Game No. 2: Can we get a redo on that one?

Ryan Lambert
October 10 2010 05:33PM

Okay so that first game didn't go as well as anyone would've hoped. But that doesn't mean this second one won't be a better effort, right? RIGHT?

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Game No. 1: Hello

Ryan Lambert
October 07 2010 04:25PM

Oh would you look at that, it's a regular season hockey game. I haven't seen one of those in a while.

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Preseason Game No. 7: So this is it

Ryan Lambert
October 03 2010 04:32PM

Last time out was a nice little game for Calgary, which scored five goals in the second half of the game. So why not do it all again before doing it all again again on Thursday?

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Preseason Game No. 6: I forget the clever name I came up with

Ryan Lambert
October 01 2010 06:21PM

This is the closest thing to an NHL roster Calgary will ice this preseason, so why not enjoy it?

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Preseason Game No. 5: Met a little girl by the name of June

Ryan Lambert
September 29 2010 06:32PM

After last night's NHLer-filled roster, the Flames are back to icing a rag-tag group of enough guys on one-way deals to fill out the league-mandated minimum roster spots, and that means a whole lot of kids.

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