Young Stars Fancy Stats: Game One

christian tiberi
September 17 2016 02:00PM

In these early season prospect tournaments, there's no real tracking going on. This is both quite unfortunate, yet quite understandable. The fans get denied some deeper insight - but it's a prospect tournament, insight really doesn't matter. As a result, the NHL doesn't do it, the teams don't really bother with it, and neither do the analytics nerds. We did it anyways, because why not.

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Penticton FGD: The Battle of Alberta (8:30pm;

Ryan Pike
September 17 2016 12:30PM

After months of anticipation, and a tune-up match yesterday for each team, the Battle of Alberta will be rekindled in Penticton, B.C. at the annual Young Stars Classic! The Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers both had rough seasons in 2015-16, with even the much-heralded arrival of Connor McDavid not enough to get the Oilers out of the depths of the draft lottery. Now, they do battle once more!

For a view from the other side, head on over to!

The puck drops at 8:30pm MT and you can catch the action streaming live on (and the Flames YouTube channel).

Here's a direct link to tonight's live stream via the Flames YouTube channel!

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Johnny Gaudreau and the likelihood of injury

Byron Bader
September 17 2016 09:00AM

Johnny Gaudreau, the Flames' emerging superstar, is currently locked in a negotiation with the Flames over his next contract. Many argue "he's our best player and if he's asking for $7 million or $8 million... he's worth it. Pay the man." However, others argue that he's not worth that kind of money. 

A central argument against him getting paid like other top flight young stars is that he is too small and is bound to get injured in the near future. 

"He's one bad slash away from never playing again." 

"His body won't hold up over the years."

Is this really a legitimate concern?

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Flames' Jon Gillies puts on a show in 1st game of 2016

Thomas Drance
September 17 2016 12:17AM

For hotshot Calgary Flames goaltender Jon Gillies, Friday night's 4-1 Flames win over the Winnipeg Jets at the Penticton Young Stars Tournament was just about getting his head and his body back into it. Talking to him after the game though, it seemed that what he was most excited about wasn't the victory, or the fact that he'd performed well in his first game of the 2016 calendar year.

“I made a standing breakaway save!” Gillies exclaimed, basically unprompted, post-game.

If Gillies' standing save was a throwback, it was an oddly appropriate one for his first game back from hip impingement surgery. 

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Post-Game: We're (sorta kinda) back!

christian tiberi
September 16 2016 09:19PM

Welcome back to hockey! Well, it's meaningless hockey, but it's meaningless hockey you care about.

Tonight, the Flames kicked off the Young Stars tournament in Penticton with a dominant and chippy 4-1 victory against the Winnipeg Jets. It marked the unofficial debut of 2016 Draft prize Matthew Tkachuk. The picture above should give you a good hint of what he did tonight.

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