Realignment and the Flames, Part 2

Ryan Pike
August 27 2013 04:47PM


- pic via SportingNews


The obvious secondary off-shoot of the Calgary Flames being part of the NHL's recent realignment is the changing composition of the Western Conference. Not only is Calgary part of a re-constituted Pacific Division, they're also now part of a Western Conference that has changed fairly drastically as well.

Here's a brief look at the rest of the Western Conference and how things have changed for the Flames.

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Realignment and the Flames

Ryan Pike
August 26 2013 08:36AM


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The 2013-14 campaign will be full of changes for the Calgary Flames. In addition to the many, many roster changes for the club, they'll also be in a new division. After 14 years in the Northwest Division, including one division win and four playoff appearances, the Flames will return to the reformed Pacific Division as part of the NHL's realignment.
But will this new divisional scheme help or hurt the Flames?

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Training Camp Rosters - Comparing 2010 With 2013

Ryan Pike
August 22 2013 11:21AM



Awhile back, I took at look at the Calgary Flames' prospect depth by comparing the roster at 2010's prospect camp to this year's probable roster. Now let's do the same thing with the main training camp rosters.

First and foremost, bear in mind that the training camp rosters are ultimately a combination of (a) guys under pro contracts, (b) guys on professional try-out deals, and (c) really great junior kids from prospect camp who get a taste at main camp. Since we don't know who's getting a try-out from the Flames – and recent history suggests that we'll likely see a couple – this may slightly under-represent the 2013 group.

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FN Weekend Open Thread - News and Notes

Ryan Pike
August 17 2013 10:36AM



As we bowl headlong into the last two weeks of the NHL's off-season, it's probably time for a quick news and notes update for the weekend. After the jump we'll talk about the Flames new ECHL affiliate, the changing of guard in radio media and look at where some former Flames prospects have ended up.

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A Look Ahead (and Back) To Flames Prospect Camp

Ryan Pike
August 14 2013 08:36AM



In a mere three short weeks, after a seemingly endless summer break, Flames hockey will return. Well, sort of. All indications – including the CBA – are pointing to Flames rookie camp opening on September 3, most likely featuring the usual mix of unsigned junior draft picks and players on entry-level contracts.

The looming beginning of camp provides an opportunity to take a look at who's likely going to be in action, as well as provide a comparison to who made up the camp's roster when Jay Feaster began his tenure with the Flames.

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