Curtis McElhinney re-signed

Kent Wilson
June 06 2009 02:21PM


Check another name off the free agent list. It was announced yesterday that Darryl Sutter has re-upped back-up Curtis McElhinney for another couple of years. Rumor is the contract runs for two years at just over 500k per year.

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Fantasy GMing - Trade Kipper

Kent Wilson
June 04 2009 11:55AM


Summer is, in some ways, the best time of year for the engaged hockey fan: it's the blank slate. A time of infinite possibilities. It's where all the armchair GM's can pretend they're in charge of the club and make imaginary moves according to their own criteria.

Which is what I'm going to do here. In this on-going series, I'll share what I would do as the Calgary Flames General Manager this summer - by which I mean, not what I think Sutter realistically might do, but what I would do if I magically woke up tomorrow in the big chair.

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It's all over but the cryin'

Kent Wilson
April 28 2009 11:49AM


Lots of post mortems to come in the wake of another first round Flames exit. Let's take a tour around the immediate reactions:

- Eric Francis points multiple fingers. He also ponders the potential fate of the Flames pending free agents.

- Allen Cameron talks to Keenan about the Flames spate of injuries. The list of wounded by the end of the season was fairly extensive.

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The Flames miss Giordano

Kent Wilson
April 20 2009 10:42AM


There's no question Calgary has missed Robyn Regehr through the first two contests of this seris. And Cory Sarich. And, arguably, the speed of Matthew Lombardi.

But one guy who's not being talked about very much is Mark Giordano. Felled by a wonky shoulder, the club sure could use his blend of speed, passing and tenacity against the Hawks. Chicago's uptempo forecheck and team quickness has been forcing the Flames remaing rear-guards to make sub-optimal decisions and passes, especially in and around the neutral zone. A lot of rushes and break-outs have been stuffed by bouncing pucks and long, waist-high coss-ice lobs that are easily picked off. 

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Post game 1 round up

Kent Wilson
April 17 2009 11:49AM


That was a gut-punch loss, hey folks? Anyone old enough was probably reminded of Brian Skudland's record setting fastest-play-off-OT-goal-ever against the Flames in '86 when Havlat's shot snuck through Jokinen and Kipper 12 seconds into the extra frame...

Anyways, I went around ye olde intrawebs this morning and collected some reactions.

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