Five things: Doin' good?

Ryan Lambert
September 25 2014 08:26AM

1. Reassurances

Yesterday there was an article about Brian Burke on Sportsnet, about how he really isn't doing much besides reporting to work every day and doing his job. And I hadn't really thought about that, but I guess it's true. Haven't seen much of Burke all summer, and even now you get the feeling that he wouldn't have come out and done any press or interviews unless Sportsnet hadn't specifically called and asked for him.

Which is interesting, really.

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Five things: We have to talk

Ryan Lambert
September 18 2014 08:30AM

1. This is an important conversation

Even if you search really hard, you will probably not be able to find someone as enthusiastic as me about the chances of Johnny Gaudreau making an impact in the NHL this season. I think he has an incredibly high ceiling and is — without equivocation — a player who's more NHL ready than most Flames prospects, regardless of how long they've been playing pro hockey.

Gaudreau has just one game under his belt as a professional player, and while he scored a goal in it, I don't think anyone would be too willing to say he was definitively a difference-maker in it. That goal he scored was, in reality, a kind of fluky deflection; it's not like he did what he usually does to opposing defenses and cut through his matchups like a white-hot knife through pre-softened butter.

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Five things: Getting closer

Ryan Lambert
September 11 2014 08:30AM

1. Further D-velopments

So in the last week, the picture for the Calgary Flames on defense has either changed a lot, or not really very much at all, depending upon how you choose to look at it.

In this space last week I took a look at what Sheldon Brookbank could potentially provide to the team on the basis of his receiving a camp tryout contract with the club as well as what another defenseman (Jamie McBain) might be able to provide instead of, or in addition to, the former Blackhawk. The team has since gone out and added to more defensemen to the mix, one on a two-way deal and the other on another tryout basis.

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Five things: Some wiggle room

Ryan Lambert
September 04 2014 08:30AM

1. Okay, so they are addressing defense

No sooner had I published last week's Five Things — in which I speculated that the team might like to add another right wing, or perhaps a defenseman — than Brad Treliving went out and said the latter part was true. The team would indeed like to add another veteran D to shore things up, rather than hope someone like Tyler Wotherspoon or Patrick Sieloff, or a long-time AHLer, was NHL-ready all of a sudden.

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Five things: Actual moves?

Ryan Lambert
August 28 2014 01:30PM

1. The new guy

That thing we've been saying all summer about the Flames' right wing depth being up to one's ankles in a best-case scenario was made a little bit more comfortable over the past week with the addition of Devin Setoguchi to the lineup.

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