Flames Top 15 Prospects 2013: #5 Max Reinhart

Ryan Pike
June 25 2013 02:15PM

Max Reinhart
- pic via Jason Kurylo

Three years ago, the Flames entered the NHL Draft with a problem. They had zero picks in the first two rounds of the draft – having traded their first away for Olli Jokinen and their second for Rene Bourque. With no picks in the “important” rounds of the draft, the scouting staff dug into their bag of tricks when the club went to the podium at 64th overall.

They grabbed former Flame Paul Reinhart's eldest son, Max, with that pick. Three years hence, that pick is making the scouts look pretty smart.

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Flames 2013 First Round Targets: Steven Santini

Ryan Pike
June 21 2013 06:53AM



Ranked 47thamong North American skaters by NHL Central Scouting, defenseman Steven Santini seems to check off a lot of the boxes that one would expect the Calgary Flames look for in a prospect: he's American. He's decently big. He's heading to the NCAA. He's a defenseman. Depending on how other teams rank him, he may be available in the late first round or, perhaps, when Calgary picks in the third round.

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Flames Top 15 Prospects 2013: #6 Bill Arnold

Ryan Pike
June 19 2013 08:55AM


Bill Arnold
- pic via Bart Hanlon

With the recent acquisition of Corban Knight – combined with the drafting in 2012 of college-bound kids Mark Jankowski, Matthew Deblouw and Jon Gillies – it's pretty obvious that the Calgary Flames are gung-ho about college prospects. This isn't exactly a brand-new proposition, as it's a drafting habit that arguably began in 2010, when the Flames grabbed University of Wisconsin defender John Ramage and then-incoming Boston College forward Bill Arnold.

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Ice-Time Leaders In The Last Five Minutes

Ryan Pike
June 10 2013 12:51PM



On the heels of a lockout-shortened 2013 NHL season, we stats wonks can look at a silver lining of sorts – a 48-game schedule is a bit easier to compile situational data on than an 82-game one (although it's also less powerful). As an example, let's take a look at something that's always interested me, which players get on the ice the most when the game is on the line.

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The Flames Age-Gap Challenge

Ryan Pike
June 05 2013 08:57AM


Patrice Bergeron
- pic via Lisa Gansky


When you watch the NHL's conference finals from a Flames perspective, it's hard not to get a bit jealous. The four teams involved have recently been incredibly smart - and, let's face it, lucky - drafters, but they've also managed to build their clubs in a specific way. The teams are young, fast and strong, but aren't horribly green or inexperienced. They boast some older veterans, but aren't old and slow, either. They have players of almost every age and their youth is distributed carefully throughout their rosters.

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