Look out, here come the BJs!

Kent Wilson
February 24 2009 10:51AM


The Columbus Franchise did two notable things recently that have turned the team from a weak sister into an up-and-comer: replaced Doug MacLean with Scott Howson and hired Ken Hitchcock.

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February 23 2009 01:38PM


Sometimes the Oilers gas one in the Battle of Alberta and you don’t even get to see the game. Sometimes you buy bunk celebrity nudie magazines. Sometimes the haters start to get you down. What can you do right?

You write about it. That’s what you do.

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To be the man, you gotta beat the man

Ryan Lambert
February 22 2009 12:29PM


And that's why the Oilers are nowhere near being the man.

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GDB/GDFD 59: La bataille d'Alberta

February 21 2009 12:47PM


Yeah, so you might say this is a biggie for us.

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You betcha

Ryan Lambert
February 20 2009 10:45AM


I'm going to change my perspective on this team, I guess. I've been looking at this slump all wrong.

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