PCS Winners and Losers at the 2015 Draft

money puck
July 03 2015 12:33PM

Throughout the course of the last year, the team at CanucksArmy and Jets Nation have been working on the development of a prospect evaluation tool called Prospect Cohort Success Percentage, or PCS for short. The basic premise is that by finding the closest comparables to a prospect in terms of age, size, league, and point production, we can gain insight into the prospect's likelihood of success at the NHL level. 

At it's essence, the tool tries to mathematically answer the following questions:

- Who are a given players' closest pre-NHL comparables? 

- What percentage of a players' closest comparables went on to become successful NHLers as defined by playing in excess of 200 NHL games (PCS%)?

- Of the comparables who went on to play in the NHL what was the average NHL point-per-game (PCS PPG) of these players?

There is a fair amount of advancements we're currently working on for PCS, including quality of teamates and era adjustments, but we thought it would be fun to see how teams did at the 2015 draft when using PCS as a benchmark. 

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An Early Development Camp Primer

Ryan Pike
July 03 2015 10:59AM

It's July, which in Calgary means horses, hay bales, cowboy hats...and Calgary Flames development camp. The club is once again holding their annual meet & greet (& skill development week) with their prospects, along with some free agent invitees.

The camp opens on Monday with fitness testing. The team usually releases the full schedule and roster the day before the camp opens, so we'll probably get a bunch more information on Sunday, but here's what we can suss out so far.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
July 03 2015 06:30AM


We've got you covered with the best articles from the CRAZIEST week in hockey's off-season, check it all out in this week's Roundup.

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Flames Sign Mason McDonald & Hunter Smith To Deals

Ryan Pike
July 02 2015 02:33PM

Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving seemed to really enjoy signing players yesterday, because he's kept at it today. The Flames announced that they've inked goaltender Mason McDonald and right wing Hunter Smith to entry-level contracts. Both were second round selections at the 2014 Draft.

Based on each player's age and the terms of the CBA, the deals are three-year pacts.

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Brad Treliving looked regression in the eye and said, "Not today"

July 02 2015 01:00PM

We heard (and said) it all last season: this can't last. The Flames can't stay in the playoff race, can't make the playoffs, can't do anything meaningful this season. They're going to miss out on a high pick, and they're going to Colorado Avalanche it up: bet on the wrong horses, go all-in on an unsustainable situation, and go back to the bottom of the standings.

There's only one problem: somebody forgot to tell Brad Treliving this.

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