Why Dennis Wideman is still a Flame (for now)

Ryan Pike
June 30 2016 04:00PM

The National Hockey League's buyout window has now officially closed and despite public pleading from many on social media, and some pleading from this very site, Dennis Wideman will remain a member of the Calgary Flames.

Well, for now, at least.

The 33-year-old right-shooting blueliner had a rough year last season, missing time due to a tricep tear and as part of a still-ongoing saga following a late February collision with linesman Don Henderson, and playing at a much lower level than in previous seasons when healthy. Why, oh why, would the Flames hold onto Wideman? Here's what we came up with.

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Brad Treliving on July 1: a retrospective

Ryan Pike
June 30 2016 02:00PM

Friday is July 1, best known in Calgary Flames circles as Jarome Iginla's birthday, Canada Day, and the onset of the National Hockey League free agent signing period. It's the third July 1 as general manager for Brad Treliving as well.

What can we expect from the festivities? Here's a brief glance at Treliving's two previous July 1s in Calgary.

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A snapshot of the Flames organizational depth chart

Ryan Pike
June 30 2016 12:00PM

The Calgary Flames have done some moving and/or shaking over the past week, adding and subtracting a few players from the organization. With a bit of a brief lull before Friday's free agent insanity (at least for the Flames, so far...), we felt it would be helpful to present a brief overview of the organization's assets as of right now.

All tables below are sorted by age.

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Mason Raymond officially bought out

Ari Yanover
June 30 2016 10:30AM

Mason Raymond had one year left of carrying a $3.15 million cap hit. With his buyout, he now only counts for $1.05 million on the cap this year, saving the Flames $2.1 million in cap space. He will also count for $1.05 million on the cap in 2017-18.

This is the first time the Flames have executed a buyout since using a compliance one on Shane O'Brien, and the first time since Nigel Dawes was bought out after the 2009-10 season.

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Cheap goaltending UFA options for the Flames

Ari Yanover
June 30 2016 08:00AM

The Calgary Flames have a starting goaltender, but they do not have a backup.

At the draft, both Brad Treliving and Brian Burke expressed praise for Joni Ortio, but neither would fully commit to his being the backup, inclining to instead talk about always being open to other options to improve the team. Ortio had a much improved second half of the season, but is that worth pursuing? Or is there someone else available?

Karri Ramo isn't going to get a $3.8 million salary again. Would he be fit to be a backup? He's familiar with the organization, and wouldn't be relied on for the bulk of starts; at the same time, he's played heavier workloads, and Elliott has never really gone the distance in a single season. Will he be brought back at reduced rate?

Or will it be someone totally new? Let's take a look at those possibilities.

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