Sean Monahan is getting paid, too

Pat Steinberg
December 28 2015 10:51AM


Earlier this month I wrote about just how big Johnny Gaudreau's new contract is going to be with the Calgary Flames. Well, in case you've forgotten, there's another high profile forward in need of a new contract, as well. Just like Gaudreau, Sean Monahan is negotiating his second contract and is in line for a rather sizeable raise. There seems to be a sentiment, however, that Monahan's deal is going to come in noticeably lower than Gaudreau's. I'm not convinced that's going to happen, however, and I'm going to tell you why.

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Christmas wishes for all

Pat Steinberg
December 24 2015 12:52PM


It's about as self explanatory as it gets! Christmas wishes to the Calgary Flames on this Christmas Eve of 2015. Merry Christmas to all in Flames safe and healthy and all that jazz. And now without further ado, in no particular order...

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Johnny Gaudreau is going to get paid

Pat Steinberg
December 18 2015 10:08AM


Johnny Gaudreau is in the final year of his entry level contract and he's eligible for a new contract anytime. Now it's time for us to come to grips with what comes next. Since entering the league, Gaudreau has done nothing but wow and impress and is showing no signs of slowing down. Gaudreau is going to get paid, and he is going to get paid a lot. Let's start to ballpark what this new contract might actually look like.

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How much better should the Flames be?

Pat Steinberg
November 30 2015 10:16AM


The first two months of this season for the Calgary Flames have been absolutely dreadful. No one, not even the Edmonton Oilers, has a worse record than Calgary's 8-14-2 mark (both teams share the exact same record, in fact). After the excitement of last season, this year has been a disappointment at best, and one that has caught many Flames fans off guard. Most believe this team is capable of more than they've shown, but is that accurate?

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What's going on with Sean Monahan?

Pat Steinberg
November 28 2015 02:33PM


We've used the word "money" in so many different ways over the last two years when it comes to Sean Monahan, and for good reason. For two straight seasons, Monahan has done nothing but exceed expectations all over the map. It's been a different story in year three, though. For the first time in his young NHL career, Monahan hasn't lived up to sky high expectations, at least not so far this season. I've got a few reasons as to why that is.

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