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January 09 2017 10:00AM

Spy vs Spy 1

The Flames and Jets hook up for the second time this season and we've asked writers from both FlamesNation and JetsNation to get us set up for the game. We've also put together a few quick stats to get you ready for the last Nation battle of the year. 

Please note that this article is posted at both FlamesNation and JetsNation

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FN Mailbag - January 9, 2017

Kent Wilson
January 09 2017 08:00AM

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Just over a week into the new year and the Flames have crested an important threshold: they're a break even shot attempt team. 

As of today according to Corsica Hockey, the Flames' corsi ratio is 50.39, good for 13th in the league. This is a big step forward from the Hartley era, a fact our own Ryan Pike illustrated recently on Twitter:

The image shows the Flames' cumulative shot attempt differential over the course of each of the last three seasons (including this one). As you can see, the new Glen Gulutzan era has managed to keep things more of less even (despite a terrible start to the year), which is encouraging for both fans and management. 

Which isn't to say the Flames still don't have real issues and gaps to explore. However, Getting back to treading water possession-wise was a primary goal for the club. If they can keep this up for the rest of the season, I think Brad Treliving and the rest of the management group can consider this year a real step forward, even if the roster is still far from perfect. 

In the mailbag today we talk about trade targets, the trade deadline and why the PP is suddenly so much better.

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The Halfway Home Roundtable

Ryan Pike
January 08 2017 12:00PM

The Calgary Flames have completed 41 games of their 2016-17 regular season. (Well, 42, but these questions were answered when it was at 41.) Keeping with tradition, we have convened the illustrious FlamesNation roundtable to grouse about their results thus far and prognosticate how the remainder of the season shall go.

Participating this round are every managing editor we've ever had (Kent Wilson, Ari Yanover and myself), along with good content boy Mike Fail and prospect pundit Christian Tiberi.

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Flames 3, Canucks 1 post-game embers: Back in the win column

Ari Yanover
January 08 2017 08:00AM

The Calgary Flames didn't dominate the rematch as much as they did the first of the back-to-back. This is a tad disappointing, especially considering how their opponent has overall been having a worse season, and the fact that they were down to just five defencemen (and didn't even bother to play their 13th forward).

On the other hand, I wonder what went into the preparations for this game, on both sides. I'd imagine the Canucks got quite a talking to and looked to quickly bounce back (and boy, did they ever dominate the second frame); the Flames, I have no idea. They needed to score more - and they did, jumping out to a first period two-goal lead (with the second goal actually counting this time) - but they also fell asleep at the wheel for some stretches that lasted a little too long for comfort.

Good thing Chad Johnson was there.

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Post-Game: Survival of the fittest

Ryan Pike
January 07 2017 11:24PM

A day after losing a close, crucial game to their most hated rival, the Calgary Flames were back at it tonight against the Vancouver Canucks. The Flames scored a pair of goals in the first period and then largely held on for dear life, surviving a turbulent second period that saw them play rather poorly. Despite those stumbles, Calgary soldiered on for a 3-1 victory against Vancouver.

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