WWYDW: Who Stays/Goes When Jones Returns?

Ryan Pike
October 22 2014 02:00PM

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Welcome to the latest edition of What Would You Do Wednesdays, a feature here on FlamesNation where you - the reader - are put in charge of the Calgary Flames.

This week's edition features a problem that will have to be dealt with by the Flames in short order - what to do when David Jones is medically cleared. Jones practiced with the team yesterday and is likely progressing to a return in short order, perhaps even on this home-stand.

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Post-Game: Missed It By That Much

Ryan Pike
October 21 2014 10:28PM

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The Calgary Flames returned home from their mega-trip on Tuesday evening, hoping to gain their first taste of victory on home ice. Despite some strong goaltending, some slick scoring and keeping the dangerous Tampa Bay Lightning at bay for the bulk of the game, they dropped a 2-1 overtime decision at the Saddledome.

They got a point, which is pretty okay I suppose, but after playing as well as they did for 57 minutes, they have to be disappointed with the loss.

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FGD #8: Old Frenemies (7pm; SN Flames)

Ryan Pike
October 21 2014 11:38AM

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Tonight, the World Series begins in Kansas City. That town's team, the Royals, was cannon-fodder in the American League until this year, when they emerged as a scrappy, underdog club that basically willed themselves into the playoffs with an excellent last stretch that catapulted them from the proverbial outhouse to the penthouse, to to speak.

The last time the Calgary Flames resembled such a club was a decade ago, when their championship quest was snuffed by the Tampa Bay Lightning, who visit the Scotiabank Saddledome tonight. The Lightning have been excellent since last season, but somehow - somehow - dropped a 3-2 decision to the Edmonton Oilers. Chock it up to a strong effort from the boys up north - or a team potentially looking past a stretch of games against a few of the league's weak sisters.

Either way, expect the Saddledome to be more full of emotion than it usually is against the old Southeast Division. There's something about yanking away a Stanley Cup like Lucy pulling the ball away from Charlie Brown that causes grudges to form. The puck drops at 7pm MT and the game airs on Sportsnet Flames (TV) and Sportsnet 960 The Fan (radio).

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Brodie Deal All Part of The Plan

Ryan Pike
October 20 2014 02:40PM

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Over the past decade, it's often been tough to be a Calgary Flames supporter.

The 2004 Stanley Cup Final appearance may have indicate to team ownership and management that the team was better than it was. As it stands, Darryl Sutter's post-lockout chasing of a Stanley Cup stands as an example of almost Shakespearean tragedy - despite the good intentions, there wasn't a strong plan in place, and the fact that the team found it so hard to sign and retain key players from the outside of the organization speaks to a league-wide perception that the group was tilting at windmills.

In a sense, that's why the T.J. Brodie signing is such a nice sign for the organization.

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Post-Game: Jooris Scores, Flames Lose Anyway

Ryan Pike
October 18 2014 12:44AM

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A lot of the talk prior to tonight's game revolved around a 60-minute effort. The Flames had a 60-minute game in Nashville and, combined with some great goaltending, the club won 3-2. They didn't have a 60-minute game against Chicago and somehow won the game based on miracles, witchcraft and Jonas Hiller being crazy-good.

Tonight the Flames' effort was closer to the Chicago game than the Nashville game. Travel, flu and four games in six nights will do that, but the team will really be kicking themselves for letting Columbus run the show for 40 minutes, as it left them scrambling in the third and their comeback fell short. The Flames lost 3-2 at Nationwide Arena.

Here's how it happened.

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