Five things: In praise of

Ryan Lambert
April 17 2014 08:15AM


1. House cleaning

So the Calgary Flames season ended up being just like the last four: Without the playoffs. Five years without a postseason appearance, and it's starting to look like that five-year stretch in which they did make it, under Darryl Sutter and Jim Playfair and Mike Keenan, was the aberration.

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Five Things: Frozen Four

Ryan Lambert
April 10 2014 07:30AM


1. An impetus?

A lot can be said for the Flames' recent performances. This much is obvious. I saw the other day where they've had one of the most prolific offenses and stingiest defenses in the entire league since mid-January or so, right around the time that Calgary and Vancouver had their infamous brawl game, during which John Tortorella (rightly) felt so aggrieved by the Flames' actions that he attempted to fight Bob Hartley between the first and second periods.

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Five things: Mostly prospects

Ryan Lambert
April 07 2014 07:15AM


1. Gaudreau's weekend

I have seen Johnny Gaudreau do a lot of ultra-impressive things over the last three seasons but I've never seen him do anything like what he unleashed in the NCAA tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I've never seen anyone do anything like that. Not in person, certainly.

In Boston College's first-round game against Denver, Gaudreau scored his first career NCAA hat trick (this seems like it would be impossible but I double-checked everyone else's double-check and indeed, he'd never scored three in a game; he had, however, scored twice like two dozen times in his 118 games). He also had three assists. This merely tied his career high for points in a game. The Eagles, by the way, won 6-2.

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Five things: Hmmmmmmm

Ryan Lambert
March 27 2014 09:10AM


1. An acknowledgement, with a caveat

Bob Hartley spoke with the media the other day and said that while the team has seen a number of positives over the course of the year, it has largely been a “failure.”

Yes, Bob. We agree. An unmitigated disaster from start to finish. Total failure. This team failed in its primary goal to... what was that? You weren't done?

“In my book, if you're not a playoff team, you don't have much. … In the NHL it's the final result. … We need to find a way to get better because it's still not good enough.”

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Five things: All college

Ryan Lambert
March 20 2014 09:00AM


1. A big surprise

With the college hockey season now winding down and the NCAA tournament slated to start in just eight days, I figure this is a good time to look at the season enjoyed by the Flames' various prospects in the NCAA, with a bit more of a focus on the notable ones. This feeling, though, is precipitated largely by one person, who I never expected: Mark Jankowski.

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