WWYDW: Ramo Money? Ramo Problems.

Taylor McKee
March 04 2015 02:00PM

IMO Rene Bourque could not have made this save.

What Would You Do Wednesday Returns to talk puck-stoppers.The Flames certainly have an interesting decision ahead of them this upcoming summer in net. While it may be a little early to be getting into hypotheticals when a lot of the decision will involve what occurs over the next 19 games, let's do it anyway because it's fun.

Let's talk about the goaltending future of the Flames and see a really old picture of Ramo!

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Are Mark Giordano's Norris Trophy Dreams Over?

Ryan Pike
March 04 2015 12:00PM

A week ago in Newark, Calgary Flames captain Mark Giordano went down with a bicep injury in the waning moments of Calgary's 3-1 win over the New Jersey Devils.

We now know that Giordano will undergo surgery and is done for the season. At the time of the injury, Giordano was one of the NHL's leading scorers among defensemen and considered one of the leading candidates for the Norris Trophy - awarded to the league's best defender.

But now that he's going to miss the final 21 games of the season, does he have a shot at winning it?

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Why won't Bob Hartley play Tyler Wotherspoon?

March 04 2015 09:16AM

Tyler Wotherspoon has been a healthy scratch for the Calgary Flames six times so far this season. He has played zero NHL games despite being recalled three times, either as an extra or due to fear of losing one of the regular veteran defencemen.

It took until the third recall for that fear to actually come true, as Mark Giordano was forced to miss his first game of the 2014-15 season. And despite Wotherspoon being present for the game, 31-year-old journeyman Corey Potter, much longer a healthy scratch for the Flames, drew in.

The difference between Potter and Wotherspoon being that while Potter is purely for insurance, Wotherspoon is the Flames' top defensive prospect; and yet, the only NHL action he has seen this season has been in practices.

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Post-Game: Hanging On

Ryan Pike
March 04 2015 01:39AM

The Calgary Flames officially began the post-Giordano portion of their season this evening in the City of Brotherly Love. Against all odds, they began it with a win, evening their record on their epic road trip of epicness at 2-2-0 by way of a 3-2 overtime win over the Philadelphia Flyers. After getting an early lead, the Calgary Flames were able to hold on.

Here's how it went down.

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Flames Nation Weekly Power Rankings: How To Make This Worse

March 03 2015 03:16PM


Let's face it, yesterday sucked. On a personal note, I had to come back from a week long trip to California (I got a sunburn in February, so yeah, it was pretty good) and every time I got off a plane (I had two connector flights because I wanted to save like probably only $30 or something) bad things happened.

My first connection was in Salt Lake City and two monumentally bad things happened. A) I was in Salt Lake City, and B) Sven got traded. But not only did Sven get traded, Sven got traded to THEM.

Then, upon setting foot into Sea-Tac on what was actually a very lovely afternoon in Seattle, I was beset with paralysis after reading the news that Mark Giordano was to miss the rest of the season (and playoffs, as if to suggest this team has any business being in the playoffs with Giordano out of the lineup)

We were all still trying to come to terms with the hilarity of David Clarkson killing the Leafs being ruined, then these bombshells. There is maybe a prevailing thought amongst you, the readers of this fine blog, that these here power rankings might distract you from the grim reality plaguing our heroes in Cowtown, and I'm here to tell you "I don't know".

So here they are! As always, please take them very. seriously.

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