Flames, Bruins React To Dougie Hamilton Trade

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 10:04PM


We've spent the evening accumulating some quotes encapsulating the reactions regarding the trade earlier today between the Calgary Flames and the Boston Bruins involving Dougie Hamilton.

Even more than digging into the numbers, you get the sense from the quotes from both sides - and from Hamilton - that this is a big deal for everybody involved. When you have a 22-year-old player of this caliber, when he gets moved to another team - and a team that's in many ways seemingly headed in the opposition direct of the Bruins right now - it's huge.

We've organized what we've collected and curated after the jump: big thanks to Sportsnet 960 The Fan for making the audio of the Brad Treliving press conference in Sunrise, FL available, to Nations overlord Thomas Drance for the quotes from Bruins GM Don Sweeney, and to the Flames PR staff for organizing a quick conference call with Dougie Hamilton prior to the beginning of the first round.

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Where Does Dougie Hamilton Fit In Calgary?

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 07:23PM


Earlier today, the Calgary Flames made a big splash at the Draft by trading for Dougie Hamilton - sending a trio of picks heading the other way to Boston. The assets you acquire at an entry draft are, almost always, untested and unpolished. You don't know what they are, have vague ideas of what they may become, and in many respects you're trading lottery tickets as much as you're trading picks.

So in essence, the Calgary Flames trade a trio of lottery tickets for a really good young defenseman.

But now that the Flames have a shiny new toy for Bob Hartley to work with, there's the question of what you can do with Dougie Hamilton and where he could be used.

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A Video Introduction to Dougie Hamilton

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 05:17PM


It's an exciting day here at FlamesNation! Instead of introducing you to an 18-year-old prospect, who would probably have a teeny, tiny sample of relevant work and thus forcing us to guess and project, we can talk about a fully-formed National Hockey League player.

That player is the newest Calgary Flame, Dougie Hamilton.

We'll be spending a lot of time today, and for awhile, discussing just what Dougie Hamilton is as a player. But let's begin by easing into it - with videos!

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Comparing Flames and Oilers Drafting Since 2002

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 01:00PM

The 2015 NHL Draft is later tonight, and it'll be Tod Button's 14th at the helm of the Calgary Flames scouting group. I had originally wanted to put together an All-Button Team, looking at the best roster the Flames could put together based upon their drafting since Button's been head amateur scout.

Unfortunately, the tougher part was coming up with a comparison so we could put Button's performance in context. Thankfully, a perfectly fine comparison lives up the road in Edmonton. The Oilers have been blessed with many, many high-end draft picks since 2002 - much more than Calgary.

So their roster of drafted players should look better than Calgary's, right?

Well, somewhat...

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FGD: The 2015 NHL Draft, Round 1 (5pm MT, SN West)

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 09:37AM

Just after 5pm MT tonight, the Edmonton Oilers will select Connor McDavid at 1st overall and the Buffalo Sabres will take Jack Eichel at 2nd overall.

And then all hell will break loose.

Welcome to today's ongoing coverage of the first of two days of the 2015 National Hockey League Draft. Over the next two days, 211 young players will have their dreams come true as they are selected by 30 NHL teams...and dozens more will likely begrudgingly change addresses as the aforementioned teams jockey for position in an extremely deep draft.

So let's give you a brief look at where the Flames stand before all the trades happen and this information becomes out-dated, shall we?

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