The First Round MVP: Matt Stajan

Ryan Pike
April 28 2015 03:00PM

As we've continued our walk down memory lane this week, reflecting on the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs as we prepare for the Calgary Flames' second round series with the Anaheim Ducks.

So far, there's been a common thread, and I'm prepared to make a fairly bold declaration.

Matt Stajan was Calgary's most valuable player in the opening round.

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The Schedule Is Officially, Somewhat, Set

Ryan Pike
April 28 2015 01:00PM

The National Hockey League today announced a pair of potential schedules for the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The scenarios vary depending on whether Tampa Bay or Detroit win their series' Game 7 on Wednesday evening.

And yes, because the universe loves watching Canadians squirm, it does impact Calgary's post-season scheduling.

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The Deceiving Ducks

Pat Steinberg
April 28 2015 12:00PM


Let's go over the facts really quickly. The Calgary Flames will be taking on the Anaheim Ducks on round two of the 2015 postseason. With 109 points, the Ducks finished 12 points ahead of Calgary in the Pacific Division standings. Anaheim is undoubtedly better than Calgary's first round opponent in Vancouver. The Flames have a long, well publicized run of futility at the Honda Center. Calgary will almost certainly be viewed as the underdog in this series. You can't really dispute those facts I just listed off. One thing I can dispute, however, is the notion that the Ducks are a true Western Conference powerhouse.

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The Scorch Photoshop Contest Finals

Ryan Pike
April 28 2015 10:38AM

Ladies and gentleman, not only is Round 1 over, but so is the Scorch Photoshop Contest, where we asked you fine individuals to create masterpieces involving Scorch.

(All hail Scorch!)

We have four finalists, which I have given wacky titles to based upon their content and the file-names. It's up to you fine people to decide who wins this particular contest.

Your four finalists are after the jump!

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Round 2 Schedule Speculation

Ryan Pike
April 28 2015 09:15AM

The Calgary Flames have advanced to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs!

In the interest of allowing everyone to plan their lives and make the appropriate excuses to friends, relatives and loved ones, here's what we think we know right now about the schedule.

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