Team Canada sweeps, wins 2016 World Cup of Hockey

Jeff Veillette
September 29 2016 08:47PM

Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

Well, that does it. With another commanding win over Team Europe, the Canadians have flexed their muscles again and won the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, sweeping the final series in two games.

I actually wrote this post seven hours before puck drop and scheduled it to publish at the approximate time that the game will end (and, uhh, accidentally published at one point, meaning you might be having some deja vu), so there aren't any details of what actually happened in tonight's game in this post yet (check back soon), but based on how the rest of the tournament has gone, I will guess the following has happened:

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Random Thoughts - Rebuild Phase 2

Kent Wilson
September 29 2016 03:40PM

random thoughts

The offseason is almost over and so is the first phase of the Flames rebuild. 

Calgary has picked inside the top six three out of the last four drafts and is starting to assemble a young core of talented (and potentially expensive) players. Once Sam Bennett and Matthew Tkachuk are contributing meaningfully at the NHL level, Treliving has little else to do but fill in the gaps at forward and defense (err... and figure out the long-term goalie situation).

Sounds easy, but this is actually where a lot of rebuilds go off the rails. It's one thing to flounder at the bottom of the standings and pick a bunch of highly rated prospects - it's quite another to develop the team around them into a competitor. Sometimes it works (Chicago, Pittsburgh) and sometimes it doesn't (Edmonton, Edmonton). 

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Cap-wise, the Flames can afford to give Johnny Gaudreau $8 million

Ryan Pike
September 29 2016 01:15PM

The Calgary Flames and Johnny Gaudreau have been able to negotiate a contract extension since July 1, 2015. Understandably, they didn't sign a long-term extension when the forward had just a single season under his belt. Both sides wanted to see what he was before committing.

The 2015-16 came and went, and Gaudreau was one of the top players in the entire National Hockey League. The Flames have had the entire off-season to negotiate a deal with Gaudreau, and a report from the Calgary Sun's Eric Francis indicated that negotiations began in earnest in February. After nearly seven months of talks, nothing has been resolved, and the gap between the camps is reportedly close to $1.5 million: the Flames aiming for around $6.5 million, the Gaudreau camp around $8 million.

One potential sticking point for the Flames is the salary cap. However, it's entirely possible for the Flames to give Gaudreau an $8 million payday and still fit under the cap ceiling. Here's how it could work.

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WCOH Final 2: Canada vs. Europe

Jeff Veillette
September 29 2016 10:33AM


This time, there's something on the line. Tonight, Team Canada will have a chance to put Team Europe behind them and get a chance to win their second consecutive World Cup of Hockey. Granted, it's been twelve years since the last one and only two players have returned for this tournament, but run with me here; we need something to get excited about. 

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Who could be this year's training camp surprise?

Ari Yanover
September 29 2016 08:00AM

Every year, for the most part, we have some idea of just what a team is going to look like going into their season opener. The flurry of trades at the draft and free agency signings are just about done with, and with them typically comes a complete roster.

But not quite complete, and not always. Every now and then, a kid pops up over the course of training camp and forces his way on. Sometimes it's due to injury, like Brett Kulak last year. Sometimes they have to wait until someone else gets injured to finally get the chance they earned all along, like Josh Jooris in 2014. Sometimes it just happens, like when Roman Horak played his way onto the Flames back in 2011.

The point is: as training camp progress, someone who wasn't necessarily on the radar before almost inevitably stands out, and ends up with a roster spot. 

Who are we looking at this year?

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