Sunday Open Thread: What's Missing?

Ryan Pike
July 26 2015 11:00AM

When the summer began for the Calgary Flames, fans were mostly still awash in the afterglow of something foreign around these parts - a playoff run. Not only did they make an appearance, but the unthinkable happened: they won a playoff round.

So this summer's hand-wringing has mostly been about "Man, if only the Flames could've had X" to get them over the top. And after a summer that saw the Flames horrid possession numbers buttressed by the additions of possession mavens Michael Frolik and Dougie Hamilton, the big question is thus: Were the Flames' off-season additions enough to convince you they can win again in 2015-16? And if not, what are they missing? What did you want them to do that they didn't?

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Josh Jooris, and other forwards of similar cap hits

July 25 2015 01:30PM

Actually going to arbitration isn't ideal. It can be a terse environment, and one where you can end up talking down your employee - one you want to keep - to his face. It's kind of best for everyone if that doesn't happen, and a deal is reached independently.

That didn't quite happen in Lance Bouma's case, but the Flames and the player were still able to come to a decision independent of the arbitrator - even though they already had the hearing.

Things didn't reach that point with Josh Jooris. The team and player didn't even have time to submit their arguments, as they reached a deal well before they were due: one year, $975,000. 

How does that deal compare to the rest of the league?

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Next Summer's Salary Cap Tightens For Flames

Ryan Pike
July 25 2015 11:00AM

The biggest news of this past week was the signing of forward Lance Bouma to a new three-year deal. The deal has been seemingly praised and trashed by the local hockey community.

Those praising it typically are pointing at Bouma's on-ice leadership, tenacity and determination, as well as his ability to score key goals, in justifying his $2.2 million cap hit through 2017-18. The main criticisms of the deal tend to fall into the realm of "Well, he's a tremendous role player, but man, that's a lot of money for a bottom-six player..."

I don't mind the deal myself, but it does tighten the noose a bit next summer in terms of managing the salary cap.

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Lance Bouma, and other forwards of similar cap hits

July 24 2015 01:30PM

Tick another box off of Brad Treliving's summer "to do" list: he has now locked up Lance Bouma for the next three seasons at a $2.2 million cap hit, giving the fan favourite ball o' grit both term and money for his career year.

Opinions range on this deal from "perfect, Bouma earned it" to "um, this is an overpayment". (At least we can all agree he's certainly not underpaid.) 

What does the rest of the NHL have to say on his contract? When Mikael Backlund was re-signed, I looked at a handful of comparables to his cap hit; now, it's time to do the same with Bouma.

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Report: Flames Re-Sign Josh Jooris To 1-Year Deal

Ryan Pike
July 24 2015 11:55AM

Scratch another item off Brad Treliving's off-season to-do list.

The sophomore Calgary Flames general manager has reportedly inked forward Josh Jooris to a one-year contract, avoiding arbitration with the restricted free agent.

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