Better or worse: Goaltending

Pat Steinberg
August 30 2015 12:04PM


It's been a busy summer for the Calgary Flames. They've made key additions via both the trade route and free agency while also taking care of some crucial in-house matters. With training camp on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to truly evaluate how much better (or worse) the Flames have made themselves since May. We'll start by looking at an area that has seen the least change this summer: goaltending.

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Calgary's best trade assets

Pat Steinberg
August 27 2015 03:02PM


In the wake of Mark Giordano's contract extension earlier this week, Calgary's cap crunch going forward has become even more clear. With big money also due to both Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau for the 2016-2017 season, the Flames are going to be right up against a salary cap that isn't expected to rise dramatically. Calgary is going to have to make some tough decisions, and some of those choices might have to be made during the coming season. Let's take a look at their most valuable, and most likely, trade assets for the coming year.

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The new dynamic duo

Pat Steinberg
August 24 2015 03:35PM


One of the main reasons why fans of the Calgary Flames are so excited about this summer's signing of Michael Frolik is because of his versatility. Not only can Frolik play both wings, he can also be used in a few different ways. As such, there's a very strong possibility we'll see him paired extensively with another of Calgary's most versatile forwards: Mikael Backlund.

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Why not sign David Schlemko?

Pat Steinberg
July 31 2015 11:08AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 1.22.34 AM

As free agency enters it's second month, one of the small mysteries for me has been the future of defenceman David Schlemko. Claimed on waivers late in the season by the Flames, I thought the serviceable blueliner more than held his own in the role he was given. Is this high priority stuff for Calgary? No, it's not. But I do think you can make a compelling case why bringing him back makes sense.

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Converting prospects to assets

Pat Steinberg
July 29 2015 10:42AM


The formula above is math, which means it's scary and might as well be cyrillic. The Calgary Flames are working on a formula of their own, because they have an interesting job on their hands. The Flames have a really solid number of decent prospects, which they should be given credit for. Now the challenge is identifying which of those players they want to have move columns. Let's face it, Calgary now has to move a few players who were once organizational prospects into a different category: organizational assets.

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