The Life and Times of Boring Sean Monahan

Ryan Pike
October 02 2015 12:00PM

October is a big month in the hockey world. Training camps end. NHL rosters are set. The regular season starts. And later in the month are two big events: Halloween, and the anniversary of the first tweet by Boring Sean Monahan.

For the curious, October 25, 2013 was an off-day at home for the Flames. When the account began, the Flames were considered a bottom-rung NHL team and nobody was quite sure if Sean Monahan would stick in the NHL. Two years later, Monahan is a bonafide NHL star and the account has become a staple of most Flames fans' social media universes.

To commemorate the greatness that is @BoringMonahan, let us take a trip down memory lane.

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Handicapping the Roster Races With A Game Left

Ryan Pike
October 02 2015 09:00AM

The 2015-16 National Hockey League season begins on Wednesday.

Like, the Wednesday coming up after the weekend. On Monday, everyone and their dog will be thrown on waivers, and every team has to declare injuries and starting rosters to the league by 5pm ET on Tuesday.

So the Calgary Flames really have trim their roster down in a hurry. With that in mind, here's how we think things sit right now in terms of the Flames trying to cram their 34 current players into 23 spots by Tuesday afternoon.

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Pre-Season Post-Game: Jets Sharp, Flames Fizzle

Ryan Pike
October 01 2015 09:12PM

The Winnipeg Jets dressed an almost-NHL line-up this evening at MTS Centre. The Calgary Flames went the opposite way, going with an inexperienced group - ideally creating some clarity in the races for the final roster spots.

Both teams were what they were tonight: the mostly-NHL Jets were sharp and executed well en route to a 3-1 victory over the less-polished Flames in a game that didn't really answer many questions, and actually created brand-new ones.

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Uh-Oh, Joe... Colborne Leaves Game With Upper-Body Injury

Ryan Pike
October 01 2015 08:20PM

Some news from the game in Winnipeg, folks, and it's not good.

Calgary Flames forward Joe Colborne has left tonight's game with the Winnipeg Jets with an upper body injury.

According to the official stats, his last shift ended 6:39 into the second period. Colborne had off-season wrist surgery but was medically cleared for full participation just prior to the beginning of main training camp.

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2015-16 Zone Entry Tracking

Ryan Pike
October 01 2015 03:30PM

Last season, your pals here at FlamesNation changed up our original data collection for Calgary Flames regular season games.

We're going to make some tweaks again - in part due to logistics and in part due to availability of comparable data - so we thought we'd take advantage of the lull before the beginning of the season to share them with you.

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