Flames Second Round Targets 2016: Tage Thompson

Ryan Pike
June 20 2016 08:00AM

Stop me if this sounds like a perfect pick for the Calgary Flames at 35th overall.

College freshman from Connecticut, playing for his hometown school in Hartford. The kid is 6'5" and 185 pounds, with a frame that can easily bulk up, and he's a right-shooting winger. Oh, and his father is a former NHLer born in Calgary, and he was born in Hartford while his father was playing for the American Hockey League's Wolf Pack.

Now, if only somehow Tage Thompson is still around when the Flames hit the podium in the second round.

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FlamesNation Player Evaluations: Bryce Van Brabant

Taylor McKee
June 19 2016 12:00PM

It's a bit strange to think that Bryce Van Brabant has only played two fewer NHL games than Emile Poirier. Think about that for a second, it seems... impossible, especially given the fact that Poirier has 44 more AHL points than him (in only three more games). 

However, let's cast our minds back into the deep, dark recesses of the 2013-14 Flames season. There we will find the answer as to how he was able play a few games for the Flames given his ultra-low NCAA profile. In fact, we have a video of his first NHL shift after the jump. 

Oh, also, we will discuss how he did this season in Stockton. But you should read just to see this kid's first linemates. 

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Flames draft history by size

Ari Yanover
June 19 2016 10:00AM

When you have the 35th overall pick of the draft, as the Calgary Flames do, you kind of have a late first round pick, in a way. There are always some players expected to be taken in the first round who fall - and that's the value of having an early second round pick.

Some of the players to watch out for are guys who would be higher picks, easily, except for the fact that they're smaller. Vitalii Abramov, Adam Mascherin, Samuel Girard: all possibilities.

They're also names the Flames likely wouldn't have picked 10 years ago. Today, the Flames' best offensive player is listed at 5'9; one of their most anticipated prospects is 5'10. Over the past few seasons, Calgary has opened itself back up to the little guys.

In the context of size, how successful have Flames drafts over the past 10 years?

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Flames Second Round Targets 2016: Sean Day

Ryan Pike
June 19 2016 08:00AM

Sean Day is big.

Standing 6'2" and weighing roughly 230 pounds, he was an early physically-developing youngster and earned exceptional status from the Canadian Hockey League. Since then, he's gone from being a player considered to be a slam-dunk first round selection in this year's draft to one that might not even get chosen in the first two rounds.

Would he be worth a sniff for the Calgary Flames with one of their later second round selections? (Or even if he's available in the early third round?)

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Draft picks have been great trade currency for the Flames

Ryan Pike
June 18 2016 02:00PM

Calgary Flames General Manager Brad Treliving loves draft picks. In fact, he's declared as much in front of the media on multiple occasions since taking the reins of the Flames in the spring of 2014.

Draft picks are valuable in a few different ways. They can be used to select players, which gives teams a chance to load up on assets. They can be used to trade straight-up for current assets, like how the Flames added Dougie Hamilton at last year's draft. And most of all, they provide flexibility. Don't have a lot of picks? Don't expect teams to call you asking about them, which makes it difficult to do much of anything.

Barring trades between now and then, the Flames are primed to head into the 2016 NHL draft with the most picks they've had in the Lockout Era: 10, including five picks in the first three rounds.

What relationship has the number of picks had with what they've been able to do at the draft?

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