The odds beat the Flames, they'll draft 6th overall

Ryan Pike
April 30 2016 06:25PM

After enduring a 2015-16 season where the hockey gods rarely smiled upon them, the Calgary Flames hoped to beat the odds and win one of the three NHL Draft lotteries. They did not. While they didn't get bumped all the way down to 8th overall, they'll draft in the spot they were most likely to draft: 6th overall (which they had a 35.5% chance of getting).

The lottery draws were won by Toronto (1st overall), Winnipeg (2nd overall) and Columbus (3rd overall).

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What's at stake in Saturday's draft lottery?

Ryan Pike
April 30 2016 08:00AM

Saturday night could be a pretty big night in the history of the Calgary Flames. By virtue of being a non-playoff team (and a substantially bad team to boot), the Flames have some fairly decent odds in this year's revamped draft lottery.

Rather than drawing numbers just for the first overall selection, this year's lottery will determine the first three selections in the 2016 NHL Draft. Since our friends at The Leafs Nation compiled a Consolidated Draft Ranking from a slew of sources, we can provide a brief glimpse of what's at stake when the ping-pong balls are drawn on Saturday evening at 5 p.m. MT (live on the CBC!).

The potential future Flames are listed here with their position in the Consolidated Rankings and the odds that the Flames will get that pick.

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The Flames and Bruce Boudreau would be a match made in heaven

Ryan Pike
April 29 2016 02:00PM

Following their first-round ouster at the hands of the Nashville Predators, the Anaheim Ducks announced today that they've parted ways with head coach Bruce Boudreau. The 61-year-old native of Toronto immediately becomes one of the most sought-after free agent coaches on the market, with the Ottawa Senators thought to be a potential suitor.

While the Calgary Flames do currently have Bob Hartley under contract for one more season as head coach, we had a thought: Bruce Boudreau and the Flames would be a perfect fit going forward.

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Backlund and Monahan are already two of the best Flames firsts (ever)

Ryan Pike
April 29 2016 08:00AM

On June 24, the Calgary Flames will head to the podium and draft in the first round for the 43rd time in their franchise's history. (Well, presuming they don't trade their pick again.)

Historically, the Flames have had a mixed record in the first round. A perusal of their first round picks reveals a group that includes players that never left Europe, players that faded away in minor-pro, one deceased person (albeit from a really tragic accident) and tons of missed opportunities. However, the Flames have also drafted a few really good players in the first round, including a Hall of Famer and several others that have gone on to really good careers.

The 2015-16 Flames featured three past first round selections: 2007's Mikael Backlund, 2013's Sean Monahan and 2014's Sam Bennett. When you take a statistical look at Flames picks, both in terms of their time with the Flames and their overall NHL careers, Backlund and Monahan are already among the franchise's best first rounders.

Here's how they stack up!

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What do the Flames have to show for their last 10 first rounders?

Ryan Pike
April 28 2016 10:00AM

Until maybe a few seasons ago, the Calgary Flames were known as a team that was bad at drafting. Like, really bad. Like, couldn't find a nut if they were a squirrel in a room full of nuts bad. Not only was their drafting not particularly great, their asset management with their first round picks – free assets that teams get from the league to help them stay competitive – was pretty awful as well.

So to take a look at Calgary's drafting and asset management, here's what the Flames have done with their last 10 original draft picks.

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