Five things: Oh I don't know

Ryan Lambert
May 30 2013 10:35AM

1. The Flames' draft strategy

So the NHL's website has been talking to various teams' officials in recent weeks and talking about the strategies those organizations will employ once the draft rolls around. Earlier this week, they talked to John Weisbrod about what the Flames plan to do.

And hey, look, I don't want to make it out like I'm immediately dismissive of their strategy late next month, but when he got right down to things, ideas like "drafting for need" came up. Which obviously infuriated me for different reasons.

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Five things: So that's your play?

Ryan Lambert
May 23 2013 08:48AM

1. Whither the Canucks?

So they gave the ol' heave-ho to poor Alain Vigneault today, who was victimized mainly by injury but also his own general manager's inability to do his job properly. Isn't that always the way?

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Five things: Moving on

Ryan Lambert
May 16 2013 12:13PM


1. Here's something I've been thinking about

It's kind of hard to believe how close the end of the season is. A little more than a month away at this point. The draft is being held June 30, for god's sake. And while Flames fans' focus has understandably been on who will go No. 6 overall, or indeed if the Flames should move up — and, as discussed by Kent earlier this week, there's a lot of contention as to that point — I've been wondering a lot about what Jay Feaster is going to do about those vague threats to spend money this offseason.

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Five things: One goalie thing, then draft stuff

Ryan Lambert
May 09 2013 09:16AM

1. Goaltending looking clearer

As I noted last week, just based on the number of guys currently holding onto contracts, and even with Miikka Kiprusoff all but set to retire, there had to be one guy left out in the cold. It seems, as any rational person might have guessed, that Leland Irving, the former first round pick, is the one who's not long for the Flames organization.

Not that it's necessarily a bad thing for either party.

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Five things: About that presser

Ryan Lambert
May 02 2013 08:28AM

1. I don't know what I expected

So Jay Feaster held, as most general managers do at the end of the season, a nice long presser on getaway day in which he talked at length about all the stuff the Flames have planned for the offseason. I was particularly interested to hear this just to see the kind of dancing around Feaster did to explain his and the organization's state of mind, given that they actually in-real-life referred to it as a "rebuild."

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