FN Mailbag - June 20, 2015

Kent Wilson
June 21 2015 11:00AM


The sun is shining, the snow has melted and the Stanley Cup has been awarded (to the Chicago Blackhawks...again), so that must mean it's NHL entry draft time. That also means it's time to resurrect the FN weekly mailbag feature for a little while, starting today. 

Topics of interest are...well the draft, free agency and trades of course. Oh, and the Flames strange interest in changing their goaltending situation, of course. 

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Is Joni Ortio ready for the NHL?

June 20 2015 01:00PM

As it stands right now, at this exact moment, without a single trade or signing, the Flames' goaltending for next season will consist of Jonas Hiller and Joni Ortio. Hiller, the proven veteran, would be the team's starter. Ortio, the unproven rookie, the backup.

That's without a single change to the lineup. We all know Hiller, with his 350 NHL starts, can handle what an 82 game season will throw at him.

We don't really know what Ortio's 15 starts mean for him, though.

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Flames Sign Mikael Backlund To Extension

Ryan Pike
June 20 2015 11:57AM

A busy news week started early for the Calgary Flames, as they kicked off this weekend in style by announcing an extension for analytics darling and FlamesNation's favourite player, Mikael Backlund.

The press release says it's a multi-year deal, but the usual suspects have helped us flesh that out a bit.

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NHL Draft Scout Series: USA

Christian Roatis
June 20 2015 11:00AM


The NHL Draft Scout Series is racking up the Air Miles now, jumping from Scandinavia back to North America and into the home of the beer and land of the free - the United States of America. 

Matt Grainda is a former ISS scout and is currently with theScout.ca, and he stops in to chat American talent for the upcoming National Hockey League Draft. 

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An (extremely brief) history of the Calgary Flames trading up in the first round

June 19 2015 01:00PM

This year's draft is expected to be a deep one, and the Flames should be able to get a good player at 15th overall. The only real downside is that they aren't picking higher, because that's where the better players are usually taken.

It's a shame, too, because there are a number of players expected to go before 15th that would be perfect fits for the Flames. Ivan Provorov or Zach Werenski on defence aren't happening, and neither is a big bodied right winger like Mikko Rantanen. (Timo Meier is a possibility, though.) 

One way to rectify that would be to trade up. Of course, trading up - especially to get into the top 10 - is a costly proposition, and may require assets the Flames won't be willing to part with.

In anticipation of the potential for the Flames to do just that this draft, though, here's a look back at every time the Calgary Flames have traded up in the first round.

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