Fantasy GMing - move Jokinen to left wing

Kent Wilson
July 04 2009 12:13PM


For years, the common lament around Calgary was the lack of a true #1 center. Some guys weren't skilled enough (Conroy) and some guys weren't big enough (Langkow) to fit the commonly held profile of the archetypal #1 pivot. As a result, Darryl Sutter busied himself for a couple of seasons pursuing the 6'3", 215 pound Olli Jokinen - and this past March, he finally landed the big Fin. Problem is, the team didn't get any better with Jokinen's addition. The mythical "big body presence" trumpeted by shrill, talking heads on hockey broadbasts couldn't overcome Kipper's poor SV% or the rash of injuries. It didn't even prevent a damaging power play drought that afflicted the team for the last 10 games of the year. And it didn't overcome many of Jokinen's individual failings.  

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Bouw knows defence . . . probably

Jean Lefebvre
July 03 2009 12:34AM


So far, the war that was furiously waged in baseball between statheads and “stats?-we-don’t-need-no-steenking-stats” traditionalists has been a relatively under-the-radar skirmish in hockey.

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This ain't a division, it's an arms race*

Ryan Lambert
July 01 2009 11:57AM

Things have gotten more than a little crazy here in the Northwest division in the last 24 hours (and I started writing this at FA-Day plus 18 minutes).

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Fearless Predictions

Jonathan Willis
July 01 2009 02:36AM


The Nation sites have been so busy today that I haven't even been able to login until just now.  The fan passion for this site has been amazing for everyone here, and today was another demonstration of that.  Anyways, I just got this email from a friend and I thought everyone deserved to see it.

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Jay Bouwmeester Signs With Calgary

Jonathan Willis
June 30 2009 07:20PM


As per, Jay Bouwmeester has elected not to test the free agent market, signing a 5-year, 6.6-million dollar per season contract with the Calgary Flames. 

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