WWYDW: The Granlund Conundrum

Taylor McKee
January 20 2016 02:00PM

What a strange case Markus Granlund is. The man can score goals and put up points at the AHL level. There is no doubt about that. But while every physical clue we have points towards him playing wing, this season Granlund has basically been welded to the number-three centre spot and been given choice situations all while failing to do much of anything as an NHL centre thus far.

So what should the Flames do with him? Move him to the wing? Trade him (as Pat suggested was a possibility this morning?) Let's talk about it after the jump.

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Josh Jooris is the player you want in your bottom six

Ari Yanover
January 20 2016 12:00PM

For the life of me, I can't figure out what Josh Jooris has done to warrant being a healthy scratch so many games this season. 

It has nothing to do with him being the first feel good story of the 2014-15 season, a season filled with seemingly nothing but. Prospects surprising you into an NHL spot is nice and all, but it doesn't really mean anything unless said prospects can actually play.

Jooris is one of those guys who can, though. He isn't anybody who was really on anybody's radar, as evidenced by his being undrafted. But he's still only 25 years old, and in just his second season, which is young enough for him to prove he deserves to be a part of this team night in and night out.

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Calgary's less obvious trade chips

Pat Steinberg
January 20 2016 10:00AM


Right now, much of the trade talk surrounding the Calgary Flames is focused on pending unrestricted free agents Jiri Hudler, David Jones, and Kris Russell.  Any and all conversation surrounding the futures of those three players is very much warranted. But those three aren't the only potential trade chips the Flames have right now. With less than six weeks to go before the deadline, I've got three less obvious players to keep an eye on, too.

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Devils 4, Flames 2 post-game embers: Oh, well

Ari Yanover
January 20 2016 08:00AM

The Flames probably could have used some of those power play goals their previous game, eh?

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Post-Game: The Devil's Hands Are Idle Play Things

Ryan Pike
January 19 2016 07:48PM

(Ed Mulholland / USA Today Sports)

Already smarting from a shootout loss in Edmonton on the weekend, the Calgary Flames got out to an 0-1-1 start on their five-game road trip by virtue of a 4-2 loss in Newark to the New Jersey Devils.

The Flames never led the game and weren't amazing at even-strength, relying on their special teams to keep the game close. Their attempted third period comeback never quite got where it needed to go against a composed Devils squad, and so the Flames failed to gain any points in the Western Conference playoff race.

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