How good is TJ Brodie?

Kent Wilson
July 28 2016 11:00AM

It's arguable which Flames youngster is considered the first pillar of the post-Iginla rebuild. Most probably consider it to be Sean Monahan or Johnny Gaudreau. Maybe some are waiting for Sam Bennett or Matthew  Tkachuk to become the icon of a new era. 

I contend it's T.J. Brodie. The 26-year-old defender's rise from obscurity was one of the first indications that the team might have a future beyond Iginla and the old guard. In fact, it was the Jay Bouwmeester trade in 2012 that gave us a hint of how good Brodie was going to be.

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A history of Flames numbers: #29, Deryk Engelland

Ari Yanover
July 28 2016 08:00AM

Deryk Engelland only wore #5 when he was with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hell, he wore that number with the Moose Jaw Warriors; he's worn it for most of his career. When he got to the Flames, that number was, obviously, taken.

So... #29 it was, apparently. It was freshly available once he arrived in Calgary, and with the traditionally lower defenceman numbers pretty much all already taken, was as good a fit as any.

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Flames at the 2017 World Juniors: A very early look

Ryan Pike
July 27 2016 02:00PM

The Calgary Flames had a pretty successful draft last month, adding nine new members of the organization. One of the big litmus tests for a prospect base (or draft class) is the level of representation at the annual World Junior Championship: the annual showcase of under-20 ice hockey players.

How many Flames could be represented at the Christmastime tournament in Montreal and Toronto? Let's take a look, including roster outlooks from the fabled Magic 8-Ball. (Disclaimer: this year's event is restricted to players born in 1997 or later.)

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How do the top teams in the NHL structure their cap?

Ari Yanover
July 27 2016 11:00AM

The Calgary Flames' cap structure has not yet been defined. Sean Monahan and Johnny Gaudreau are set to be two of the team's highest-paid forwards for a while yet, and will likely dictate just what the team looks like going forward - and just what, exactly, the team will be able to spend.

We've already seen it set in motion with some of the bloodletting this off-season.

But in order to establish long-term success, a team needs to have responsible cap management. Dish out too much to too many, or to the wrong players, and a team can risk it all crumbling down. We may be seeing the Chicago Blackhawks in the midst of this, as they've lost players like Brandon Saad and Teuvo Teravainen due to cap concerns.

We don't know where the Flames will be - but let's take a look at how the most successful teams as of late structure their salaries.

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A history of Flames numbers: #28, Emile Poirier

Ari Yanover
July 27 2016 08:00AM

Personally, I'm of the opinion the #28 should not be worn again. Maybe not retired, but kind of have a thing going on like #14 does. I still remember when the Flames traded Robyn Regehr for Chris Butler, and Butler was originally given #28, and he voiced his objection to it, thinking it not a great idea. He was probably right.

A couple of years later, though, it appeared again, if only briefly. And again, briefly. And now Emile Poirier has it. He still has two years left on his entry level deal, so he'll probably keep that number a little longer yet - and he's still got plenty of time to prove he's earned it instead of his initial training camp #57.

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