Calgary Selects Rasmus Andersson With the 53rd Selection

Ryan Pike
June 27 2015 09:09AM


After trading away their first three picks of the draft yesterday for Dougie Hamilton, the Calgary Flames have added another defender from Ontario with the 53rd selection. The Flames used their pick to select Rasmus Andersson of the Barrie Colts.

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Flames Make No Picks, Win First Day Of Draft

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 10:59PM


It's not often that a team that trades away its first round pick in the NHL Draft is considered one of the big winners of the event's first day. Of course, it's not often that a player the likes of Dougie Hamilton is traded, so today was unusual all-around.

The Calgary Flames took an indisputable step forward in their rebuild today. And they paid a big, big price for it.

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Revisiting The Value Of Dougie Hamilton

Ryan Lambert
June 26 2015 10:20PM

EDITOR'S NOTE: A couple weeks back, your pal Ryan Lambert wrote this for OilersNation regarding the whole cap situation Boston got itself into, Dougie Hamilton, and a potential for the Oilers to help Boston out. In the wake of today's events, it'll probably be either incredibly insightful or incredibly tragic in retrospect - depending on whether you're living in Calgary or Edmonton. Enjoy!

For what seems like the millionth summer in a row — but I'm sure it's more like the seventh or eighth, which is still an eternity in the NHL — the Boston Bruins are facing a cap crunch. We don't yet know what the league's ceiling is going to come to, but a reasonable assumption is that it's going to go up about $1-2 million at most. Let's be generous and say it hits $71 million, which is the outside estimate Gary Bettman keeps giving.

Read on past the jump and I'll break down what the issue is, and how the Bruins can deal with it.

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Flames, Bruins React To Dougie Hamilton Trade

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 10:04PM


We've spent the evening accumulating some quotes encapsulating the reactions regarding the trade earlier today between the Calgary Flames and the Boston Bruins involving Dougie Hamilton.

Even more than digging into the numbers, you get the sense from the quotes from both sides - and from Hamilton - that this is a big deal for everybody involved. When you have a 22-year-old player of this caliber, when he gets moved to another team - and a team that's in many ways seemingly headed in the opposition direct of the Bruins right now - it's huge.

We've organized what we've collected and curated after the jump: big thanks to Sportsnet 960 The Fan for making the audio of the Brad Treliving press conference in Sunrise, FL available, to Nations overlord Thomas Drance for the quotes from Bruins GM Don Sweeney, and to the Flames PR staff for organizing a quick conference call with Dougie Hamilton prior to the beginning of the first round.

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Where Does Dougie Hamilton Fit In Calgary?

Ryan Pike
June 26 2015 07:23PM


Earlier today, the Calgary Flames made a big splash at the Draft by trading for Dougie Hamilton - sending a trio of picks heading the other way to Boston. The assets you acquire at an entry draft are, almost always, untested and unpolished. You don't know what they are, have vague ideas of what they may become, and in many respects you're trading lottery tickets as much as you're trading picks.

So in essence, the Calgary Flames trade a trio of lottery tickets for a really good young defenseman.

But now that the Flames have a shiny new toy for Bob Hartley to work with, there's the question of what you can do with Dougie Hamilton and where he could be used.

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