Five things: Away we go

Ryan Lambert
October 09 2014 10:03AM

1. Tough start

And so here we go, with the 2014-15 season now under way and the Flames off to a tougher start than literally anyone in the league. As though they needed the help. I can't actually believe how difficult the schedule is for a team that's going to get run over all season anyway.

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Game 1 Scoring Chances and Zone Entries

Ryan Pike
October 09 2014 01:57AM


Ladies and gentlemen, game #1 is in the books. Here is a handy summary of scoring chances and zone entries for the Calgary Flames 4-2 loss against the Vancouver Canucks.

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Post-Game: Well I Mean That Could Have Been Worse Probably™

Justin Azevedo
October 08 2014 11:07PM

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Well, hockey's officially back. Someone obviously forgot to tell the Flames because they were clearly the second-best team in a game that might've been close, but never really was, I guess. At least it was entertaining. 

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FGD #1: The Home Opener (8pm; SN West)

Ryan Pike
October 08 2014 11:31AM

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The prognostications have been made, rosters have been set and the fantasy line-ups have been fretted over. Now, it's time to play some darn hockey.

The 2014-15 National Hockey League season officially kicks off today, with four games, including the first of 82 regular season games for the Calgary Flames as they host the Vancouver Canucks in their home-opener.

You can catch the game at 8pm MT via radio on Sportsnet 960 The Fan and it's a national telecast as the back-half of a doubleheader on Sportsnet West (and all regional Sportsnet channels) following the Toronto/Montreal game at 5pm MT.

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Meet the 2014-15 Calgary Flames

Ryan Pike
October 07 2014 01:57PM

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The Calgary Flames finalized and announced their 2014-15 opening roster this afternoon. But with 23 bodies on the team, it can be a bit hard to keep them all straight. In an effort to provide clarity on who's who on the 2014-15 Flames, here's a handy primer put together by FlamesNation's crack team of researchers, reporters and hired goons.

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