Five things: A lovefest

Ryan Lambert
December 12 2013 08:24AM

1. The homecoming

Nice to see the big, long ceremony for Jarome Iginla, who deserved bigger and longer if anything. If that standing ovation before the game lasted all night and they didn't play the game, that might have been fitting. You really can't say enough good things.

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Five things: And we're back

Ryan Lambert
December 05 2013 09:48AM

1. The World Junior decision and what it means

So the Flames aren't allowing Sean Monahan to go to World Junior, and it's something about which I am of two minds.

On the one hand it's probably nice for a 19-year-old kid to get a crack at playing in a tournament like that. But moreover I think it gets back to that whole argument of what's best for a player's development; at this point we know what he's going to get in Calgary: 16 minutes a night and power play time.

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Five things: Have I got a stat for you

Ryan Lambert
November 28 2013 09:18AM

1. The Backlund situation

So word on the street is that the Flames are actively shopping Mikael Backlund for reasons that outright defy explanation. Sure, they're not just taking any old bodies you want to give up for him, as Carolina reportedly found to its dismay, but this is taking the sell-off of parts to an illogical extreme.

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Five things: Where we stand

Ryan Lambert
November 21 2013 10:21AM

1. Why does Bob Hartley hate Sven Baertschi?

On Monday, ahead of the shootout win over the Jets, it was speculated that Sven Baertschi would not be in Bob Hartley's lineup despite the fact that he had points in the two previous games and had generally been pretty good when it comes to puck possession.

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Five things: You can't always get what you want

Ryan Lambert
November 14 2013 08:49AM

1. A load of hooey

Saw this unreadable tripe from Mark Spector about how the Flames are lovable because they're losing “the right way.” I'm sorry, but there's not a “right way” to lose in the NHL.

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