Five things: About that proposal

Ryan Lambert
October 18 2012 09:34AM

1. So now the NHL is willing to play ball

Forgive the mixed sports metaphors, but y'know, finally.

I don't remember exactly how long we went between the league's last offer and Tuesday's, but it was clear the NHLPA wasn't going to sit there and try to negotiate off a proposal that was as ludicrous as the one the league was putting out there. Not that I don't think the decision to create the appearance of greater flexibility was influenced by Deadspin leaking that focus group garbage the league was pushing, because that's all the offer was a response to, but at least we're now moving in the right direction.

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Five things: Well this stinks

Ryan Lambert
October 11 2012 10:33AM

1. The Alberta Labour Board just screwed everything up

Well, today was supposed to be the Flames' first game of the season but instead we have this stupid lockout to deal with. Gross and yucky, I agree. Things got very little help from the Alberta Labour Board, which was like, "No this lockout is legal league-wide if it's legal anywhere, so deal with it."

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Five things: Hudler, Heat and Sven's Beginning

Ryan Lambert
October 04 2012 08:55AM

1. Odd about the Flames

When last I spoke to you about the plans of various Flames to play in Europe, I mentioned that to that point, only two had signed up to do so. And now, all this time later, the number of Calgary players plying their trade overseas has stayed exactly the same, not grown.

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Five things: The first of many all-NCAA editions

Ryan Lambert
September 27 2012 08:56AM

1. An introduction and discussion point

So Tuesday morning was Hockey East Media Day, which is a chance for various members of the local college hockey media to meet and speak with players and coaches from the league's 10 member schools for the first time since the season ended. Hockey East, you'll recall, is the conference for Johnny Gaudreau and Bill Arnold's Boston College Eagles, and Jon Gillies and Mark Jankowski's Providence College Friars.

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Five things: There's this now

Ryan Lambert
September 19 2012 08:09AM

1. So many departures

And so the great movement of NHL players to foreign leagues begins in earnest, just days after almost everyone on a two-way deal gets shipped to the AHL (sorry Tyler Seguin!).

Wondering where your beloved Flames are going to end up, and who they're going to play with? This page from Dobber Hockey has all your answers. Elite Prospects, meanwhile, has a great page for keeping up with overseas scoring during the lockout as well.

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