Random Thoughts - On Bob Hartley

Kent Wilson
May 10 2016 08:00AM

Bob Hartley's tenure as the Flames' head coach is over. 

Though I found the timing of his dismissal somewhat surprising, I nevertheless agree with it in principle. Treliving's remarks on the matter are apropos: in many ways the club seems to have peaked under the current bench boss. A fresh perspective is needed if the team is to take a real step forward. 

Though I was never an ardent Hartley fan, I think he did some things right during his time here. The problem is the things he did wrong he didn't seem to know how to fix. When a coach has run out of answers of glaring tactical issues, you need to move on. 

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Mikael Backlund goes to Worlds: Sweden vs. Czech Republic

Ari Yanover
May 09 2016 02:00PM

Team Sweden and Team Czech Republic were two of the top Group A teams headed into this match. After scoring two goals in the first period, it looked to be Sweden's game - but then the Czechs came back and kept going, and took the clear 4-2 victory, dropping the Swedes to one win, one overtime win, and one regulation loss so far at the 2016 IIHF World Championships.

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FlamesNation Player Evaluations: Joe Colborne

Ryan Pike
May 09 2016 12:00PM

It's no secret that Joe Colborne isn't exactly the most popular figure around FlamesNation. It's not that he's not a good hockey player, but (as we'll get into) his ice time and responsibilities on the club seem to be outstripping his on-ice performance.

It's a shame, too. He's a scout's dream: 6'5" and north of 200 pounds, he speaks well and he's a home-grown Calgarian. He's earned the semi-derisive nickname "Big and Local" as a result. Big and Local managed to generate some pretty solid offensive numbers this year, primarily late in the season.

Were his point and goal totals truly representative of his overall play? Let's take a dive into the numbers.

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2016 NHL Entry Draft Consensus Rankings - May 9, 2016

Shawn Reis
May 09 2016 11:02AM

Jon Steitzer may be moving on from the Nations Network, but his consolidated draft rankings were such a useful little tool for looking at where exactly all of the top prospects stand in the eyes of the scouts that I knew I had to keep the tradition going.  So I made my own.

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Draft Speculation: The Vancouver Canucks

christian tiberi
May 09 2016 08:00AM


On Friday, we looked at the many ways the Oilers could use the fourth overall pick. 

Today is Vancouver's turn. The Canucks are in a bit more of a dire situation. At the very least, the Oilers have three centres that any team in the league would covet. Based on his usage this year, Markus Granlund will probably walk into the 2016-17 season challenging for the Canucks' 2C position.

The Canucks are an impending disaster, more so than they were this year. There's many reasons for this, but for the sake of this article's length, we won't go through them (OK fine, quickly: they failed to trade their best defenceman and will probably extend Matt Bartkowski instead, their top line next year are all over 35 and probably untradeable, their goalie is a Six Million Dollar Man without bionic parts, they're still paying Luongo until 2023, Luca Sbisa, etc). This draft is crucial for the Canucks to remain competitive for the next few years.

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