Five things: This and that

Ryan Lambert
May 02 2012 09:26AM



1. The Heat is on

Well at least one team in this organization has had some semblance of success, eh?

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Five things: The funniest thing I ever heard

Ryan Lambert
April 25 2012 08:55AM

1. Thank you Mike Gillis for my biggest laugh of the season

As some of you may or may not know, I wrote the Canucks eulogy for Puck Daddy this week, and that rat Mike Gillis waited until about an hour before it was posted to drop a quote that would have changed the whole thing.

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Five things: That was easy

Ryan Lambert
April 18 2012 08:52AM


1. Boooo Brendan Shanahan you bum

It really isn't easy heading up the NHL's department of player safety. Ask Colin Campbell.

That having been said, Brendan Shanahan has done a spectacularly poor job this postseason, and everyone has delighted in pointing it out for every missed call and Shea Weber fine. Frankly, it's a little easy to go, "Well he's not suspending stars, only rookies!" and that much is true.

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Five things: You say goodbye

Ryan Lambert
April 11 2012 01:01PM

1. A new wrinkle

Boy am I ever obsessed with the ongoing Jarome Iginla/rebuild drama.

Reached for comment on his situation with the team vis a vis his future, Jarome Iginla said something to the effect of, "I don't know if I want to be around for a rebuild."

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Five things: Now that it's official

Ryan Lambert
April 04 2012 08:04AM

1. The first of two hard questions

Whither Brent Sutter?

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