Five things: STAJAN DOVE!!!

Ryan Lambert
February 28 2013 08:40AM

1. Stajan didn't dive

Something I saw a lot in the immediate aftermath of Charlie Coyle drilling Matt Stajan in the face with the rookie's shoulder pad a good second after he releases the puck was that Stajan dove, or at least embellished, on the play. In which he was plainly hit in the face. With a shoulder pad.

Coyle won't be suspended because the principal point of contact apparently was Stajan's chest, and not his face. And you also have to take into account that Coyle therefore didn't specifically target the head. Now, as to whether that explanation holds a lot of water given the way the league has been calling things the last two years is obviously up for debate.

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Five things: This is that

Ryan Lambert
February 21 2013 09:47AM

1. Just the thing they do now

Monday night, you'll recall, was arguably the worst Flames performance of the season, and that's saying something special given the stinkers they've mailed in already in their first 14 games. That shootout loss to Minnesota springs to mind as a pretty bad one, as does the loss to Colorado, as does the loss to St. Louis.

But at least there's a pattern beginning to develop, and we can start to draw something from that. Ludicrously small sample size aside, one thing I've noticed in a lot of these games is that when the Flames play poorly (which is obviously "often"), Bob Hartley goes on some little rant and rave about how some guys on this team take the night off — the postgame scrum in Phoenix stands are evidence enough of this phenomenon — and then as if by magic, Calgary goes out and plays extremely well in the next game. And so forth.

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Five things: Answering some NCAA questions

Ryan Lambert
February 14 2013 08:23AM

1. A quick introduction

Last week I wrote something about Johnny Gaudreau playing his junior year at Boston College and someone in the comments was very confused by this, given that Gaudreau had already played his junior season in the USHL and therefore there was a bit of confusion as to how could he also do so while at college. It was then that I started to think that maybe the average Canadian hockey fan doesn't have a firm grasp on the NCAA hockey system to which the Flames seem to be turning more and more often for their prospects.

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Five things: Pyrrhic victory

Ryan Lambert
February 07 2013 07:53AM

1. What should we take from that win?

So Calgary picked up its second win of the season Tuesday night and thoroughly pushed around Detroit on the road in doing so. It finished 4-1, but could easily have been more than that, though it seemed that, just as a means of standing in the starkest possible contrast to the Chicago game, every time the puck got around the net, it went it.

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Five things: Alright alright

Ryan Lambert
January 31 2013 06:21AM

1. Something odd, but not overall

So I think one of the things everyone in the hockey world more or less agreed upon was that the Northwest Division would be the worst in the West, and maybe the league overall. Turns out, those observers were totally correct.

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