June 10 2014 03:10PM

It’s summer at the Nation Network. All five sites’ teams missed the playoffs this season -- a new record -- so thanks guys. The annual “the Oilers missed the playoffs so Wanye goes running off into the world to backpack and pout” trip is now over. We are looking straight down the barrel of another Charity draft party and are starting to shill tickets.

The machine can't stop turning just because every single team we cover has failed epically.

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The Bridge Contract Curse

June 10 2014 08:30AM



There was an interesting tweet that came from Chris Botta of the Sports Business Journal yesterday:

Okay, not necessarily a surprise. We knew that with the mammoth deal that Rogers signed to effectively subject us to terrible coverage of the game we love so dear for the next 12 years, league revenues were ultimately going to go on the upswing.

And boy howdy, are they ever. What this also means, consequently, is a big rise in the salary cap (and the floor, if you're paying attention) Here's a little tidbit from this past May from Toronto sports journalism maverick, James Mirtle (thanks to FRIEND OF THE BLOG Thomas Drance for pointing this out):

Nothing final in these numbers here, but there's a good chance we'll see the cap rise to somewhere in the 70-71 million dollar range, with the cap floor climbing up the stairs to somewhere in the realm of 53 million sheckels. Yowza.

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Alaska Aces (Flames ECHL Affiliate) Win ECHL Championship

Ryan Pike
June 10 2014 12:08AM

(courtesy the ECHL)

The final Calgary Flames properties have finally finished their seasons, as the Alaska Aces won the ECHL's Kelly Cup last night via a 4-0 win over the Cincinnati Cyclones in Game 6 of their series.

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The 2014 Flames Fifteen - #8: Morgan Klimchuk

Justin Azevedo
June 09 2014 01:38PM


Via the NHL

Morgan Klimchuk had two modes this year: the "dealing with a bum hip" mode and the "carrying the Regina Pats as far as he could" mode. Last year's third first rounder (28th overall), Klimchuk was able to increase his NHLE year-over-year - convincing our panel of judges to rank the 19-year-old Calgary product 8th in our countdown.

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NHL Draft Scout Series: QMJHL

Christian Roatis
June 09 2014 11:00AM


The second last leg of our NHL Draft Scout Series lands in Quebec and the QMJHL. HockeyProspect Head Q scout Jerome Berube (@Jerome_Berube) was kind enough to chat with us about what to expect from this years crop of QMJHL ice hockey competitors. 

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