FN's All-Time Greatest Flames Team: Gary Suter

Ryan Pike
August 25 2015 01:00PM

The next member of FlamesNation's All-Time Flames Team is the best ninth round pick in Calgary Flames history: Gary Suter.

Chosen in the late rounds of the 1984 Draft from the University of Wisconsin, Suter roared into camp a year later and ended up being a big part of the Flames successes during his nine years on the blueline.

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FlamesNation Prospect Profile: #9 Bill Arnold

Ryan Pike
August 25 2015 10:00AM


The ninth-best prospect in the Calgary Flames system, per our annual FlamesNation rundown, is center Bill Arnold.

A graduate of the powerhouse Boston College Eagles, where he rose to prominence first as a promising defensive forward and later as Johnny Gaudreau's center, Arnold may be Calgary's most underrated prospect.

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FN's All-Time Greatest Flames Team: Jim Peplinski

Ryan Pike
August 24 2015 03:30PM

As we roar onwards with our All-Time Flames Team, we get to a player that never really put up insane numbers but was crucial to the Calgary Flames success in the 1980s - Jim Peplinski!

While he wasn't quite as good as Calgary's elite players, Peplinski personified teamwork, on-ice leadership and toughness. And he was good enough to play with the team's elite players, as well as rugged enough to make space for them when they needed somebody to.

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FlamesNation Prospect Profile Round-Up: #20-11

Ryan Pike
August 22 2015 02:30PM

We've spent the last two weeks unveiling the annual FlamesNation Top 20 ranking of Calgary Flames prospects down. We've got ten down, and we've got ten more yet to come.

For the curious, our requirement? Calder Trophy eligibility. So if you're seeking out names like Markus Granlund, Micheal Ferland and Joni Ortio - who aren't yet NHL regulars - you're not going to be seeing them here. All have gone over the requirement of not playing 25+ NHL games in a single season (or six or more in any two previous seasons).

For those of you who may have missed it, or who just want a refresher before the Top 10 kicks off on Monday, here's a rundown for your perusal.

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FN's All-Time Greatest Flames Team: Joel Otto

Ryan Pike
August 21 2015 03:00PM

We close out the first week of unveiling the FlamesNation All-Time Flames Team with one of the most underrated players in franchise history - Joel Otto.

It's a bit of a shame that Otto only ever won a single Stanley Cup, because he was a role player's role player. While Theoren Fleury was 5'6" and 160 pounds and played like he thought he was a foot tall, Joel Otto was legitimately 6'4" and 220 pounds...and played like he knew it. Otto may not have been the greatest finesse player, but he was able to use his size, tenacity, and occasionally downright meanness to win face-offs, win battles, and win games.

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