The Fantasy Minute

Nation World HQ
March 28 2014 07:21AM

Your fantasy hockey news and players to look for on the waiver wire this week.

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Updated Adjusted Corsi

Justin Azevedo
March 27 2014 05:32PM

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 5.06.51 PM

Via Flickr

Adjusted Corsi isn't perfect, but it allows us to get a much clearer picture of what a player's visualized Corsi actually means. There are some effects we won't be able to completely correct for; teammates who are really good or are really bad can have a huge impact we can't cut out all the way. In case you're not familiar with adjusted Corsi, know that it adjusts a player's Corsi On for starting position, quality of teammates and quality of competition.

Let's take a look at the updated numbers. Less than 30 games means you're not counted. Chart is sorted by GP.

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Five things: Hmmmmmmm

Ryan Lambert
March 27 2014 09:10AM


1. An acknowledgement, with a caveat

Bob Hartley spoke with the media the other day and said that while the team has seen a number of positives over the course of the year, it has largely been a “failure.”

Yes, Bob. We agree. An unmitigated disaster from start to finish. Total failure. This team failed in its primary goal to... what was that? You weren't done?

“In my book, if you're not a playoff team, you don't have much. … In the NHL it's the final result. … We need to find a way to get better because it's still not good enough.”

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Post Game: They Love Us, They Really Love Us

March 26 2014 11:46PM


The horizon of this 2013-14 Calgary Flames hockey season draws ever near, and, alas, as we've become accustomed to over the past few years, will do so without any flair, any pomp, any drama; it will simply end. And while that may be a familiar tune, the remix is DANK, son. 

Maybe it's a byproduct of playing pressure free hockey to close out another playoff-free season, or maybe this group of plucky, ragtag youngsters are truly much better than anyone ever gave them credit for, but your Calgary Flames, since the stroke of midnight that ushered out the calendar year 2013, have been undeniable. 

There has been a charm surrounding this team, a beacon of fortune among hushed expectations. Their glint, glintier, their resolve, fortified. Watchability? Oh you betcha.

So while scoresheet tonight tells a tale of a 3-2 loss to the Ducks of Anaheim in a mostly meaningless game, the fans recount an unshakable inkling of hope, one echoed by the masses, helpless feelings of empathy and admiration coming from even the fiercest of rivals and critical of commentators. And in the grand scheme of things...okay well as far as tonight goes that means nothing, but ONWARDS...a brighter future awaits. 

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FGD: The Ducks Remember

Ryan Pike
March 26 2014 03:00PM

Exactly two weeks ago, the Calgary Flames welcomed the Anaheim Ducks to the friendly confines of the Scotiabank Saddledome. And prompted to slap them around for three periods. The Ducks weren't all that good, but the Flames were opportunistic and won 7-2. The Ducks are back in town tonight, and are understandably miffed about their last visit to the Stampede City.

And you've gotta believe they hope to put a similarly one-sided beating on the Flames in response to March 12th's stinker of a game.

Since then? The Flames are 4-2-0 (with wins over Edmonton, San Jose, Buffalo and Dallas) while the Ducks are 3-2-0 (beating Colorado, Los Angeles and Florida).

Game time is 8pm MT on TSN.

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