First Star, Worst Star: February 15, 2015

February 15 2015 03:00PM


I hope you all had a great valentines day, filled with love and and happiness, or if you're anything like me, filled with pizza and self loathing. One thing that will never let you down is First Star, Worst Star! 

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What Would Calgary's Kane Package Have Been?

Ryan Pike
February 15 2015 01:30PM

The big hockey news of the past week was the big trade between the Winnipeg Jets and Buffalo Sabres that saw Evander Kane head to upstate New York in exchange for...a lot of stuff.

A second shocker occurred later in the week, as Sportsnet's Elliott Friedman mentioned in his 30 Thoughts column that the Flames were indeed involved in some discussions with the Jets regarding Evander Kane's services.

So how close do we think they got and what would their offer have looked like?

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Former Flame Steve Montador Passes Away

Kent Wilson
February 15 2015 11:42AM

One of modern hockey's most inspiring stories turned tragic today. 

Peel Regional police are reporting that former NHL defenseman Steve Montador has died in his home. He was 35-years-old. 

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Post Game: Cupid Runs Short On Arrows; Uses Lance

February 15 2015 12:36AM


Please don't leave me, I promise this will still be good despite the tough start.

It's Valentine's Day, and there's been a lot of talk about love today, and what it means. What it's about. In short, it is a day to reflect about who you love, and what you love about them.

In my case, I think I love the Vancouver Canucks, and I do so because there is really just nothing greater than when they lose to your Calgary Flames.

(please note: I hate the Vancouver Canucks)

Anyway, the Canucks lost to the Flames on this night, and I loved every second of that. All this and a Linden Vey pun that makes me want to move to Pluto and never talk to people ever again in tonight's recap!

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FGD #56: We Need A Name For This Rivalry (8pm MT, CBC)

Ryan Pike
February 14 2015 02:00PM

It seems like almost yesterday that the Flames and Canucks opened up an installment of Hockey Night in Canada with a line brawl. In actuality, it's been slightly over a year. Since then, the Canucks have crashed, burned and recovered, while the Flames continue to chug along and keep pace in the NHL's crazy-good Western Conference.

It just seems like a shame that two teams who have been so historically important to each other don't have a name for their rivalry. I mean, Calgary and Edmonton have the Battle of Alberta, but Calgary and Vancouver? Zilch. And considering that the teams have met so often in the playoffs and tangled en route to Stanley Cup Final appearances, it's a bit disappointing.

This season's latest installment of the No-Name Rivalry is tonight. The Flames (30-22-3) and Canucks (31-20-3) face off tonight, beginning at 8pm MT on CBC and Sportsnet 960 The Fan.

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