Relive the 2010-11 Calgary Flames Season

Ryan Pike
August 05 2015 11:00AM

The 2010-11 campaign marked the end of the Darryl Sutter Era for the Calgary Flames. And as many things often do, it ended not with a bang but with a whimper. Sutter left the Flames around Christmas after a few uneven seasons of managerial decisions, handing the reins to Jay Feaster.

On the ice, the Flames continued to plod along, a team with some definite promise but failing to really live up to what many felt was its potential due to those aforementioned uneven managerial decisions.

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Mason McDonald Was Just Fine Against Russia

Ryan Pike
August 04 2015 03:41PM

The hockey media is mostly occupied with Hockey Canada's Summer Showcase over at Winsport this week. I was in attendance at the Markin MacPhail Centre last night as Canada skated to a 4-1 win over a team from Russia.

Calgary Flames prospect Mason McDonald was in net, so I thought it was prudent to share my thoughts on how he played.

In short? He was fine.

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Relive the 2009-10 Calgary Flames Season

Ryan Pike
August 04 2015 11:00AM

Brent Sutter took over as head coach of the Calgary Flames in the 2009-10 season. He inherited largely the same veteran-laden roster that Mike Keenan led to a pair of impressive regular seasons (and disappointing playoffs).

Unfortunately two things happened in 2009-10. The Flames missed the playoffs for the first time since 2002-03, and general manager Darryl Sutter went into full-blown panic mode as the Flames sputtered down the stretch.

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Relive the 2008-09 Calgary Flames Season

Ryan Pike
August 03 2015 11:00AM

The 2008-09 season was largely the last hurrah for the Jarome Iginla Era Calgary Flames. It was the last time that Iginla would make the playoffs as captain of the Flames, and the last time that a Darryl Sutter Flames club made the dance, as well.

In many ways, the chickens came home to roost in 2008-09. Darryl Sutter's famed tweaks failed to make a big impact on the roster. His tenuous salary cap house of cards collapsed at the end of the season, forcing the team to play short a few players for the last five games. And without flexibility in the organization, the Flames were worn down, worn out, and their veteran core simply didn't have the gas in the tank after an 82-game slog to put up much of a fight in the playoffs against Chicago.

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Relive the 2007-08 Calgary Flames Season

Ryan Pike
August 02 2015 11:00AM

The feeling around Calgary after the 2006-07 season was that the Flames had to right the ship. Immediately demoting Jim Playfair and bringing in Mike Keenan to coach the veteran-laden Flames made logical sense - though in retrospect, it's exactly the kind of drastic move you see from teams that are trying to not to let their dwindling playoff chances slip away.

But before the proverbial "window" would begin to close for the Flames, they would make a run at it. And what followed was a pretty good season by the Flames, albeit one derailed when they faced a team tailor-made to beat them in the post-season.

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