The Colorado Avalanche Can be Caught

Kent Wilson
April 01 2010 01:17PM

Colorado Avalanche v Los Angeles Kings


Those who have been reading me for awhile know I've been waiting for this: the collapse of the Colorado Avalanche. The NHL's most uncanny team this season has been riding a wave of fortune so extended and unlikely, I'd almost begun to wonder if Joe Sacco had somehow discovered a new, paradigm-shifting hockey coaching strategy...

To say that the Avalanche were a surprise this season is a gross understatement. After finishing 2008-09 as one of the worst teams in the league, the org avoided spending money in the free agent market, plunked a bunch of kids onto the roster and then hid under some coats and hoped that somehow everything would work out.

Funny thing is, it did. (Sort of...)

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Hope Springs Eternal

Kent Wilson
April 01 2010 08:53AM

The Flames and Ducks managed to breath new life into the Flames dying playoff hopes last night. With Calgary's win and the Colorado loss, the Flames are now just two points behind the faltering Avs for the final playoff position. Curtis McElhinney says "you're welcome"

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McElhinney and the Season of Irony

Kent Wilson
March 31 2010 09:13AM

Columbus Blue Jackets v Anaheim Ducks


Of all the adjectives that will be used to describe the Flames season once it finally shudders to a halt, "ironic" may actually be the most apt.

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Join Kent for Flames Chat at CBC

Kent Wilson
March 30 2010 10:42AM


Hey folks. Just wanted to let everyone know I've been invited to take part in a chat about the Flames over at today. The event starts at 12pm and should last till about 1. I expect the crowd to be none-too-pleasant, although perhaps the win over WAS may have spirits a little higher than they would have been otherwise.

Feel free to stop by to add to the conversation.

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A victory both unlikely and unimpressive

Kent Wilson
March 29 2010 08:41AM

Calgary Flames v Washington Capitals


The Flames win over the Capitals yesterday was an unlikely one. Unlikely because of the gap between the two teams in the standings. Unlikely because Washington is the highest scoring team in the league and the Flames are...not. Unlikely because of Calgary's ineptitude leading into the contest. Not a lot of folks would have put money on the Flames yesterday and for good reason.

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