Who's been scoring for the Flames? Just about everybody

Ari Yanover
October 27 2016 08:00AM

Through eight games this season, the Calgary Flames are one of the NHL's top-scoring teams. Their 25 goals has them fifth in league scoring.

That's not an entirely fair observation to make, though; the Anaheim Ducks are the only other team to have played eight games so far this season. (They're at 21 goals, for the record.) But when we break it down to goals per game, the Flames sit tied for 12th in the NHL with three goals exact per. (Remember that Kris Versteeg's shootout winner counts as one of their 25.)

It's early yet, but who's been their biggest scorer? Well... kind of everybody.

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There's no cavalry coming: Calgary's solutions have to be from within

Ryan Pike
October 26 2016 02:30PM

We're eight games into the 2016-17 Calgary Flames season and our local hockey club is almost at the .500 mark. They've played a couple really good games against really good teams (on the road even), and they managed to course correct without any outside stimulus.

That last part is important because, given their salary cap situation, it's extremely unlikely that the Flames will be able to bring in any outside assistance via trade, recall or even waivers. There's no cavalry that's going to ride in and galvanize the team or shake things up. 

They'll have to do it themselves.

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WWYD Wednesday: Keep or demote Matthew Tkachuk?

Kent Wilson
October 26 2016 12:00PM

It's almost decision time for Brad Treliving when it comes to Matthew Tkachuk.

The Flames' 18-year-old rookie has played in six games so far, scoring a goal and an assist. If he plays in 10 NHL games, the first year of his entry level deal will be triggered, starting the clock on his artificially capped contract. 

Aside from cap concerns, there are two other considerations: can Tkachuk help the team win now and what is best for his development?

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Reexamining the Flames' defence

Ari Yanover
October 26 2016 10:00AM

The Flames are in a bit of an odd situation when it comes to their defence.

You have a clearly defined top three: Mark Giordano, T.J. Brodie, and Dougie Hamilton. The latter is still coming into his own, but all three are capable of being 50+ point guys, if everything works out. It's a very solid foundation to build on.

Then you have a clearly defined bottom three: Dennis Wideman, Deryk Engelland, and Nicklas Grossmann. They may have their own individual strengths, like a nice shot or physicality, but they tend to get exposed more often than others.

And then there are two guys in the middle: Jyrki Jokipakka and Brett Kulak. They aren't or may not become go-to guys, but they aren't liabilities, either.

All of this has led to a number of interesting defence combinations just eight games in.

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Flames 4, Blues 1 post-game embers: Is this the same team?

Ari Yanover
October 26 2016 08:00AM

Just like we wrote it up. Back-to-back road games against two of the recently better teams in the Central Division were sure to be what cured the Flames' ails, right? Everyone knew that was coming.

The Flames are now 3-4-1. If they win their next game, they'll be back up to .500. They currently have a -5 goal differential, so maybe they'll be making their way into the positive on that front, too, and give the Brian Elliott and Chad Johnson tandem some much deserved redemption.

The Flames got their first regulation win of the season quicker than they did last year. This still isn't quite the cause to celebrate yet, because those first six games still loom. True, all the team can do now is move forward - and hopefully this isn't just a hot streak, and this is what we'll be getting over the course of another 74 nights.

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