Five things: So now we're talking about Feaster

Ryan Lambert
August 08 2013 09:40AM

1. Where he started

So Christian Roatis wrote a voluminous post "Defending Jay Feaster" this week and it got a lot of very deserved attention. Personally, I'm not sure Feaster necessarily needs defending because he's in a job where he is going to receive criticism a lot of the time almost no matter what he does since that's how the rebuild process usually goes; there's a reason most guys that oversee the beginnings of such actions — Steve Tambellini, etc. — are heavily embattled and tend not to be able to keep their jobs long enough to see their work in the trenches come to fruition.

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Five things: There's nothing going on

Ryan Lambert
August 01 2013 09:41AM

1. Joorischat

So the Flames signed another college free agent this week, this time a kid out of Union College named Josh Jooris, of whom they got a nice eyeful at this most recent development camp.

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Five things: Somehow this is still a thing

Ryan Lambert
July 25 2013 11:56AM


Post-game handshakes
- pic via D. Mahoney


1. Yes, we're still talking about Mark Jankowski

I kind of can't believe this is a thing that is still ongoing, but there is, apparently, still some dispute about the particulars of Mark Jankowski's freshman season at Providence College.

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Five things: Wellity wellity wellity

Ryan Lambert
July 18 2013 10:35AM

1. Just about done

I was reading Christian Roatis's recent breakdown of what could, at this still-early stage, be the Flames' roster for the 2013-14 season, and short of adding someone out of the blue within the next week or two, I'd say that his projections look more or less where the team will stand between now and October.

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Five things: The facts of life

Ryan Lambert
July 11 2013 08:01AM

1. A judicious decision

So the Flames, much to my surprise, didn't make serious runs at any of the league's big free agents this summer, or at least, didn't make runs serious enough to actually attract them. That's not the surprising part. The surprising thing, I guess, is that this team really is committed to tanking hard next season.

It would appear that Feaster is indeed planning to do what's best for the team and not necessarily his job by going forward with a team on which Lee Stempniak and David Jones are the top two right wings every single night.

I love it.

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