Gme No. 48: Professional courtesy

Ryan Lambert
January 22 2011 05:57PM

I suppose it's too much to ask for this to be a forfeit, eh?

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Game No. 47: Whither Kipper?

Ryan Lambert
January 21 2011 06:48PM

Henrik Karlsson goes tonight, and that's got me wondering.

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Game No. 46: I approve

Ryan Lambert
January 19 2011 05:52PM

Now THIS is how you tank properly.

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Game No. 45: Winning is losing

Ryan Lambert
January 17 2011 05:11PM

Calgary has an awful good chance to wrap up this long East Coast road trip at 3-0-1 tonight. Whether or not that's a good thing is up to you.

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Game No. 45: Like a Lebda

Ryan Lambert
January 15 2011 02:55PM

Fun fact: the Toronto Maple Leafs are not a terrible hockey team.

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