Flames Nation Power Rankings: Shout Out To Numbers

March 16 2015 08:30AM


Another week, another series of "Against All Odds" wins for your Calgary Flames (actually, in reality there was just one because the Leafs are hilariously bad and the victory over that hapless bunch of sucks was about as dominant a win as we've seen all year, and then reality kinda caught up to the Flaming C in a loss to the surging Colorado Avalanche who are the worst and are bad and need to be stopped)

While these wins are super, SUPER fun, it does have a lot of fans and outside observers beginning to fall prey to confirmation bias, in which the dramatic wins have people believing that this team is good despite being outplayed and consistently outpossessed. (be honest, you wouldn't have been surprised if this were real)

This is, of course, crazy, but when you boil it down, the very nature of professional sports is downright asinine, so you'll forgive fans if they're willing to look past some pretty glaring truths.

I'm not here to re-open the debate, just to point out that this week was highlighted by discussion surrounding the Flames from all over the league, about when the other shoe is going to drop, and the resulting perceived but not really real war between stats advocates and the normies. It got stupid and no one liked it, and we really need to stop arguing over it (mostly because stats nerds won, just accept it).

Anyway, maybe we're in need of a distraction from all of this, so here's this week's power rankings, which are the most serious piece of news you'll read all week, so get your eyeholes all prepped now. Let's ride.

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How Are The Prospects Doing?

Ryan Pike
March 15 2015 01:04PM

The Calgary Flames are pushing for a playoff spot. Down in the American Hockey League, the Adirondack Flames are doing the same thing. But there's a bunch of other players in the Flames organization who are also toiling away, working towards (eventual) NHL opportunities.

So on this sleepy Sunday, how are the Flames (non-pro) prospects doing? (European prospects exempted because they both already finished their seasons.)

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Flames' sheer dominance over the Pacific Division why playoffs may be a reality

March 15 2015 11:00AM

Here's a handful of teams the Calgary Flames have won the season series over: the Arizona Coyotes, Edmonton Oilers, San Jose Sharks, and Vancouver Canucks. They've probably won the season series against the Los Angeles Kings, too, although that isn't quite official yet.

It's pretty obvious what these five teams have in common: in addition to being pretty well-handled by the Flames, they're also all members of the Pacific Division.

The Anaheim Ducks are the only division opponent to win the season series against the Flames this season. And when you take into account the fact that two of their three wins came at the Honda Center - which we all know is cursed and needs to be burned down for the sake of a much-needed exorcism - does their victory actually count?

(Well, technically, yes, but they're definitely cheating.)

With just three games to go, the Flames have so far accumulated 19 wins over their divisional opponents. That's exactly one half of their 38 wins to date coming against teams they spend roughly 35% of their season playing.

Divisional match ups have been absolutely crucial as the Flames make their way towards a hopeful playoff spot.

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Post-Game: Close, But No Cigar

Ryan Pike
March 14 2015 11:48PM

The Calgary Flames lost tonight.

They out-played Colorado for two periods and couldn't bury enough of their chances. It was their second game in as many nights, in as many different cities. They just couldn't get "the next goal," so they lost by a goal on the road. The Backlund/Bouma/Jones line played pretty well, though.

Losses happen. They still need 7 wins and/or 14 points to make the post-season, most likely.

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FGD #69: Visiting Iginla (8pm MT, CBC)

Ryan Pike
March 14 2015 01:00PM

With just 14 games remaining in the regular season, the Calgary Flames are in a strange, strange position.

Two years ago, the Flames traded Jarome Iginla away. Why? He was their all-time leading scorer and best player ever, and the hope was they could flip the asset and get younger while giving Iginla a chance to win a Stanley Cup.

Two years later, the Flames are much more likely to be in the playoffs than Iginla's latest team, the Colorado Avalanche, are. Life's weird sometimes.

Calgary's magic number is 13. Any combination of 13 Flames wins or Winnipeg Jets losses results in Calgary returning to the playoffs. With 14 games remaining, the team's destiny is still very much in their own hands.

Puck drop is at 8pm MT. The game's on CBC (with Paul Romanuk and Mike Johnson) and Sportsnet 960 The Fan (with Derek Wills and Peter Loubardias).

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