Segment 2 of 8: Strange things

Pat Steinberg
November 20 2015 09:43AM


In so many ways, the start to this season has been bizarre for the Calgary Flames. With 20 games in the books, the first quarter of their season is done, and thankfully so. It's been a brutal start to the season, but at least we can say the second ten game segment has been better than the first. As we look back at the last ten games, three rather odd things jump off the page to me.

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3 reasons for optimism

Pat Steinberg
October 31 2015 02:06PM


It has been about as bad a start to the season as anyone could have imagined for the Calgary Flames. They've fallen to six games below .500, the percentage pendulum has swung all the way to the other side, and the entire group is frustrated. It's tough to find a lot of things to feel optimistic about right now, but I've come up with three things that would point to things getting (a little) better.

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Segment 1 of 8: Where's the progression?

Pat Steinberg
October 29 2015 11:03AM


As the season goes along, I'm going to pass along my biggest observation on the Calgary Flames every ten games. With the first ten in the books, let's get into the first instalment of a new feature.

It's safe to say the first ten games of the season in Flamesville hasn't been very positive. Calgary is out to a 2-7-1 start, and while I was one of the many to warn about regression, I didn't see things being as bad as they've been. I was fully expecting certain parts of Calgary's game to fall back to the pack. I was also hoping progression in other areas would help counteract any statistical regression we might see. That counterbalance hasn't been there through ten games, though, and that's my biggest takeaway from the start of this season.

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Sam Bennett is fine

Pat Steinberg
October 27 2015 10:43AM


What's going on with Sam Bennett? That's one of the most frequent questions I've gotten on my positive, optimistic postgame call-in show Overtime these days. For the most part, I understand the inquiry. Bennett remains Calgary's highest ever draft pick and the expectations got raised even more after his playoff performance last season. With just one point in eight game, some would argue Bennett has been underwhelming in his first full NHL season. I'm here to tell you, though, that Bennett is doing just fine.

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Dougie Hamilton: Give It Time

Pat Steinberg
October 22 2015 10:25AM


Dougie Hamilton has been underwhelming in his first few weeks as a member of the Calgary Flames. But that doesn't mean he's going to stay underwhelming. No one is going to deny Hamilton's first six games in a Flames uniform have been well below expectations. But I also think it's premature to believe this won't get better, and likely significantly so.

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