5 Reasons Why The Flames Will Lose To The Ducks

Kent Wilson
April 29 2015 03:00PM

Because I wrote this kind of article about the Canucks and the Flames won (and it made people mad), we figured I had to do the same thing about the Ducks in round 2. 

The first round match up with Vancouver was the most favourable one the Flames could hope for in the entire Western Conference. Though the Canucks were nominally a better team than Calgary in the regular season, they were definitely the weakest off all the cup contenders that made the post-season. 

The Ducks are a much stiffer test. Theyir core players are younger, they have better depth and they made moves at the deadline that made them even better. Oh and that come from behind thing that the Flames made a habit of this year? The Ducks were the only team in the league to do it more often. 

So, without further adieu, here's 5 reasons the Flames will lose to the Ducks in round 2:

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5 Reasons Why The Flames Will Beat The Ducks

Ryan Pike
April 29 2015 01:00PM

The Calgary Flames face a familiar foe as they move onto the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs in the form of the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks are the Pacific Division champions, and the one team among the entire division that the Flames didn't beat in the season series.

The Ducks are riding high, having swept the Winnipeg Jets and shattering the hearts of Canadian hockey fans. The Flames have a chance to avenge their Western Canadian brethren and move on to the conference finals, a round the club has only ever been to four times in its history.

Here are five reasons why the Flames will win this series.

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Friedman: Flames Runners-Up For KHL Star Panarin

Ryan Pike
April 29 2015 11:45AM

The rich got richer this week in the National Hockey League, as reports are that KHL star Artemi Panarin has agreed to a deal with the Chicago Blackhawks.

But our old pal Elliotte Friedman shared his weekly 30 Thoughts earlier today, and revealed that the Flames were nearly the North American landing spot for the talented Russian.

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WWYDW: Positive Reinforcements?

Taylor McKee
April 29 2015 11:00AM

I can almost picture Bouma sitting with a pint of Cherry Garcia, watching Ferland's highlight reel. What Would You Do Wednesday returns to talk about the Flames possibly getting healthier.

The Flames are preparing for the second-round of the playoffs (wow, typing that is crazy) and the longer the Flames hang around, the better their chances are of getting some bodies back into the lineup. The problem is, whom would you take out? Would you want to mess with the chemistry of a winning roster? How long would you wait before you make changes? Let's get into it after the jump!

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TJ Brodie Proved He's an Emerging Star in Round 1

Kent Wilson
April 29 2015 09:00AM

Ryan recently chose Matt Stajan as the sentimental MVP of the Flames first round. It's not a bad choice - Stajan did in fact have an excellent series, despite playing a pretty tough role. Nevertheless, I was going through the numbers today and I think another skater bears an honourable mention: TJ Brodie

The youngest regular defender on the Flames blueline is also it's best in the absence of Captain Mark Giordano. Aside from his four points in six games, Brodie provided a steady, stabling influence on the back-end that was likely one of the key reasons the Flames were able to complete the upset. 

Via War on Ice, here's a series of graphs that illustrates just how good Brodie was against the Canucks.

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