The 2015 NHL Offseason: Winners, Losers, and Everybody In the Middle

Cam Lewis
August 16 2015 08:00AM

Over the past couple weeks, I've been breaking down the good and the bad of what's happened so far during the 2015 NHL offseason. After going through all four divisions, looking at the players that teams have added and subtracted, and how they've spent their money, I figured I would put together a big list of which teams are winners and losers, and which teams are floating in their own category somewhere in the middle. Hey, it's the summer and we still have like seven weeks until the season starts, so it's the perfect time to sit back and speculate. 

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What's Taking So Long With Ferland and Giordano's Deals?

Ryan Pike
August 15 2015 11:00AM

We're now less than a month away from the onset of Calgary Flames rookie camp, which starts in mid-September and leads into the annual Penticton YoungStars tournament. Right now, there's a lot of thumb-twiddling and heel-cooling in anticipation of hockey starting up again, as the Flames have caught up on all of their off-season business.

Well, just about.

Because restricted free agent Micheal Ferland still is not signed, while captain Mark Giordano - whose contract extension was repeatedly touted as a "top priority" by Flames general manager Brad Treliving - is still not completed.

So what gives?

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Robbie Russo Hits Free Agency

Cat Silverman
August 14 2015 06:13PM

Robbie Russo was drafted in the fourth round of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft by the New York Islanders - but in their hurry to fill organizational needs on the blue line, they filled up roster spots that could have potentially been his by now. 

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calgaryNEXT: Financial Speculation and Wish List

Christian Roatis
August 14 2015 01:30PM


At this point, we’ve all probably consumed the maximum amount of CalgaryNEXT content available to us, and water coolers around the city are buzzing with excitement of what the project may hold.

Few concrete details are known at this point - a significant bulk of information will come at Tuesday’s media and season ticket holder announcement - but from what we can gather, the CalgaryNEXT project will for sure include:

   An arena for the Calgary Flames

   A stadium for the Calgary Stampeders

   A fieldhouse for the Stamps, Flames and the public (Flames would utilize it for off-ice training)

No surprises there.

There has also been speculation that it will include commercial and residential aspects, which make sense considering the slogan "Work. Live. Play."

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FlamesNation Prospect Profile: #16 Mason McDonald

Ryan Pike
August 14 2015 11:00AM


The annual FlamesNation review of Calgary Flames prospects continues with the Flames' 15th-best prospect: goaltender Mason McDonald.

McDonald was a second round pick in the 2014 NHL Draft and the first goaltender taken in that draft. Around these parts that made us a bit nervous, because goaltending is still something viewed by many hockey analysts - us included - as voodoo, something very difficult to project or predict.

But here we are, and Mason McDonald a year removed from his draft day has quietly become a pretty solid goaltending prospect.

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