Paul Jerrard: The summer's most intriguing addition

Pat Steinberg
July 31 2016 10:00AM


Photo credit: Lindsay A. Mogle, Utica Comets

From Glen Gulutzan to Dave Cameron, Brian Elliott, Troy Brouwer, and more, the Calgary Flames have been busy adding new faces this summer. But the offseason's most intriguing addition might be the one flying most under the radar: new assistant coach Paul Jerrard. While not the most recognizable name in the coaching world, I'm very curious about Calgary's new hire for a couple reasons.

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A history of Flames numbers: #39, Alex Chiasson

Ari Yanover
July 31 2016 08:00AM

When the Flames traded Patrick Sieloff for Alex Chiasson, they were trading away someone unestablished - still with a training camp number of #50 - for a regular NHLer.

Chiasson will make his debut with the Flames as #39. It'll be the third number he wears in his NHL career. He wore #12 with the Dallas Stars, which probably wasn't going to work out here; his #90 with the Ottawa Senators has never been worn in Calgary, but apparently, a lower number was desired in this case.

So #39 makes its return to the Flames lineup.

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Let's talk about stats vs traditionalists

Kent Wilson
July 30 2016 11:00AM

The advanced stats vs conventional hockey people fight is probably getting old for anyone watching the argument from the outside. Nevertheless, it rages on, flaring up whenever a new school person flagrantly denies conventional wisdom or an old school person balks at nerds analyzing the game with spreadsheets.

Many might be surprised to find out that the two schools of thought actually agree more than they disagree. The problem is, there are fundamental areas of friction between the two sides that may never be resolved. Let's talk about these issues, from the view of a new school outsider with a background in psychology (i.e.; me).

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A history of Flames numbers: #36, Troy Brouwer

Ari Yanover
July 30 2016 08:00AM

Troy Brouwer wore #36 in St. Louis. It was actually the first time in his career he wore the number; he'd previously worn mostly #22, but occasionally #29 and #26 with the Blackhawks, and #20 with the Washington Capitals.

The number 22 actually isn't taken with the Flames - Drew Shore was the last one to have it, and ways have been parted with him - but Brouwer is bringing his Blues number to the Flames.

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The good and bad of the Saddledome

Ryan Pike
July 29 2016 11:00AM

When the puck drops in October, the Calgary Flames will begin their 33rd season in the Scotiabank Saddledome. The season will unfold while the future of the building is openly discussed at Calgary's City Council, as city administration is concurrently exploring the Calgary NEXT proposal and a Plan B situated in Stampede Park. (Council will hear a report on both options in October and make a recommendation as to what option should be pursued further.)

But as the future of the old barn is debated, it's worthwhile to figure out what things need to be carried over to whatever the new building will be and what aspects need to be thrown asunder. With that in mind, we've been asking around, looking around, and polling people in places like Twitter and Reddit to find out what people love about the Saddledome and what they absolutely loathe about the place.

Here's what we found out.

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