POST GAME: So, um. That wasn't ideal.

Taylor McKee
April 30 2015 10:45PM

Life sucks sometimes. Folks, I won't lie, this wasn't exactly great. The Flames were completely unable to mount anything resemble an offensive attack and the Ducks imposed their will all night. Flames lost 6-1 and looked pretty bad.  

Just take a look at this, there's a cool picture later on I promise.

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The Pond Ain't So Scary If You Know How To Swim

April 30 2015 04:01PM


If you say so

In the unassailable cult classic film, The Mighty Ducks, Coach Gordon Bombay, as portrayed by the illustrious Emilio Estevez, surmises that you never see a duck in a fight, because "The other animals are afraid. They know, if they mess with one duck, they have to deal with the whole flock,"

That may be true, but ol' Gord fails to mention that if you did happen to get into a tussle with one of our feathered friends, that if you stepped on it, or hit it in the eye, or poked it with a stick, or, I don't know, set it on fire, the other wannabe geese are probably not stepping in and you have earned the right to hoist the crown over your head, proclaiming you Grand Ruler Of All Ducks.

I mean quite honestly, if I fought a flock of ducks, I would trounce them so handily that I could set ten of them up in a triangle, and bowl the eleventh bird at the pile and get a strike and buy cheap beer in the lounge later on.

I suppose what I'm getting at is if your second round playoff opponent exists solely because of a popular Disney movie from before the days where anyone had the internet at home to entertain them, maybe it's silly to be that worried about the outcome of the series.

Today, we're going to talk about why it's stupid to pay any attention to Calgary's futile record at the Honda Center, and why we shouldn't be concerned about our heroes in red playing there, outside of an increased chance of exposure to mumps (that was obligatory and I'm sorry, but you know I had to). My amazing pal Stace, who has a history when it comes to pointing out the inequities of the Ducks, will join us to give the perspective of a Duck hating hockey fan living in Southern California (if you enjoyed her thoughts on how boring the Blackhawks are, you'll want to stick around), and, in general, we'll just make fun of Anaheim for being the low brow shitdemon of the league where sorrow is born and misery is raised as an insolent son with boundary issues and loves Sublime.

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Let's Talk About Match-Ups

Ryan Pike
April 30 2015 03:00PM

The second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs begins tonight, as the Calgary Flames trek to Disneyland to face the Anaheim Ducks.

Like with the series between Calgary and Vancouver, the second round pairing will likely be decided by which team can find effective match-ups against the other team, and then exploit those match-ups. (Calgary was particularly good at this at home.)

Here's a quick glance at what kind of match-ups each side may be looking to get this round.

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Duck hunting season starts tonight...

April 30 2015 01:18PM


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What can we expect of the Flames' top line against the Ducks?

April 30 2015 01:00PM

When the top line finds success, so do the rest of the Calgary Flames. Jiri Hudler, Johnny Gaudreau, and Sean Monahan are all good players, but once the three were united, they became a near-unstoppable force. You remember the March they had in the push to the playoffs: a combined 55 points over just 15 games. 

And that was just the push. When they actually made the playoffs, they... completely disappeared against the Vancouver Canucks in the first round, actually.

Well, at least until Game 6, which is when they came roaring back to life, combining for four goals and 10 points. That was more like the top line we've all come to know and love.

Still, Hudreaunahan disappearing for five games - whether it was due to injury, bad matchups, or whatever the reason - was concerning. Seeing them come back out for Game 6 to take the comeback, and ultimately game, by the throat was much better.

The question is: what are they going to do against the Ducks?

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