Five further questions about the future of CalgaryNEXT

Ryan Pike
April 26 2016 07:00AM

On Wednesday, the City of Calgary made available their report on their evaluation of the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation's CalgaryNEXT proposal. The proposed project would provide, among other things, a new home for the National Hockey League's Calgary Flames.

The City's assessment was, to be charitable, not particularly enthusiastic in regards to the project. In light of the City's response and the discussion yesterday by City Council, here are five questions we have following the report.

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20 years ago, Jarome Iginla made his NHL debut

Ryan Pike
April 21 2016 02:00PM

In something that will no doubt make many of us feel quite old, today's the anniversary of a pretty noteworthy event in Calgary Flames - and National Hockey League - history. Twenty years ago today, highly-touted Western Hockey League product Jarome Iginla was whisked from Kamloops (where the Blazers had just been eliminated from the post-season) to Calgary to make his NHL debut in Game 3 of the Flames' first round series with Chicago.

Iginla was +2 with three shots on goal (and an assist), but the Flames lost the game 7-5 en route to a series sweep by the Blackhawks.

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The City says CalgaryNEXT isn't feasible in present form or location

Ryan Pike
April 21 2016 08:00AM

Back in August, the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation unveiled their concept for a new arena (for the Calgary Flames, Hitmen and Roughnecks) and combined stadium/fieldhouse (for the Stampeders). The idea was to replace the aging Scotiabank Saddledome and McMahon Stadium with newer facilities, and do to so in a centralized manner in the underutilized West Village area west of downtown.

In early November, City Council set some terms of reference for evaluating the CalgaryNEXT proposal and the city manager's office got to work on Phase 1 of their evaluation – effectively crunching the basic numbers and seeing how everything shook out. The report was made available today on the City's website.

In short? (Emphasis added.)

Administration has come to the conclusion that CalgaryNEXT is not feasible in its present form or location. It is recommended that CSEC be given an opportunity to respond to this report and that The City and CSEC work together to investigate potential locations on or near Stampede Park for an innovative new arena/event centre that benefits Calgarians. It is also recommended that Council reconfirm the Foothills Athletic Park as the preferred location for The City of Calgary fieldhouse project, and that work continue with respect to addressing the contamination issues in West Village.

So what doesn't the City like about the proposal? We dug into the report to find out.

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The five highest highs (and lowest lows) of the 2015-16 Flames season

Ryan Pike
April 19 2016 02:00PM

On the whole, the 2015-16 campaign was unsuccessful for the Calgary Flames. Heck, general manager Brad Treliving categorized it as a failure in his year-end address to the media. But the 82-game journey had within it many ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys.

We've culled through our smudged notes and tear-stained gamesheets and found 10 moments - five peaks and five valleys - that arguably best represent the journey the club went through over the past seven months. They are presented in the order in which they occurred.

Be forewarned: since it wasn't a great season, most of the "lows" are team-oriented and most of the "highs" are individual achievements.

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What's going on with CalgaryNEXT?

Ryan Pike
April 19 2016 11:00AM

After months of radio silence on the topic, aside from a brief visit from National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman, substantive discussion of the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation's proposed CalgaryNEXT development will be on the docket next week down at Calgary's City Council chambers as council finally receives the "next steps" report that they commissioned months ago.

But if you think nothing of note has been going on since late last year, you've been missing a couple potentially big developments.

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