Who should be the Flames' alternate captains?

Ari Yanover
July 23 2016 11:00AM

Since Mark Giordano was named the Flames' captain back at the start of the 2013-14 season, Calgary has had a handful of different guys perform the task as alternates. Most recently, Kris Russell, Dennis Wideman, and Sean Monahan have carried that role, with a handful of other names, mostly since departed, who have worn the 'A' for a brief period of time.

Well, curiously enough, the Flames do not currently list any alternate captains. And considering the turnover ongoing in the club - Russell is gone, Wideman is almost certainly gone within the year, Monahan is going to be around forever hopefully - the lack of alternates at this point in time isn't exactly surprising.

That means there's room, though. And the Flames have a handful of potential candidates already.

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A history of Flames numbers: #23, Sean Monahan

Ari Yanover
July 23 2016 08:00AM

Sean Monahan wore #20 for the Ottawa 67's when the Flames drafted him. He never went back, instead making the NHL right out of his very first training camp in 2013, when the number belonged to Curtis Glencross.

Monahan was basically guaranteed to have a longer, and better, career than Glencross, but it had been his number for quite some time. It would have been bad form to change it - and so, Monahan got #23, which the Flames gave him off the bat.

It's stuck. And it's kind of fitting, what with linemate Johnny Gaudreau wearing #13 and all.

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Pacific Division preview: Can the Flames be in the top three?

Ari Yanover
July 22 2016 02:00PM

All the Flames need to do to return to the playoffs is be one of the top three teams in the Pacific Division. Just beat out any four of the Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks, or Vancouver Canucks, and they're in.

It certainly worked in 2014-15: only the Canucks and Ducks had better records.

Well, it hasn't been just a busy off-season for the Flames; a lot of Pacific teams have seen turnovers as we transition between seasons. Let's take a look at what's gone on for the Flames' main opponents.

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Can Troy Brouwer play his game for four seasons?

Ryan Pike
July 22 2016 11:00AM

I'll be honest: when the Calgary Flames announced that they had signed Troy Brouwer to a four-year contract I didn't really see a lot of the downsides. In fact, my first reaction was, "Well, that makes sense."

You see, the Flames likely feel this signing solves two big problems: they were super-thin on their right side, and they were easy to play against. When I use the term "easy to play against," I refer you to the many games where Johnny Gaudreau was slashed on the wrists or hands (and the games he missed late in the season due to those slashes). Teams felt they could get away with it and let's be honest, they largely did; the Flames didn't have enough scoring depth to make them think twice (and their power-play was bad enough that they probably weren't worried abut taking slashing minors).

But let's not mince words: four years is a long time, and $4.5 million per season is pretty pricey. Once the Gaudreau and Sean Monahan extensions get done, he'll likely be the third-richest forward contract on the team – even if you factor in Sam Bennett's eventual extension. What has to happen to make that contract worthwhile?

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A history of Flames numbers: #10, Linden Vey

Ari Yanover
July 22 2016 08:00AM

Aaaand we're rolling back a bit.

This time a week ago, when #10 would have been discussed, nobody had that number. We did talk a little bit about it when Lance Bouma was up, because #10 probably should have been his - but it was gifted to Corban Knight, who didn't stick around long at all.

Since then, the number hasn't been touched. Until now - because it's Linden Vey's.

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