Sam Bennett named NHL's second star of the week

Ari Yanover
January 18 2016 10:03AM

You know who scored six goals in the past week? Sam Bennett.

You know what that gets him? Second star of the week honours from the NHL.

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FN Mailbag - January 18, 2016

Kent Wilson
January 18 2016 08:00AM


It's the middle of January and the Flames are currently 13th in the Western Conference, just two points up on basement dwelling Edmonton Oilers. The enduring low quality of the Pacific Division means Calgary still has a chance at the post-season, but hope dims a little after each divisional loss. 

We're just over a month away from the trade deadline when Treliving and company will likely have to make a decision about whether the team will make a play for the stretch drive or sell assets and hope for a high draft pick. 

For what it's worth, Sport Club Stats currently puts the Flames playoff probability at around 27%. So, absent another multi-game winning streak very soon, Calgary is probably going to be a seller at the deadline. Today's mailbag looks at what will happen to their three pending free agents, as well as Bennett's ceiling and Monahan's next deal.

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Random Thoughts: CalgaryNEXT Edition

Kent Wilson
January 17 2016 02:00PM

We originally had these notes on the original Random Thoughts article, but felt the topic was too important to shoehorn in it with general hockey stuff. My more through overview of the the CalgaryNEXT proposal can be found here. 

The Flames' ill-conceived arena project/megaplex is back in the news again after Gary Bettman's recent visit to the city. 

The NHL commissioner's shill job for the org's proposal borrowed heavily from the professional sports public subsidy playbook, but he didn't seem to find a very receptive audience. Calgary's city council (and citizenry in general) have been appropriately skeptical since the team released the details of their $1 billion project, but the oil induced economic slump has no doubt further eroded most folk's patience for corporate welfare.

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Mid-year Update on the Flames

January 17 2016 11:00AM

We’ve arrived at the Flames’ update at last. Our previous two, the Canucks and Oilers, reviewed the progress of the roster players, possession metrics, sv%’s and various other metrics used to track a team.

For those interested, here's the pre-season look at the Flames.

The Flames had a tough start to the season and I suppose I could save you reading through this article by just summarizing the first few months by saying they looked lost early and were sunk by atrocious goaltending but appear now to be rounding into something resembling an NHL team.

However, let’s see if we can’t do a little better than that.

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Oilers 2, Flames 1 (SO) post-game embers: Not all bad, just mostly

Ari Yanover
January 17 2016 08:00AM

Photo credit: Perry Nelson/USA TODAY/Sports

Whenever you see a game still at 1-0 late into regulation, there are three ways you figure it will go:

  1. It stays 1-0.
  2. It ends up being a 2-1 game.
  3. A team inexplicably goes nuts and the game ends up finishing, like, 4-1 or 5-0.

It was option #2 for the Flames last night, and it didn't go their way - although it's hard to expect much to go your way at all when you let the opposition run over you for the majority of the game.

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