Game No. 15: I punched a man in Scottsdale, cuz he made me cry

Ryan Lambert
November 12 2010 03:03PM

The march to two consecutive wins rolls on.

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Game No. 14: Some real injuries to deal with

Ryan Lambert
November 09 2010 05:17PM

Tonight presents Calgary with a helluva chance to get its act together against a concussion-addled, injury-depleted Avalanche team.

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Game No. 12: We forward in this generation. (Triumphantly?)

Ryan Lambert
November 03 2010 06:08PM

What better way for a team that completely lost its ability to defend to get itself back together than to play against a team with ample skill and speed?

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Game No. 11: Booooooooo

Ryan Lambert
October 30 2010 03:36PM

(Appropriately enough, the original size of this image was 666x700.)

Get ready for a SCARY amount of Halloween puns.

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Game No. 10: <3 Connie

Ryan Lambert
October 28 2010 03:47PM

Congratulations to Craig Conroy and all that, but there's a game to play.

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