Five things: There's this now

Ryan Lambert
September 19 2012 08:09AM

1. So many departures

And so the great movement of NHL players to foreign leagues begins in earnest, just days after almost everyone on a two-way deal gets shipped to the AHL (sorry Tyler Seguin!).

Wondering where your beloved Flames are going to end up, and who they're going to play with? This page from Dobber Hockey has all your answers. Elite Prospects, meanwhile, has a great page for keeping up with overseas scoring during the lockout as well.

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Five things: So many issues

Ryan Lambert
September 13 2012 09:23AM

1. Puttergate

Lots of good Flames golf jokes on Twitter this week, and even more fan outrage, most of it directed at Eric Francis.

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Five things: 'Tis the season

Ryan Lambert
September 06 2012 06:43AM

1. Get ready

In the last week, we got the first two official stops on the "Sorry I was So Bad Last Season" Calgary Flames Apology Tour.

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Five things: Dare we dream it's true?

Ryan Lambert
August 29 2012 07:02AM

1. Please tell me this actually happened

Apparently, and this comes directly from Facebook via a newspaper and columnist you've never heard of in your life, but a Winnipeg Jets fan ran into Cory Sarich over the summer and asked him when he would request a trade back to his native province. Unfortunately, Sarich seems not to have responded, "Right away!" and ripped off his shirt revealing a Winnipeg Jets logo tattooed onto his chest.

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Five things: Worrying stuff

Ryan Lambert
August 22 2012 09:29AM

1. Kent's Iginla stats

Boy if that wasn't the most depressing thing you just about ever read in your life, right?

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