FlamesNation Player Evaluations: Johnny Gaudreau

Ari Yanover
May 05 2016 12:00PM

Johnny Gaudreau had a really good rookie season. For someone with so many doubts following him, though, a question persisted: could he do it again?

Yeah. He could.

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2016 NHL Draft: Second tier forwards and their primary points

Ari Yanover
May 05 2016 08:00AM

(Hello! You might have see this on Tuesday morning, before all the craziness went down. Now that we're a few days out from that, let's go back to a bit of draft talk.)

Barring some good old fashioned Brad Treliving wizardry (which I'm really not willing to count out just yet), the Flames will not be picking in the top three of this year's NHL draft. Instead, they'll be picking sixth overall: a place Treliving is reportedly happy with.

Depending on what the Oilers and Canucks do, there's a chance Treliving won't have to make a choice at all when it's his turn to call a name at the podium come June 24, as only one of his second ledge players could be remaining.

No matter what, though: if the Flames have their eyes set on a forward, then they're pretty much guaranteed to get one of Matthew Tkachuk, Pierre-Luc Dubois, or Alexander Nylander. Assuming those are the three players on Treliving's second ledge - and this is very much an assumption - let's compare them.

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Adieu, Bob Hartley

Ryan Pike
May 04 2016 03:00PM


I'll always remember the day the Calgary Flames hired Bob Hartley as their head coach.

Rumours were running rampant that Hartley was going to join the Montreal Canadiens as head coach, in part fuelled by a report at The Hockey Writers – where I also write about the Flames – that he had actually signed there. So it was a bit surprising, let's say, to attend a press conference where he was unveiled as Calgary's head coach instead.


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Randy Carlyle will not be the next coach of the Calgary Flames

Christian Roatis
May 04 2016 01:00PM

Just one day after the majority of Flames fans were popping bottles and dreaming of roses and Boudreaus, it all came screaming to a halt with one tweet from a prominent hockey insider.

Now, I’m in no position to flat out discredit Renaud Lavoie - though the man tweeted we should expect Jonathan Drouin to be dealt within 24 hours, a couple thousand hours ago - but I think some cold water needs to be put on this before it burns out of control. 

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Shot Down In FlamesNation Podcast Episode 3: Auf Wiedersehen Hartley

Christian Roatis
May 04 2016 11:30AM

It happened! Join Ari, Ryan, Mike and myself as we dissect the Bob Hartley firing yesterday, reminisce on our favourite Hartley moments, crackk open the big treasure chest of possible replacements and take a closer look at Bruce Boudreau. Is he really the right fit in Calgary? 

As always, it's timed to fit nicely into your lunch hour! Give a listen and chime in with your opinion in the comments! What are your most and least favourite Bob Hartley moments, and who would you like to see replace him? 

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