Weekend Open Thread: Race to The Cap Floor

Ryan Pike
May 10 2014 09:15AM

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A good many people, myself included, have spent the first part of spring actively contemplating the future of Dennis Wideman.

It's no small wonder. To be charitable, he didn't have a good season. To be blunt, he wasn't very good at all. We'll dig into the team-wide possession stats a bit next week, but let me spoil it for you: however you slice it, Wideman wildly under-performed.

He's also making more than any Flame not named Mike Cammalleri, and he's on the richest deal on the books for next season. He's been floated out there as a prime compliance buyout candidate, as who wants a third-pairing blueliner making $5.25 million on the books?

Well, probably these guys might.

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A Flames Guide to the World Championships

Ryan Pike
May 08 2014 08:15AM

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The Calgary Flames missed the playoffs. The Abbotsford Heat have already been knocked out. The only Flames prospects currently playing are with the ECHL's Alaska Aces. But that doesn't mean that hockey is over.

Nope. It's time for the World Hockey Championships.

Known rather tongue-in-cheek as "the Olympics for players that aren't hurt or in the playoffs," this year's Worlds are unique in that a lot of fresh faces are playing for the first time. The reason? It's an Olympic year, and a lot of players that normally would be playing in the tournament have a ton of mileage on their bodies and have opted out.

Their loss is somebody else's gain, though.

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Who Wants To Be A Flames Broadcaster?

Ryan Pike
May 07 2014 01:21PM


The past few weeks have been a bit melancholy, as it seems retirements of beloved Flames broadcasters has become the norm. Last week, it was Peter Maher. This week, former Flames TV host and play-by-play man Grant Pollock announced he's hanging it up after a long and distinguished career.

But the slight silver lining to these retirement clouds is that a few new faces could be joining Calgary's media landscape as the new broadcast team for Calgary Flames radio broadcasts.

And Rogers has helpfully posted job descriptions in an effort to, most likely, get some competition going for these positions. And if nothing else, these postings can provide some interesting insight into how these positions are framed internally.

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AHL Board Approves Heat Move To Glens Falls, NY

Ryan Pike
May 05 2014 05:23PM


In a move that was preceded by a lot of chatter, the American Hockey League's Board of Governors have approved the move of the Abbotsford Heat to Glens Falls, NY, where they're expected to play in the Glens Falls Civic Center.

The Flames formally announced the board's decision via a press release earlier this afternoon.

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A Brief History of Flames Farm Teams

Ryan Pike
May 05 2014 08:30AM

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Friday night saw the curtain fall on the Abbotsford Heat, as the Baby Flames fell 5-3 to the Grand Rapids Griffins and lost their best-of-five series by a 3-1 margin. Alas, poor Heat, we knew you about as well as any farm team in recent memory.

The AHL's Board of Governors meet today to discuss a few things, and one of those things may be a new home for the Heat. Reports out of many New York area media agencies are that the Flames have an agreement in principle (or are working towards one) with the city of Glens Falls, NY, formerly home of the Adirondack Phantoms. Will things move along today? We shall see.

In the interim, here's a brief sojourn down memory lane, as we profile the major affiliate clubs that the Flames have had up to this point.

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