News and Notes - September 12 2014

Ryan Pike
September 12 2014 08:00AM

As we get prepared for the beginning of the Young Stars Classic Tournament, let's catch up on some of the goings-on of the past day or two.

I was in attendance at Winsport yesterday as the Calgary Flames conducted their medicals for the players attending the rookie camp segment of training camp. Some media availabilities were conducted, so here's the most juicy tidbits from the day.

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Meet the Try-Outs

Ryan Pike
September 09 2014 08:30AM

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The Calgary Flames announced their rookie camp roster yesterday, and eight names probably stood out on that list for casual observers - because nobody knew a lick about 'em.

Eight players - a goaltender, three blueliners and four forwards - are attending camp on try-outs. Seven of them have no deals of any kind in place for 2014-15.

Here's a quick rundown on who the heck these guys are.

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Flames Announce Rookie Camp Roster & Schedule

Ryan Pike
September 08 2014 02:58PM

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Amidst the snow and sleet of today's blustery conditions, the Calgary Flames brought some light and warmth, in the form of their rookie camp roster and schedules.

Yes, hockey is almost here.

The club today announced the 29 players that will represent the Flames in Penticton for the Young Stars Classic, as well as in the traditional one-game exhibition with the U of C Dinos men's team.

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News and Notes - September 8 2014

Ryan Pike
September 08 2014 08:30AM

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It's beginning to look like time for hockey, both in terms of the calendar and in terms of Calgary's weather! The European pro hockey schedule has begun and pretty soon we'll be underway in North America, as well!

Here's a quick Monday morning primer for your perusal.

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Weekend Open Thread: Calm Before The Storm

Ryan Pike
September 06 2014 09:30AM

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Good news, everybody!

Prospect camp opens on Thursday! The Flames join Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnipeg in Penticton for the Young Stars Tournament beginning on Friday, so this time next week, we will be talking about hockey. Real, honest-to-goodness, actual hockey.

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