So What's Different and What's Changed?

Ryan Pike
February 06 2015 09:00AM

The 2014-15 Calgary Flames are a club known for its peculiarities.

First, they're a team known for its late-game comebacks. Nine times this season, the team has been down after 40 minutes and come back to win the game. Second, they're a team that has succeeded despite having flat-out bad underlying numbers.

I was curious about two things: (1) What's different about third periods? (2) What's changed since last season?

Here's what I found out.

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Baertschi and Granlund Returned to the AHL

Ryan Pike
February 05 2015 07:01PM

The only news item on a rather quiet off-day for the Calgary Flames was the assignment of forwards Sven Baertschi and Markus Granlund back to the Adirondack Flames of the American Hockey League.

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Let's Talk About Ice Time

Ryan Pike
February 05 2015 01:00PM

Ice time is pretty important in ice hockey, but sometimes we don't talk about it very much. So today, I went over to War on Ice and generated a series of charts so we can briefly discuss things.

Today I'm focusing on two specific areas: defensemen and what I call "floating forwards." All the charts that follow are based on rolling five-game averages of even-strength ice time.

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Handicapping The Race

Ryan Pike
February 05 2015 11:00AM

There are approximately 30 games remaining for the majority of the teams left in the playoff chase, so let's take some time on this off-day for the Calgary Flames to examine their chances in greater depth.

I spent my evening looking through each team's remaining schedule.

Here's the gist.

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Post-Game: (Left) Sharks Left Laying

Ryan Pike
February 05 2015 12:12AM

It was yet another playoff-like game for the Calgary Flames on Wednesday night, as they went into battle with a divisional foe in the form of the San Jose Sharks. Despite playing a fairly solid game, and keeping the Flames on their heels for portions of the first and third periods, it was the Sharks that were left laying this evening.

By virtue of a very strong stretch in the second period, and an otherwise fairly solid game from the whole team, the Calgary Flames beat the San Jose Sharks 3-1 at the 'Dome. The Flames have moved into a tie with the Sharks for second place in the NHL's Pacific Division, and hold the tie-breaker by virtue of having more wins.

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