FGD #20: Hitting The Quarter Pole with First Place On the Line

Ryan Pike
November 18 2014 12:21PM

The first quarter of the regular season will be complete tonight with the 20th game of the Calgary Flames 2014-15 campaign. They host the Anaheim Ducks.

And first place in the Pacific Division will be up for grabs.

The Flames (11-6-2) host the Anaheim Ducks (11-4-4). Both teams are playing their 20th game. Anaheim has 26 points to Calgary's 24. If Calgary wins in regulation, they will be tied with Anaheim with 26 points and have more wins (12), which is the tie-breaker.

Crazy, eh?

Meaningful hockey at the Scotiabank Saddledome tonight, and the game will be doubly meaningful because it's Peter Maher Night at the rink, honouring the long-time (and recently-retired) voice of the Calgary Flames.

If you're going to the game, BE ON TIME, as they have a tribute to the Hall of Famer to kick off at 7pm. Puck drop will be around 7:20ish, and you can catch all the action on Sportsnet West and Sportsnet 960 The Fan.

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Let's Talk About Regression

Ryan Pike
November 18 2014 08:30AM


The Calgary Flames play their 20th game of the 2014-15 season tonight - preview coming later on today - and the hockey newswires are abuzz with discussion of the Flames red-hot start...and the inevitability of their collapse down the stretch due to one thing.

Statistical regression.

At the risk of sounding like an apologist for the team, let's talk about regression.

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Random Thoughts: Warnings and Good Arrows

Kent Wilson
November 17 2014 09:20AM

random thoughts

The Flames near the 20-game mark in a position nobody could have anticipated heading into the season -  firmly ensconced in the playoff picture near the top of the Western Conference. The Flames have scored a conference high 59 goals in 19 games and are ahead of heavy hitters like Los Angeles, San Jose and Chicago in the standings. 

Will it last? And, if not, should the Flames results so far be completely dismissed as good fortune? No to both, I'd say.

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Sunday Open Thread: The Danger of "Going For It"

Ryan Pike
November 16 2014 10:07AM

As this weekend comes to a close, the Calgary Flames are doing pretty darn well.

They sit with a record of 11-6-2, and despite having a fairly tough stretch of games coming up - Anaheim, Chicago, New Jersey, Anaheim again and San Jose - even if (heaven forbid) they lose every single game, they'll be at the .500 mark after 24 games. That's a massive improvement, and it's been fueled by a combination of hard work and some nice puck luck - their PDO is 102.8, mostly fueled (still) by a high save percentage.

This turn of events has me nervous. And the nervousness is mostly because of the legacy of Jay Feaster.

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POST GAME: Flames Win, Lift Jersey Curse

Taylor McKee
November 15 2014 10:39PM

I wanted to find some appropriate music for Craig Anderson playing the puck, I have settled on this.

The Flames came alive in a five minute stretch to pull the Flames in front of the Senators. Oh, and Giordano was clipped with a stick in the first period and had to get four stitches on his eyelid. Did you hear me? HIS EYELID. Lordy, he is tough and good at hockey. 

The Flames beat the Senators 4-2 tonight in a wild game in which every single player was hit in the face with a stick. Come read all about it after the jump!

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