Five things: No, wait

Ryan Lambert
October 10 2013 08:37AM

1. Third-period leads

The Flames have to this point in the season done exceedingly well at scoring a lot of goals (four per game) and usually enter the third period with a lead, which is a good thing to do if you want to win hockey games.

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Five things: And we're back

Ryan Lambert
October 03 2013 11:05AM

1. Taking a run at Baertschi

Probably no one in Calgary was especially happy to see Sven Baertschi seemingly half-ass his way through the rookie tournament — see Jay Feaster's disease rant — or the preseason, but it was more than a little surprising to see Brian Burke come out and speak so frankly about what a huge disappointment he's been.

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Five things: Things I have recently considered

Ryan Lambert
September 26 2013 08:31AM

1. So Sieloff's going pro

It was announced earlier this week that Patrick Sieloff would not return to juniors as some might have expected, and that the club will instead exercise its option to either keep him in Calgary or send him down to the AHL.

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Five things: Let's go camping

Ryan Lambert
September 19 2013 10:28AM



1. What we can take from the preseason

Obviously it's difficult to draw a lot of conclusions from the games that are going on right now. Calgary, for one thing, seems insistent on playing split-squad games, which is actually really smart if you think about it because that all but ensures that everyone can get plenty of game action and it affords teams a better opportunity to see how goes react when dealing with this and that. The fact that this kind of tactic is something most NHL organizations don't do regularly doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

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Five things: I've got the cure

Ryan Lambert
September 12 2013 11:52AM


1. Organizational disease

Something that I thought was terribly interesting this week was the Flames' performance in the Penticton tournament, and the way in which Jay Feaster reacted to it.

From Thursday to Saturday, the Flames' rookie tournament attendees had performed very well indeed, beating the absolute hell out of the Oilers' and Canucks' prospects by a combined score of 9-3. These games were not even remotely close score wise and all that stuff I said a little while back about how strong the roster the Flames were bringing to that tournament, with its numerous players who had at least some NHL experience, seemed to be coming more or less true.

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