March 21 2014 11:44AM

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Now most of my hockey fantasies include Jordan Eberle, a bottle of sherry, a roaring fire and a DVD of All Dogs Go To Heaven. So when I heard about a video called the Fantasy Minute I was understandably excited.

Today we are introducing the Fantasy Minute but be forewarned - it's about fantasy hockey not necessarily fantasies about hockey. Oh and the mega babe host. No big deal.

*cackles wildly*

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News and Notes - March 20 2014

Ryan Pike
March 20 2014 05:15PM

It's a practice day for your Calgary Flames as they prepare for a clash on Friday night with NHL Draft implications with the Nashville Predators!

Here's what's happening.

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Justin Azevedo
March 20 2014 02:01PM

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For a period of time in November, the Flames were awful. Like, just horrible and awful and garbage and every other word that you can think of that meant bad. Their record in October was a perfectly fine 5-5-2,  but the November record of 4-7-2 wasn't. The question is: why did this happen?

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Five things: All college

Ryan Lambert
March 20 2014 09:00AM


1. A big surprise

With the college hockey season now winding down and the NCAA tournament slated to start in just eight days, I figure this is a good time to look at the season enjoyed by the Flames' various prospects in the NCAA, with a bit more of a focus on the notable ones. This feeling, though, is precipitated largely by one person, who I never expected: Mark Jankowski.

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The FN Faceoff: To Tank Or Not To Tank? (7pm MT, LIVE)

Ryan Pike
March 19 2014 03:10PM

Tonight, LIVE via Google Hangouts, YouTube and the magic of the Internet, join FlamesNation's Ryan Pike, Christian Roatis and Kent Wilson - and perhaps some special guests maybe - to discuss the hottest topics of the day.

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