2015 Development Camp Preview

Ryan Pike
July 05 2015 11:33AM

Hockey fans, your first chance to set eyes on the Calgary Flames prospects in 2015 is almost upon you!

The 2015 edition of Flames development camp kicks off Monday with fitness testing and Tuesday on the ice. Here's a rundown of what's happening when, who is here, and who isn't.

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Should the Flames Try to Sign Cody Franson?

Kent Wilson
July 04 2015 04:57PM

The frenzy is over and there is still one big name UFA standing: Cody Franson. 

In my lead up to July 1, I named Franson as one of the Flames top targets in addition to Michael Frolik and Justin Williams. And even though Calgary's roster is crowded and their cap situation complicated, I still consider Franson a player on interest for the Flames.

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Lance Bouma is Brad Treliving's next test

July 04 2015 01:00PM

Brad Treliving has only been an NHL general manager for a little over a year, but it's been a hell of a year. Misappropriated cap space aside, his early blunders can be forgiven; especially after the off-season he's just had. 

Without giving up any meaningful assets, Treliving has upgraded the Flames' top four defence and top six forward group for years to come. He has altered the course of this franchise, and seriously sped up the rebuild. 

Before that, he passed an earlier test by re-signing Mikael Backlund. This was an obvious one because of Backlund's RFA status, but at the same time, it's easy to lose those kinds of guys for nothing. Instead, following the end of the season, Treliving identified Backlund as a core player, and made sure to hold on to him.

That brings us to his next test: another RFA, one Lance Bouma.

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Looking Ahead At The Potential Cap Crunch

Ryan Pike
July 04 2015 11:00AM

The Calgary Flames have made a big splash over the past week or so. They re-signed Mikael Backlund. They brought in Dougie Hamilton and signed him long-term. They signed Michael Frolik.

Besides re-signing some restricted free agents to new deals, the Flames are seemingly done for the summer. But what implications do these big, new deals have for future seasons? Can the Flames stay under the salary cap long-term?

Here's a quick glance at how they sit, as of right now.

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PCS Winners and Losers at the 2015 Draft

money puck
July 03 2015 12:33PM

Throughout the course of the last year, the team at CanucksArmy and Jets Nation have been working on the development of a prospect evaluation tool called Prospect Cohort Success Percentage, or PCS for short. The basic premise is that by finding the closest comparables to a prospect in terms of age, size, league, and point production, we can gain insight into the prospect's likelihood of success at the NHL level. 

At it's essence, the tool tries to mathematically answer the following questions:

- Who are a given players' closest pre-NHL comparables? 

- What percentage of a players' closest comparables went on to become successful NHLers as defined by playing in excess of 200 NHL games (PCS%)?

- Of the comparables who went on to play in the NHL what was the average NHL point-per-game (PCS PPG) of these players?

There is a fair amount of advancements we're currently working on for PCS, including quality of teamates and era adjustments, but we thought it would be fun to see how teams did at the 2015 draft when using PCS as a benchmark. 

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