Five things: Talkin' 'bout centers

Ryan Lambert
July 17 2014 09:00AM

1. Got me thinking...

Earlier this week there was a bit of debate about whether Jonathan Toews was worth $10.5 million annually, when no other player in the league (besides Patrick Kane, but that's almost beside the point) makes more than about $9.5 million.

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Five things: Is this it?

Ryan Lambert
July 10 2014 09:11AM

1. That's your team

Head on over to Capgeek. Click on the Flames page. Look at what you see there.

You see that the Flames have 11 NHL forwards under contract, and two more RFAs to re-sign. They also have six defensemen. And two goalies. That's 21 players, and doesn't include guys who will at the very least get their tires kicked at one point in the year or another (like Tyler Wotherspoon, Sven Baertschi, Corban Knight, and maybe a few others). Looks to me like this roster is finalized.

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Five things: The more things change

Ryan Lambert
July 03 2014 09:36AM


(author's note: if you regularly complain about how negative i can be, don't read this post)

1. Getting Bennett

Given all the different rankings of the top four prospects in the league, it really wouldn't have been too shocking to anyone if any of those guys went in any particular spot. That Sam Bennett fell to Calgary, though, is perhaps the least surprising because he couldn't do a pull-up and he's not a big center like Leon Draisaitl and he's not a bigger defenseman like Aaron Ekblad.

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Five things: Silly season

Ryan Lambert
June 26 2014 08:08AM


1. Okay, now I'm positive

I've long said that I don't think Mike Cammalleri was going to come back to Calgary, and now given the term and money distributed to players in the last day or so, I'm convinced he's gone unless the Flames want to get into a shoving match.

The contracts given to Marian Gaborik (better than Cammalleri) and Ryan Callahan (worse) yesterday have me pretty convinced that when it comes to long-term deals, teams will not be scared off by things like age or durability. Gaborik and Cammalleri are both 32, and the former got seven years out of Los Angeles, albeit at a relatively low price point. Callahan is three years younger, but got six years and $5.5 million out of Tampa despite not producing as much and being all but guaranteed to miss at least a quarter of those seasons, as he does every year.

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Fine things: Feelin' fine

Ryan Lambert
June 19 2014 10:29AM


1. The Spezza situation

Was fairly glad to see Brad Treliving come out and say the rumored package the Flames allegedly offered to Ottawa for Jason Spezza — Jiri Hudler, Dennis Wideman, Mikael Backlund, and a first-round pick — was a bunch of hogwash. Any reasonable person probably saw that as the case anyway.

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