Sounds like someone got a case of the Mondays

Ryan Lambert
February 03 2009 10:35AM

A case of the mondays

And so ends the wonderful season series with the woeful Avalanche, who somehow managed to scrape out two straight home wins against a massively superior team. Ugh.

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GDFD No. 1/49: Super Bowl hangover edition

Ryan Lambert
February 02 2009 04:44PM


Welcome to the first Game Day Fire Drill, for this, Calgary's 49th game of the season on Feb. 2, 2009.

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Third man in

Ryan Lambert
February 02 2009 11:04AM


Yeah so I dunno about all this quote-unquote introduction stuff. Seems odd to me. Well jeez I've been a hockey writer for the last couple years blah blah blah. I assume that, since I barely care about what got me into this malarkey in the first place, so why should you? That said, here is a post detailing all of that and more!

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