Five things: How much wronger could things go?

Ryan Lambert
March 28 2013 11:31AM

1. Iginlawatch reaches its logically insane conclusion

The clock was still ticking (as of this writing, anyhow) on the looming Jarome Iginla trade that seemed to have grown inevitable even as everyone is still sitting around looking for reasons that it won't happen. And then it really, finally, actually happened, and I had to go back and change everything.

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Five things: Where is Iginla going?

Ryan Lambert
March 21 2013 10:02AM



Germane to the conversation last week about the possibility of the Flames dealing a number of their more tradeable assets from last week's 5T is that in the seven days since that was published there sure is starting to be a lot more of that "Iginla's definitely getting traded" talk kicking around. That includes very legitimate speculation about where he could go and even disquieted, somewhat-annoyed quotes from the man himself yesterday.

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Five things: A look at the trade bait

Ryan Lambert
March 14 2013 09:37AM



Okay so we can all acknowledge the Flames are finished this season. Not technically, not officially, but the clock is ticking very, very fast. Prior to last night's game they could, mathematically, only lose eight more games in regulation all season before they were locked out of getting to the fabled 55-point mark that most believe will be the cutoff for the playoffs this season. It seems very likely they'll do that by the end of the month, at least at this rate.

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Five things: Look who's back

Ryan Lambert
March 07 2013 08:40AM

1. So Kiprusoff is back

Miikka Kiprusoff returned to the Flames crease last night and somehow this was treated as some sort of cool and great news. Finally, the team had its starting goaltender of the last nine seasons back and everything was going to be fine.

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Five things: STAJAN DOVE!!!

Ryan Lambert
February 28 2013 08:40AM

1. Stajan didn't dive

Something I saw a lot in the immediate aftermath of Charlie Coyle drilling Matt Stajan in the face with the rookie's shoulder pad a good second after he releases the puck was that Stajan dove, or at least embellished, on the play. In which he was plainly hit in the face. With a shoulder pad.

Coyle won't be suspended because the principal point of contact apparently was Stajan's chest, and not his face. And you also have to take into account that Coyle therefore didn't specifically target the head. Now, as to whether that explanation holds a lot of water given the way the league has been calling things the last two years is obviously up for debate.

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