Five things: Let's just address some stuff

Ryan Lambert
August 16 2012 08:41AM

1. The latest Bouwmeester rumors

Okay so now the rumor kicking around about Jay Bouwmeester — if he's traded, and he will be, maybe, but probably he will, except not unless the team is bowled over by an offer, which it won't be, because his salary is too high, but teams are desperate so they might trade for him, if Calgary is willing, which it's unclear if they are — is that his most likely destination is Detroit (unless it isn.. forget it). And the potential return from the Red Wings?

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Five Things: The dog days

Ryan Lambert
August 09 2012 11:09AM

1. Flames lose inconsequential defenseman, still have several lying about

This is what qualifies as news in early August except when a prospect maybe or maybe not punches someone out in front of a bar.

To bastardize a quote from "Love Story:" What can you say about Clay Wilson? His jump to the KHL is more or less of no consequence except that it voids his current contract, which was a one-way deal to ensure he got paid his full $525,000 when he's still bussing it in Abbotsford.

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Five things: What the what?

Ryan Lambert
August 02 2012 08:28AM

1. The Jankowski decision

So Mark Jankowski is going to forego the USHL and head straight to Providence College and the best top-to-bottom college hockey conference in the NCAA. People seem more or less thrilled by this decision.

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Five things: Only two of which even tangentially connect to the Flames

Ryan Lambert
July 25 2012 03:26PM

1. Now things are moving

Shea Weber? Locked up. Rick Nash? Finally traded. Shane Doan? Came out and set a deadline for the Coyotes to figure everything out or else he's gone.

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Five things: Guesswork

Ryan Lambert
July 19 2012 07:30AM

1. Nothing happening

Apart from introducing Roman Cervenka yesterday, and revealing that the organization considers him a center for some reason, and also admitting that they're closing in on the 50-contract limit for some reason I can't understand, the Flames have absolutely nothing going on. It's all very quiet.

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