Five things: Ahhhhh jeez

Ryan Lambert
June 05 2012 08:03AM

1. What are they doing?

So Roger Millions tweeted on Monday that the Flames have every intention of scaling back payroll so that they're no longer a cap-ceiling team. 

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Five things: More of the same

Ryan Lambert
June 01 2012 11:18AM


1. More rumors, more denials

Hey is John Davidson coming to Calgary? No, says everyone involved, apparently. And yet the rumors persist, which is interesting especially given that his current employers, the St. Louis Blues, are going through a bit of a shakeup.

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Five things: A wild coaching candidate appears!

Ryan Lambert
May 23 2012 08:11AM



1. This makes almost too much sense

On Friday, George Johnson floated a particularly interesting balloon regarding the Flames' vacant coaching position, positing that the team might be waiting so long to make any noise with regard to the opening because the guy they want is still participating in the playoffs. Rangers assistant coach Mike Sullivan might be the guy that gets the most serious look, apparently, and that is so logical and good an idea that I can't believe it took anyone this long to mention it.

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Five things: Cross one off the list

Ryan Lambert
May 16 2012 09:12AM

1. Well there goes that

The search for a guy who will be in charge of coaching this team rolls on and, even without anyone making hires yet in the offseason, the field is thinning.

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Five things: Look at the new guy

Ryan Lambert
May 09 2012 09:09AM

1. What to make of the Cervenka signing?

It came out last week that the Calgary Flames had signed former KHL all-star Roman Cervenka, who's a 26-year-old center, to a one-year deal with $3.775 million deal.

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