WWYDW: Myers Is Gone, Who Do You Target?

Ryan Pike
February 11 2015 03:00PM

The big news of the day in the hockey world is the blockbuster trade between the Winnipeg Jets and Buffalo Sabres. Not only is it a big thing for both of the teams involved, but it also has a ripple effect across the remainder of the National Hockey League.

The Jets added towering young defender Tyler Myers, a player long thought on the trade block for the right price. The Flames are among many, many teams in a precarious position. Not only do the Flames likely want to make a move to counter the Jets big move and keep their team competitive in the Western playoff race, but Myers suddenly being off the market likely drives up the price for every other secondary defender on the market.

So, if you're the Flames, What Do You Do?

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Let's Talk About The Power Play

Ryan Pike
February 10 2015 05:00PM

The Calgary Flames have been one of the NHL's worst possession teams this season. Whether you want to look at shots, Corsi, Corsi Close, Fenwick, Fenwick Close or any other metric, the Calgary Flames are not super amazing at puck possession.

As a result, Calgary's special teams are going to be crucially important for the team to continue to have success, particularly if the club makes the post-season.

So let's talk about the power-play!

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More Ex-Flames Join Concussion Lawsuits

Ryan Pike
February 10 2015 03:00PM

Way back in November of 2013, 10 former players filed suit against the National Hockey League in regards to the league's responsibility of protecting players from the dangers of concussions. Today, another 30 former players filed suit in U.S. District Court in Minnesota, per Adam Proteau of The Hockey News.

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FGD #54: Once More To The Shark Tank (8:30pm MT, SN West)

Ryan Pike
February 09 2015 04:45PM

With 29 games remaining on their 2014-15 schedule, the Calgary Flames are hoping to transform from "a surprisingly good hockey club, all things considered" into "a playoff team." The key part of that transformation is to continue to win games against divisional and conference opponents.

Their latest test will be their fifth and final match-up with the San Jose Sharks.

The Flames (29-21-3) are coming off a tough and one-sided loss to the Penguins on Friday. The Sharks (28-19-7) are coming off a loss to the Canucks on Saturday. Both teams desperately need wins to keep their playoff hopes strong. The Flames beat the Sharks decisively on Wednesday via a 3-1 score. The Sharks definitely want to return the favour. The Flames have won three of the preceding four games with the Sharks this season.

The puck drops at 8:30pm MT on Sportsnet West and Sportsnet 960 The Fan. Our condolences to Flames fans in the East, as you will likely fall asleep at your desk at work tomorrow.

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Scoring Chances, Corsi, Fenwick and Whatnots

Ryan Pike
February 09 2015 01:00PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 12.21.28 PM

The Calgary Flames play their 54th game of the season later today. In anticipation of that contest, let's review some numbers, shall we?

There are three commonly-used possession statistics: Corsi, Fenwick and Scoring Chances. By sheer coincidence, all can be found on the helpful War On Ice site.

  • Corsi percentage is the percentage of all shots, blocked shots and missed shots towards the opponent's net, no matter where they're taken.
  • Fenwick percentage is the percentage of all shots and missed shots, ignoring blocked shots.
  • Scoring Chances, per War on Ice's explanation: (detailed with images at numbers at the link)
    "In the low danger zone, unblocked rebounds and rush shots only.
    In the medium danger zone, all unblocked shots.
    In the high danger zone, all shot attempts (since blocked shots taken here may be more representative of more “wide-open nets”, though we don’t know this for sure.)"
  • And when I tabulate Scoring Chances here, I use all Corsi events (shots/blocks/misses) from the "home plate" area.

Let's compare what the three numbers tell us.

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