Beware the Ides of... February

Kent Wilson
February 19 2009 10:14AM


From December to the end of January, the Flames lost just five games in regulation. Their record was an astonishing 16-5-3, a win % of 66.7.

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Canucks? Ugh

Kent Wilson
February 17 2009 12:45PM


I hate playing the Vancouver Canucks. Partially because they've been an eminently hate-able team for a long time.

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Lemons, lemonaide

Kent Wilson
February 14 2009 02:02PM


Despite playing some lousy hockey in the prior two games, Flames have the chance to escape this 3 game sojourn with a 5 of a possible 6 points this evening. A good measure of the Flames "success" in California was had thanks to Miikka Kiprusoff, who looked something like the Vezina winner he once was. Some other guys played well enough to rise above the team's mediocrity - Sarich, Bourque, maybe Glencross - but it's going to take a vastly superior effort on the most part if the Flames are to regain the the form that saw them kick the league around in December and January.

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Assessing the royal risk

Kent Wilson
February 12 2009 02:15PM


Even if the Flames weren't mediocre on the road and lousy at back-to-backs (they are and...they are), the Los Angeles Kings aren't a guaranteed two points anymore. In fact, I consider them a burgeoning heavy-weight that is probably a season or two out from making noise in the league.

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One of these things is not like the others...

Kent Wilson
February 11 2009 11:29AM

Flames Hockey of these things just plain sucks.

Im going to forgo talking about the Ducks in this pre-game; we saw them just a few games ago and little has changed since then. Watch out for Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan (in that order). Don't worry too much about Selanne at even-strength. etc.

No, this post will be pure navel-gazing.

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