Darryl Sutter: The Ugly

Pat Steinberg
May 31 2010 11:17PM

Darryl Sutter bites his nails

So I go to Las Vegas for a few days, and we find out that nothing is going to change near the top when it comes to the Calgary Flames. So, now that we have some sort of idea as to who's going to be driving the bus for the upcoming season, it's a good time to roll out the final of the Darryl Sutter: Good, Bad and Ugly pieces.

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Similar Situations?

Pat Steinberg
May 24 2010 06:29AM

Calgary Flames vs Vancouver Canucks

I was thinking about this while having a conversation with a friend of mine who happens to have the unfortunate trait of cheering for the Vancouver Canucks. He was arguing about how much better shape the Canucks are than the Calgary Flames, and it hit me... the Canucks aren't really all that far off from being in a similar situation than the Flames.

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This Stuff is Pretty Cool

Pat Steinberg
May 20 2010 07:57AM



I feel like Alladin when he met Jasmine...it's a whole new world when it comes to how you watch hockey and evaluate players.  Apparently, they call them "advanced stats"...and for the guys and gals who have been using and applying them for the past few years, it's second nature.  For those of us who are just learning, it's a whole lot of fun.

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The Greener Grass Watch - Part 2

Pat Steinberg
May 17 2010 08:42AM

Montreal Canadiens Win NHL Eastern Conference Semi Finals in Pittsburgh


I did this back in the first round of the NHL postseason, as there were quite a few former members of the Calgary Flames making some sort of impact on their playoff team.  Well, now, as the Western and Eastern Conference Finals are underway, I thought I'd go back and track how some of these former members were doing.

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So Painful

Pat Steinberg
May 12 2010 08:20AM

Montreal Canadiens v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Five

On Twitter today, somebody suggested that we at The FAN 960 should no longer refer to Montreal's Mike Cammalleri by name.  Instead we should refer to him as "MC", to which I suggested we take a cue from the 2004 movie The Village and refer to him only as "he we do not speak of".

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