Game No. 11: Booooooooo

Ryan Lambert
October 30 2010 03:36PM

(Appropriately enough, the original size of this image was 666x700.)

Get ready for a SCARY amount of Halloween puns.

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Game No. 10: <3 Connie

Ryan Lambert
October 28 2010 03:47PM

Congratulations to Craig Conroy and all that, but there's a game to play.

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Game No. 9: Oh great

Ryan Lambert
October 26 2010 05:57PM

Oh look. It's the Edmonton Oilers. Again.

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Game No. 6: A real test

Ryan Lambert
October 21 2010 04:35PM

That's two wins in a row now, and the team, while not necessarily spectacular, has at least played admirably. But there are a lot of things you could call Edmonton and Nashville, and "as good as the Red Wings" isn't one of 'em.

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Game No. 5: Sayonara Staios?

Ryan Lambert
October 19 2010 05:31PM

And now Calgary comes to yet another crossroads in this young season. Is it win and finally start playing like a half-decent team more often than not? Or continue to take every other game off and hope that you somehow luck into enough road points to back into the playoffs? Find out live on Sportsnet West Flames Nation!

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