The Nation Drafts Playoff Pool: Play for Charity, Fun, and Glory

Ryan Pike
April 09 2015 09:27AM


It's nearly the end of the hockey season, and while we're starting to get excited at the prospect of the playoffs(!), we're also excited to announce the return of something we do every year at this time: the Nation Drafts playoff pool!

The Nation Drafts playoff pool is fun, inexpensive, proceeds benefit a worthy cause, and you could win prizes! What's not to love? Read on for more details.

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5 things: The big game(s)

Ryan Lambert
April 09 2015 09:00AM

1. This is basically it

At this point you can basically surmise that the entire 80-game season to this point comes down to tonight's game with Los Angeles.

Not actually and not all the way, of course, because the Kings could still win and then the playoff outcomes reset to being entirely dependent upon Saturday's games, but the Flames haven't played anything even resembling a game this big in years. Let alone one in the regular season.

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Calgary's Best Case Scenario

Pat Steinberg
April 08 2015 05:20PM

sub vs. scorp

The Calgary Flames haven't clinched a playoff spot yet. If they do, however, they'll be playing the Vancouver Canucks. There can be no other scenario for the Flames if they return to the postseason for the first time since 2009. For Calgary, they either play the Canucks in round one or they miss. Assuming they get in, having their opponent locked in isn't an awful thing, specifically because of who that opponent is.

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WWYDW: Janko Unchained?

Taylor McKee
April 08 2015 02:00PM

Those are some silky hands to be sure. Why can't this happen more often?! What Would You Do Wednesday returns to talk Jankowski. 

The Flames are two points away from the playoffs. I can barely stand to think about how exciting that is. In the meantime, let's talk about one of the most polarizing Flames prospects since well, Sven Baertschi I suppose. 

Providence College is playing their first Frozen Four game on Thursday against the University of Nebraska Omaha and if the Friars are unsuccessful, the Flames may have some interesting decisions ahead of them regarding some of their Friars players. Included in this group is Mark Jankowski, whom, if you recently exited a Flames coma, was the Flames first rounder in 2012. The question I pose to the faithful readership is, should the Flames turn him pro? Read on after the jump!

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News and Notes - April 8 2015

Ryan Pike
April 08 2015 01:00PM

It's an off-day for the Calgary Flames after their big win (and the Kings' big loss) last night, and so it was a relatively low-key practice day for the locals.

But the arena was reasonably abuzz with talk of the importance of tomorrow night's big game.

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