How's the brother act playing in Newark?

Jean Lefebvre
June 23 2009 05:23PM


Well, the expected has happened as Brent Sutter on Tuesday afternoon was officially introduced as head coach of the Flames. And, oh by the way, three semi-new assistants were also presented as ex-Flame Dave Lowry moves down the hall from the Hitmen offices, ex-Flame Jamie McLennan moves in from a scouting and advisory job with the Flames and Ryan McGill moves up from the farm club.

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Flames Draft Primer

Kent Wilson
June 23 2009 10:30AM

Stanley Cup Finals NHL Draft

With time ticking down to the 2009 NHL entry draft, here are some of the considerations and issues to keep in mind heading into Friday.

- The Flames own 7 picks in this year's draft, but only one is inside the top 60 (20th overall). Their other choices include 67 (via PHX), 107 (via CBJ), 111, 140, 170 and 200. In terms of rounds that's: round 1, round 3, round 4 (x2), round 5, round 6 and round 7.

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Father's Day 2009: Not a hockey blog

Robin Brownlee
June 21 2009 02:56PM

Until three years ago, Father's Day was a day I tried to ignore. A day I wanted to come and go as quickly as possible. It had been a day that made me dark and sad and envious and angry. It was a day I always ended up feeling sorry for myself, and loathing how I always fell into that trap. I'm guessing I'm not alone in that.

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He ain't heavy, he's my head coach

Jean Lefebvre
June 20 2009 12:22PM


So it seems Brent Sutter will soon be introduced as the new head coach of the Calgary Flames.

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Brent Sutter to coach the Flames...

Kent Wilson
June 20 2009 12:09PM


...according to TSN sources, which tend to be fairly accurate about stuff like this. While Jean made a good argument as to why Darryl would be back behind the bench a little while ago, this move doesn't surprise me in the least.

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