kent Wilson
February 16 2010 02:04PM

Calgary Flames v Ottawa Senators

With the Olympic break upon us, now is a good time for some hardcore navel gaving. The Flames have provided plenty of fodder for introspection recently: the unprecedented mid-season house cleaning and their desperate drive for a play-off contain more drama than any of the angsty-privileged-teen shows that currently clutter cable.

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