FN's All-Time Greatest Flames Team: Harvey the Hound

Ryan Pike
September 17 2015 03:00PM

The final member of the FlamesNation All-Time Flames Team is pretty obvious. He's got seniority on the rest of the team. He's suited up for more games than anybody else, even the great Jarome Iginla.

He's also a six-foot-tall anthropomorphic dog.

The National Hockey League's first official team mascot, Harvey the Hound, is the final member of our team.

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Post-Game: Flames School Dinos 5-1

Ryan Pike
September 16 2015 11:56PM

The prospect portion of the 2015 Calgary Flames training camp ended quietly earlier tonight at Winsport, by way of a 5-1 victory for your Flames against the University of Calgary Dinos men's hockey team.

It was a game you'd hope the Flames team would win, what with them being full of first round draft picks and players with NHL aspirations. And win they did.

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Prospect FGD: Back to School (7pm MT)

Ryan Pike
September 16 2015 01:30PM

As the veterans prepare for fitness testing and medicals tomorrow, the youngest Calgary Flames hit the ice one last time during prospect camp. Their opponents on this occasion? A bit of an older crew, in the form of the University of Calgary Dinos.

Check out the action live at the Markin McPhail Centre at Winsport beginning at 7pm MT!

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FN's All-Time Greatest Flames Team: Joe Mullen

Ryan Pike
September 15 2015 03:00PM

Our latest entry in the All-Time Flames Team is probably one of the most underrated National Hockey League Players of all-time. And stop me if you've heard this one.

A smaller player with incredible offensive talent and a fair amount of fearlessness in the corners, this player plied his trade with the NCAA's Boston College Eagles before an NHL club took a chance on him. His name? Joe Mullen.

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Could The 2026 Olympics Get CalgaryNEXT Built?

Ryan Pike
September 15 2015 01:15PM

Out east, the folks in Toronto seem to be waning on the idea of bidding to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. After all, developing and submitting a bit would cost some money, and being that we're in a recession, they probably don't want to put too many of their eggs in one basket.

But out west? Well, a report by Postmedia's Vicki Hall earlier today indicated something both eyebrow-raising (but not the least bit surprising) - there's some work being done in Calgary on a bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics.

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