Thank god that's over

Ryan Lambert
April 12 2009 12:06PM


Finally we can concentrate on the offseason and.. oh they actually made the playoffs? Rats.

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Looks like it's suicide again for me!

Ryan Lambert
April 11 2009 12:37PM


With the acknowledgment that, yes, there was no fourth line tonight due to a myriad of problems, this was still an atrocious performance.

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GDB/GDFD No. 81: El Batalla de Alberta con queso

Ryan Lambert
April 10 2009 06:02PM


Round 1 of The Battle of Alberta doubleheader goes tonight in what was originally going to be an absolute blowout final two games between the Oil and the Flames. That was before GDB No. 1, when hope ran high. Fast forward to GDB 81 and this game suddenly means less than a game of chess between Paris and Nicky Hilton. It will also be just as futile and pathetic.

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Wellity wellity wellity

Ryan Lambert
April 08 2009 11:30AM


I am not so good at predicting things, apparently.

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GDFD No. 80: This is it!

Ryan Lambert
April 07 2009 12:14PM


Welcome to the 32nd Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary’s 80th (and most important) game of the season on April 7, 2009.

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