Five things: I guess I knew it was coming

Ryan Lambert
December 18 2014 08:40AM

1. Well well well

Since the last publication in this space here, the Flames have gone 0-fer in five straight games, running their losing streak to six.

In reading the comments here on the site and in other Flames-related destinations around the internet, from people who swore up and down that all the winning the team did early on was 100 percent feasible, I've been shocked to see that people are more or less fine with this. Well, maybe "fine with this" is not the right term, because no one likes to lose any games — let alone six straight — but it seems to be a grudging acceptance.

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Five things: Another NCAA prospects review

Ryan Lambert
December 11 2014 11:06AM

1. Some good news

So in the last several days, I had a chance to see five of Calgary's six NCAA prospects live and in person, which was a nice treat. I took in a pair of Boston University games this past weekend, and got an eyeful of Brandon Hickey, and then on Tuesday had a chance to see Providence College (Mark Jankowski, Jon Gillies, John Gilmour) take on Colgate (Tim Harrison). Would that Michigan State (Matt DeBlouw) had been in town, but I guess we'll have to settle.

You'll recall that last week I talked about the progression so far this season for Jankowski and Gillies, and what I saw in Tuesday's game really continued both those trends for me.

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Five things: Keep on rolling

Ryan Lambert
December 04 2014 08:30AM

1. Heaping praise on Giordano

I mentioned this on Puck Daddy yesterday but wanted to get a little more in-depth here: What TJ Brodie and Mark Giordano continue to do on the Flames blue line is nothing short of mind-bending.

Giordano was named the league's Player of the Month for November, and rightfully so. The latest GVT stats (which can be extremely hit-or-miss in terms of assessing value) currently rate him as being the No. 2 player in the league behind only Sidney Crosby, which is a crazy stat that I cannot actually believe.

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Five things: A compendium

Ryan Lambert
November 27 2014 10:41AM

1. Building a new rink

Saw where the Flames basically went to the Calgary City Council hat in hand and crying poor about their lack of a new rink, probably because that kind of nonsense has worked so well in Edmonton (and other cities around North America, as well, obviously, but you have to think the provincial aspect of this was the main driver that led them to think they'd have success).

The city council has so far wisely declined to give the Flames any taxpayer money to build their new rink, but this kind of thing often shifts when rink plans — which Calgary has yet to formally announce — tend to include the idea of "rejuvenating" or "developing" a specific area of the city around a brand new arena. It has long been shown that the economic benefit of such projects, which is so often promised by the suits representing local sports teams, is little more than a fallacy at worst and pie-in-the-sky daydreaming at best (here's a great book on the subject, available cheap, and I would urge residents of any city considering such a deal to educate themselves. And here, too, is a great visual representation of it from Deadspin.).

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Five things: They just keep winning

Ryan Lambert
November 20 2014 10:34AM

1. At the quarter pole

This is beginning to defy explanation, really. That's all you can say about it.

We're almost all the way through November and the Flames sit SIXTH in the National Hockey League, with 26 points from 20 games. They're only three points back of the league-leading Canadiens, who have played the same number of games against a much tougher schedule.

I am incredulous. Plus-10 goal differential, only six regulation losses, nearly unbeatable both home and away. They've taken points from eight of their last 10 games. It defies explanation.

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