The NationDrafts Winner Is...

June 17 2015 01:10PM

You picked your team. You watched the playoffs. You hoped to score prizes and Internet glory. Today, we make a dream come true as we announce the winner of the 2015 NationDrafts Playoff Pool. 

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Why The Flames Won't Be Buying Anyone Out

Ryan Pike
June 17 2015 01:00PM

In what's become an annual tradition, now that the Stanley Cup playoffs are completed, it's almost buy-out season. The league-wide buy-out window opens later today, 48 hours following the completion of the Final series - though logistically, the earliest anybody would throw a player on unconditional waivers would be early tomorrow morning anyhow.

And in what has become an annual tradition, now that compliance buy-outs are over with, you will notice that very few NHL teams actually buy players out. And I'll be bold enough to definitively state that I don't think the Calgary Flames will buy anybody out, despite having a few contracts that seem a bit on the heavy side for what each player brings to the table.

For a bit of a glimpse of why the Flames won't be buying anybody out, let's take a quick walk through the options and the contracts likely under consideration.

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Flames Draft History: The Dry Spell (1986-91)

Ryan Pike
June 17 2015 11:00AM

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Calgary Flames hit the mid-'80s riding high! They had made the playoffs for every season since they moved to Canada. They had built up a strong core of talented players through drafting and smart trades.

But while the Flames dominated the late-'80s on the ice - winning two Presidents' Trophies, making two trips to the Stanley Cup Final and winning a Cup in 1989 - cracks began to form elsewhere.

Wanna know why the Flames fell off a cliff in the early 1990s? Take a look at these five first round selections.

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NHL Draft Scout Series: Finland

Christian Roatis
June 17 2015 09:00AM


                                                                  pic via

Continuing the NHL Draft Scout Series, which was last in Sweden, we trek to another Scandanvian country, and perennial prospect producing machine: Finland. 

Here, we check in with Future Considerations Finnish scout, Marco Bombino, who's got the goods on notable 'Finn' prospects for next week's NHL Entry Draft.

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Veteran management, or: to extend or sell Mark Giordano and Jiri Hudler

June 16 2015 03:00PM

This past season, the Flames had all of eight players above the age of 30: Jonas Hiller, Deryk Engelland, Dennis Wideman, Matt Stajan, Corey Potter, David Jones, and, most importantly, Mark Giordano and Jiri Hudler.

It's a very young team, and most of the older guys weren't necessarily in on-ice positions of leadership. Sure, Hiller was the starting goalie, and Wideman in the top four, but that's about it. Engelland was primarily a bottom pairing guy, Stajan a bottom six centre, Jones bounced up and down all four lines, and Potter was just kind of there.

That's not the case for Giordano and Hudler at all, though. While everyone else is relatively easily replaceable, Giordano is possibly the best defenceman in today's game, and Hudler is a top scorer.

Their contracts - very, very cap-friendly deals of $4 million (or just above, in Gio's case) will also expire in a year.

They're over 30. Other teams surely want them. The Flames may not be competitive while both players are still in their primes.

What do you do?

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