5 things: Some college updates just for you

Ryan Lambert
January 30 2016 08:00AM

1. Where we're at

As we round the bend into February, it comes with the tacit acknowledgement that this is when college hockey starts to get Serious. Teams really only have a month left in their regular seasons at this point, and at this point we have a pretty clear picture of what teams "are," or at least, where they're going to end up near the end of the year.

This is also true of players. Those who have been lucky in terms of PDO for the first 24 or so games of the season aren't likely to be victimized by cold runs that are going to hurt their season point totals too badly, and those who have struggled to produce despite some solid play otherwise aren't likely to mount any sort of major improvement in their numbers.

With this in mind, I figured it was as good a time as any to give y'all an update on the two Flames prospects I see on a regular basis: controversial first-round forward Mark Jankowski of Providence College, and steady Canada World Junior-er defenseman Brandon Hickey of Boston University.

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5 things: Calgary's long-term ideas for the net

Ryan Lambert
November 27 2015 02:30PM

1. What's the plan?

Earlier this week there were three stories in a row here on Flames Nation, after Joni Ortio was put on waivers, entitled, "Stockton's goalie situation is really unclear," "Jonio Ortio clears waivers, likely to be assigned to Stockton Heat," and finally, "What were the Flames thinking with three goalies?"

The latter of these was something fans should have been saying all year, because it was Calgary burning a roster spot on Ortio, who ended up getting into a whopping 140 minutes of action over four games, and being really bad (.868). There was no need for it, and it highlighted an area of organizational concern that's been lingering for at least the last several years.

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5 things: College prospect update

Ryan Lambert
November 21 2015 10:13AM

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports

1. Methodology

It's time for the first Flames college prospect check-in of the year, and I mostly have good news to report. It's so far, so good for just about everyone. The reasons why, so far, have been obvious. Points all around for Mark Jankowski, Brandon Hickey, and John Gilmour, which is pretty nice because, well, two of them are defensemen.

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5 things: Is the Pacific worse than we thought?

Ryan Lambert
October 23 2015 02:46PM

The Pacific Division looks absolutely awful two and a half weeks into the season. Is this just a small sample size thing, or are these teams actually this bad? 

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5 Things: Don't give in

Ryan Lambert
August 20 2015 09:00AM

1) You want how much?

So CalgaryNEXT (or whatever they're going to end up calling it) was unveiled yesterday with a handy pie chart of the costs and how the tab would be picked up.

In the end, the Flames seem to commit $200 million to the project, which conveniently includes a new rink and stadium for their various sports properties, out of a total $890 million cost. That's less than 22.5 percent of the bill, and it's a bilious initial proposal. A lot of transparent talk immediately followed from media cronies — Calgary's answer to David Staples and his laughable 18-month campaign to get the city of Edmonton to pass the cost of Darryl Katz's new rink onto the taxpayers — who said things like "this is about More Than Just The Flames" and "what is the city of Calgary without an NHL team?

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