Referees and the Calgary Flames - Part 2

August 03 2016 11:00AM


Previously (here) I had examined the role of called and uncalled infractions on two Flames games. In the second of this series we'll be looking at three games: the March 31 3-0 loss to the Kings, a 7-3 smackdown of the Canucks on April 7 and the April 5 5-4 overtime loss to the aforementioned Kings. 

To save space, I'd direct any questions on the methods to the first in the series where I explain why I'm doing this, how I go about it, and some of the basis premises on officiating we are looking to apply here.

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A history of Flames numbers: #93, Sam Bennett

Ari Yanover
August 03 2016 08:00AM

Sam Bennett's favourite player growing up was Doug Gilmour. Gilmour wore #93 for most of his career, so that's the number Bennett went with.

Maybe #39 would have been fitting for Bennett, because that was Gilmour's number in Calgary, the only team he won a Cup with. But Bennett's an Ontario boy, and Gilmour wore #93 with the Leafs... and so, #93 sticks, especially since the Flames are open to higher numbers now.

He isn't the first to wear #93, though. But it is the highest number any Flame has ever worn.

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Report: Calgary Flames sign Roman Dyukov

Ari Yanover
August 02 2016 02:30PM

Good news everybody! It's August, and the Flames have apparently signed somebody!

Haha, no, of course it wasn't Johnny Gaudreau or Sean Monahan. Are you kidding? Why would it be those guys? It wasn't even Tyler Wotherspoon or Freddie Hamilton. No, they're locked up in limbo since signing their qualifying offers and not much else. Even Jakub Nakaldal still remains unsigned.

It's Roman Dyukov: a 20-year-old Belarusian defenceman who stands at 6'2, 203 lbs., and was a late addition to the Flames' development camp last month.

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The end of an era: The Flames have no Finnish goalies

Ari Yanover
August 02 2016 02:00PM

On Nov. 14, 2003, the Calgary Flames made franchise history: they acquired their first Finnish goalie, a then-27-year-old third stringer by the name of Miikka Kiprusoff. Up until then, every netminder who had ever played for the franchise was American (Jim Craig), Russian (Andrei Trefilov), Czech (Roman Turek), or Canadian (another 26 guys).

Before Kiprusoff, Finnish goalies weren't really a thing in the NHL. He wasn't the first one to come along, but he ended up becoming the most prolific, still leading all of his countrymen in games played and wins, plus being the first to win a Vezina Trophy.

Kipper also became a leader for the Flames. No goalie has played more minutes for this team or stopped more pucks, and his lofty totals leave a lot for any future netminder to reach. The Flames haven't had a franchise goalie since he retired.

But they have had Finnish goalies since he bowed out of the NHL - until now.

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Referees and the Calgary Flames - Part 1

August 02 2016 11:00AM


In March I took an interest in examining called and uncalled penalties and undertook an exercise to record and examine the relative rates at which a team committed a foul and how often they were penalized.

The primary focus of this project was the Oilers, but I gathered corresponding data on the Flames and a few other teams to use as a sort of control group against which to compare the Oilers' data.

I realized quickly that the Flames' data could, in and of itself, provide some intriguing insight into how the officials interact with the Flames.

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