FGD: Breaking the Habitants

Taylor McKee
October 28 2014 01:19PM

Who says that I can't post this video tonight? and every night? and sob? WHEN WILL WE BE BACK IN THE PLAYOFFS I HATE THIS.

The Flames host the Habs tonight which means that those going to the game tonight are obligated to be astounded and annoyed by the amount of Canadiens jerseys you see in the crowd. It happens every single time (though it's not just the Habs that elicit this kind of reaction from people, most original six teams are like this but especially the Leafs and Habs). They will come out of the woodwork for this one, prepare yourself and don't act surprised.

Both teams are coming off losses where they didn't exactly bring their best games so it should be a very interesting game tonight at the dome. Lineups and Deryk Engelland highlight reel after the jump!

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Playing Jr. 'til You're 24?!?

October 28 2014 12:49PM

Sam Berg, former CHLer has filed a class action lawsuit against the league claiming he (and the 1300 other CHL players) was underpaid while he played in the league, when he says underpaid, he’s talking about being paid below minimum wage.

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Goalies Through 10 Games

Ryan Pike
October 27 2014 02:50PM

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We're an even 10 games into the 2014-15 calendar, and now that we have a break and an even number of games played by each, let's take a quick glimpse at Calgary's two goaltenders - Karri Ramo and Jonas Hiller.

Spookily, they've both played the same number of minutes - 313.

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Sunday Open Thread: Surprises And Disappointments Through 10 Games

Ryan Pike
October 26 2014 10:28AM

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After last night's 3-1 loss to the Washington Capitals, the Calgary Flames have completed 10 games. It's a nice even number, and for some reason the Flames have now played more than anybody else in the league save for the Boston Bruins.

Is it possible for the schedule makers to dislike both teams? Perhaps. But in another weird twist, both teams have won 5 of their 10 games. Spooky.

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Post-Game: Caps Douse Flames 3-1

Ryan Pike
October 25 2014 11:31PM

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The Calgary Flames came into tonight with a record above .500 and were facing a team that were coming off their first regulation loss of the season (against Edmonton, of all teams). The Capitals came into the Saddledome tonight and played with structure and, at times, poise and desperation.

In contrast, particularly in the third, the Flames looked like a team that that had lost their nerve during a 3-1 home loss on Saturday night.

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