FlamesNation Player Evaluations: Mark Giordano

Ari Yanover
April 26 2016 12:00PM

There's good reason Mark Giordano's name has been in the Norris conversation the past few seasons. Not so much in 2015-16 - a slow start effectively removed him from the discussion this past season - but it's hard to deny he's still one of the top defencemen in the NHL.

The only real downside to Giordano is that he's older than the rest of the Flames' core. He's the only player of note over 30 years old, and with his cap hit going up to $6.75 million for the next six seasons, the hope is that he can continue defying the natural decline that often comes with age.

This past season did provide some fuel for that hope, though.

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Potential goalie trade targets for the Flames

Ari Yanover
April 26 2016 10:00AM

[ed. MattyFranchise is back with a follow-up guest post! Last time, he looked at UFA goalies; today, it's other options who will cost something to acquire.]

This time around I will be looking at a number of currently signed or upcoming restricted free agent goaltenders. These players range from intriguing low cost options, to older goaltenders being forced out of the starting position by their backups, to young up and comers that may be available for the right price, to absolute long shots. I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which. 

My intention here is to look solely at the numbers of players that Flames GM Brad Treliving may currently be targeting to shore up arguably their greatest weakness heading into next season. 

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Five further questions about the future of CalgaryNEXT

Ryan Pike
April 26 2016 07:00AM

On Wednesday, the City of Calgary made available their report on their evaluation of the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation's CalgaryNEXT proposal. The proposed project would provide, among other things, a new home for the National Hockey League's Calgary Flames.

The City's assessment was, to be charitable, not particularly enthusiastic in regards to the project. In light of the City's response and the discussion yesterday by City Council, here are five questions we have following the report.

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FlamesNation Player Evaluations: TJ Brodie

Ari Yanover
April 25 2016 12:00PM

There were many lessons we could take from the 2015-16 season regarding the state of the Calgary Flames. The very first one we learned?

T.J. Brodie is extremely important, and might just so happen to be the team's MVP. The 25-year-old isn't the highest scorer; he doesn't even shoot the puck that much. But he provides a pretty decent offensive game - all the while eating up the most minutes, and being an absolute force defensively. 

There's literally one thing lacking to his game; the rest, he excels at, and is genuinely one of the NHL's best. To that end, let's kick off our year-end player evaluations with the guy who started out as, perhaps, the most unsung hero of them all - but certainly isn't anymore.

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Evaluating the new guys

Pat Steinberg
April 25 2016 10:00AM


With great fanfare, the Calgary Flames added a pair of new players to the roster in the span of about a week last summer. While Dougie Hamilton and Michael Frolik led the way among new faces for the Flames, they weren't the only ones to spend their first seasons with the organization in 2015-16. 

With so many negatives this past season, let's focus on some of Calgary's bright spots. All three new acquisitions we'll touch on here qualify as positive stories for me.

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