Flames February Prospect NHLE 2013-14

Justin Azevedo
March 13 2014 03:30PM

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Somehow, they've improved.

Last month, I talked about the overall health of the prospect system, particularly at forward. Well, since then, we've seen an NHLE increase across the board (mean of 25.7 to mean of 26.6), the debut of a defenseman in the NHL and a couple of goalies step up their game. The on-ice results may not be there right now, but there's a good chance they will be in the future. We're using stats from last month, but I'm writing this on the 11th - so excuse the disconnect.

For the previous NHLE updates, click here: OCT NOV DEC JAN. For an NHLE primer, click here. I keep a running total here.

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Race To The Bottom: One Month To Go

Ryan Pike
March 13 2014 01:08PM

Lads and ladies, we're now one month away from the end of the NHL's 2013-14 regular season. While for many clubs that means fretting about playoff seedings and potential first-round match-ups, for the province of Alberta - and a few others - it means worrying about the NHL Draft and lottery positions.

There are five NHL clubs with a bonafide chance at the NHL's bottom seed. Here's a look at how they sit with a month to go, and most importantly, their individual chances at falling to dead-last (and getting a top pre-lottery selection).

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Five things: Of power dynamics, ambiguity, and rookies

Ryan Lambert
March 13 2014 09:01AM


1. Something I've been thinking about

I don't know why this occurred to me the other day, but it did and I thought it was interesting vis a vis Brian Burke and his role with the team.

(I apologize, by the way, for bringing up something along these lines again, but there's very little else to talk about with regard to this team of late. Anyway, this is also pretty front-of-mind for me right now for another reason I'll get to in a minute.)

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Post-Game: That Escalated Quickly

Ryan Pike
March 12 2014 11:20PM

The Anaheim Ducks came into Calgary hoping to get two much-needed points as they try to fend off the San Jose Sharks and retain their Pacific Division lead. They left Calgary bruised, battered and wondering how it all went wrong.

The Calgary Flames set a season-high for offensive output with a 7-2 shellacking of the Ducks in perhaps the most complete team game we've seen from this group all season long.

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FGD: The Quack Attack are Back

Taylor McKee
March 12 2014 02:39PM

Simply put, the Ducks have dominated the Pacific division this season. Sbisa and Co. are a frightening 15-1-2 against the Pacific this season and as a result are sitting pretty to make the playoffs. 

The Ducks have one of the best centre-winger duos in the league with Getzlaf and Perry which has helped the Ducks be a top-three team in scoring with 208 goals (Calgary has 152, good enough for second last). The Ducks strong defensive corps have led to a +48 goal differential and have allowed the sixth fewest goals against this season, all that with their number one goalie missing significant time to injury only revealing the startling depth the Ducks have at that position.

Look, I could go on but why? The Ducks are a really good team and the Flames are really...admirable.

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