Postgame: You Gotta Beat the Man...

Pat Steinberg
November 18 2011 10:29PM

As the immortal Ric Flair says: "to be the man, you've gotta beat the man."  Well, in this case, they did at least half of that, knocking off the NHL's top team, the Chicago Blackhawks, 5-2 on Friday night.  It was one of, if not the, best efforts of the season for the Flames as they were full marks start to finish.  The most important thing is they were rewarded for playing their game start to finish.

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Postgame: Comfort Shmomfort

Pat Steinberg
November 12 2011 11:09PM

Seeing the Calgary Flames open up a 4-0 lead on the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday night likely made some frustrated Flames fans breathe a little easier after their 4-1 loss in Chicago the night before.  Seeing the Avalanche battle back to within a goal and almost tie the game on numerous occasions might have made that breath a little shorter.  While it was a little too close for comfort, the main thing is simple: two points and back within striking distance of .500.

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FGD: Here We Go Again...

Pat Steinberg
November 12 2011 02:31PM

There used to be a time when games against the Colorado Avalanche were exciting.  They boasted names like Sakic, Forsberg, Roy, and Blake.  They were high flying, high scoring, and high octane.  However, they always beat the Calgary Flames.  Well, this current incarnation of the Avalanche is nowhere near as good, and as of late, they sure as heck don't beat the Flames.  Tonight in Denver, they meet for the third time this season (8 pm, CBC and Sportsnet 960).

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Postgame: Rope-a-Dope

Pat Steinberg
November 06 2011 11:35PM

The Calgary Flames didn't necessarily carry the play Sunday night, and they kinda took a page out of their opponents book en route to a 2-1 win over the Colorado Avalanche.  The Flames didn't generate a ton offensively, they scored a powerplay goal, relied on their goaltender, and got back to the .500 mark.  No it wasn't pretty, but it got the job done and Calgary has won four of their last six games and come away 2-1 on this three game road trip.

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FGD: Shift Work

Pat Steinberg
November 06 2011 12:55PM

After a disappointing outing Friday night in Buffalo, the Calgary Flames finish off a three game road trip tonight in Colorado for their second meeting with the Avalanche (6 pm, Sportsnet West and Sportsnet 960).  Thanks in part to an injury and some disappointing play, David Moss, Brendan Morrison and Cory Sarich will all sit this one out, giving us new looks up and down the lineup.

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