Five things: Guesswork

Ryan Lambert
July 19 2012 07:30AM

1. Nothing happening

Apart from introducing Roman Cervenka yesterday, and revealing that the organization considers him a center for some reason, and also admitting that they're closing in on the 50-contract limit for some reason I can't understand, the Flames have absolutely nothing going on. It's all very quiet.

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Five things: And now we come to this

Ryan Lambert
July 12 2012 07:45AM

1. The Backlund deal

As you all know I have been hyper-critical of the Flames' contract decisions in this offseason — Wideman, enough said — and while I would love to continue to be outraged over this kind of stuff, frankly, the Backlund deal is very, very good.

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Five things: Jay Feaster's just screwing with me at this point

Ryan Lambert
July 04 2012 09:07AM

1. Let's start at the very beginning

A secret of the trade: I usually write this column, for Wednesday mornings, on Tuesday afternoons or nights (and, full disclosure, I'm writing this on Monday night because I've got my own stuff going on). I therefore did not know about Jay Feaster's plans to trade for the rights to Dennis Wideman, and then sign the defenseman to a contract before he hit the open market.

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Five things: In which I whine about Jankowski

Ryan Lambert
June 27 2012 07:32AM

1. What was that all about?

I am not, despite appearances, a hard-line guy about some stuff related to the rebuild.

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Five thoughts: They wouldn't, would they?

Ryan Lambert
June 20 2012 07:58AM

1. I've seen everything. I've seen it all.

Darren Dreger has a habit of dropping bombshell shockers this time of year (see also: that hilarious Ondrej Pavelec contract demand) but one of particular interest to Flames fans this week was the revelation that the Flames would be open to trading Jay Bouwmeester and Mikael Backlund.

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