RFA Profiles: Joni Ortio

Pat Steinberg
May 29 2016 10:00AM

One of the more intriguing pending restricted free agents for the Calgary Flames this summer is goaltender Joni Ortio, mainly because of how strange his 2015-16 season was. At one point, we thought Ortio's career with the Flames was all but done. Now, thanks to a nice run at the end of the season, Ortio's future looks much brighter. Is it bright enough for another contract, though? That question shouldn't be too hard to answer.

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RFA Profiles: Shore, Hamilton, Wotherspoon

Pat Steinberg
May 24 2016 10:00AM


As we continue rolling through the lengthy list of pending Calgary Flames restricted free agents we come to three players in very similar situations. The trio of Drew Shore, Freddie Hamilton, and Tyler Wotherspoon all have at least three full years of professional experience under their belts and all have decent NHL experience (at least 25 games). So is the clock ticking for any or all of these guys?

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RFA Profiles: Arnold, Agostino, Elson, Van Brabant

Pat Steinberg
May 20 2016 10:00AM


The Calgary Flames have a number of decisions to make this offseason with their pending restricted free agents. All in all, Calgary has 13 potential RFA's on their hands, but there's no guarantee all of those players will end up qualifying for restricted status. The first four players we'll profile are short on NHL experience but all pose interesting questions when it comes to their future with the Flames organization.

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What if the Flames win the lottery?

Pat Steinberg
April 29 2016 10:00AM


The Calgary Flames have the fifth-best odds to win the NHL's Draft Lottery on Saturday night. After a disappointing season, seeing the team draft in the top three would be a nice consolation prize, as unlikely as it is. So what happens if the Flames win the lottery? What are their options if they get into the top three? And what's the best way to go if the most likely scenarios (them not drafting in the top three) play out?

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The true impact of Mikael Backlund

Pat Steinberg
April 27 2016 10:26AM

One of the questions we often ask when evaluating players is, "does he make those around him better?". It's one of the most sought after qualities in the sport, but also one of the hardest to quantify. My assertion over the last number of years has been that Calgary's Mikael Backlund does just that, never more so than the last two seasons specifically. 

Well, now I've got some proof that drives it home: Backlund truly does elevate those around him.

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