A Look At Jon Gillies' Options

Ryan Pike
March 17 2015 11:08AM

The Providence College Friars lost to New Hampshire on Sunday, which ended their quest for a Hockey East conference championship. For now, their status for the NCAA's annual national championship tournament is up in the air, as they're one of several contenders for "at-large" bids, and their chances are contingent on which teams win which conferences.

Which brings us to Calgary Flames 2012 third round draft pick Jon Gillies.

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A Comparison to the 2007-08 Chicago Blackhawks

Byron Bader
March 17 2015 09:30AM

It's been said that this Calgary Flames team is reminiscent of the Blackhawks right before they became a powerhouse (2007-08). Both teams injected a lot of youth into their line-up (each team having an average player age of 26), started off hot and vastly exceeded expectations. The Blackhawks fell short of the playoffs that year while the Flames, to this point, remain in the race. Do they share any other similarities?

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The Playoff Chase - March 16 2015

Ryan Pike
March 16 2015 01:00PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.27.55 AM

We're getting into the dwindling days of the 2014-15 season, as most teams still involved in the Western Conference playoff bubble have between 11 and 13 games remaining on the docket.

Considering magic numbers are around that level, as well, we're hitting the nitty gritty here.

Here's a quick glance at where we sit to start this week.

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Why Mark Giordano Should Still be in the Norris Conversation

Kent Wilson
March 16 2015 11:00AM

Last year Flames captain Mark Giordano entered the conversation as one of the league's premier defenders. Missing 18 games due to injury and being relatively new to the "best defenseman in the game" conversation limited his chances of serious Norris consideration, however. 

This year Giordano picked up where he left off, rapidly proving to be the Flames best player while leading the league's defenders in scoring. He was perhaps the leading candidate to take home the Norris trophy until a torn bicep ended his season at 62 games. 

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Flames Nation Power Rankings: Shout Out To Numbers

March 16 2015 08:30AM


Another week, another series of "Against All Odds" wins for your Calgary Flames (actually, in reality there was just one because the Leafs are hilariously bad and the victory over that hapless bunch of sucks was about as dominant a win as we've seen all year, and then reality kinda caught up to the Flaming C in a loss to the surging Colorado Avalanche who are the worst and are bad and need to be stopped)

While these wins are super, SUPER fun, it does have a lot of fans and outside observers beginning to fall prey to confirmation bias, in which the dramatic wins have people believing that this team is good despite being outplayed and consistently outpossessed. (be honest, you wouldn't have been surprised if this were real)

This is, of course, crazy, but when you boil it down, the very nature of professional sports is downright asinine, so you'll forgive fans if they're willing to look past some pretty glaring truths.

I'm not here to re-open the debate, just to point out that this week was highlighted by discussion surrounding the Flames from all over the league, about when the other shoe is going to drop, and the resulting perceived but not really real war between stats advocates and the normies. It got stupid and no one liked it, and we really need to stop arguing over it (mostly because stats nerds won, just accept it).

Anyway, maybe we're in need of a distraction from all of this, so here's this week's power rankings, which are the most serious piece of news you'll read all week, so get your eyeholes all prepped now. Let's ride.

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