Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole sitdown with DailyFaceoff

Nation World HQ
June 05 2014 03:33PM

Editor note: In case you missed it (because we did) our friends at DailyFaceoff interviewed Jay and Dan a couple weeks ago.

DailyFaceoff is based out of Canada, so naturally we tune in to TSN and other Canadian media outlets, and for our Canadian viewers, I know you love Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole. They were in Canada, but now they have become the go-to for hockey highlights in the United States. After moving to Fox Sports 1, Jay and Dan consistently kick the Fox Sports Live coverage off with the NHL playoffs.

I recently got a chance to have a chat with Jay and Dan to discuss the playoffs, the move to Fox Sports 1 and loads of other intriguing NHL topics. Enjoy!

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Ten Years Ago Today: It Was In

Ryan Pike
June 05 2014 02:00PM

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Five things: Odds and ends

Ryan Lambert
June 05 2014 11:00AM


1. Still thinking about Cammalleri

With so little going on in Flames land these days, there's been a lot of time to kick around some other sites and see what's being said about Calgary's club as well. As you might expect, there really isn't a lot to be said, but one name that's come up fairly often in the last week or so is Mike Cammalleri's status as a free agent.

All indications are that he's going to test the free agent market but is not averse to returning to Calgary, which is a nice thing to say but probably not what's going to happen in reality. You have to imagine that unless the Flames really blow him away with money or term — and they really have no reason to do either — then he's better off going to a team that will actually be competitive next season.

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The 2014 Flames Fifteen - #10: Max Reinhart

Justin Azevedo
June 05 2014 08:00AM


Via the NHL

Last year, Kent ended Max Reinhart's NHLE analysis like this:

Max Reinhart might get some leeway as a 20-year old pro rookie, but he'll have to make huge strides as a sophomore to start looking like he's worth a damn.

Guess what? He did.

The Flames' first pick in the 2010 NHL Draft (64th overall) comes in at 10 on our countdown.

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Flames Draft Probables

Christian Roatis
June 04 2014 11:15AM


Over the next few weeks we'll be breaking down possible draft options for the Calgary Flames at each of their picks in late June, and although after the first 15 or so players in this draft there's mass controversy where everyone else fits, it'll still be fun to get a gist of what could be coming Calgary's way at the annual event.

Starting at the top, the Flames hold the 4th overall holler - the highest in team history - and are guaranteed (unless they go way, way, way off the board) an elite prospect from it. The consensus top five or six guys have been public knowledge for a long time now, but the order in which they go is an interesting component to analyze. Dale Tallon has publicly been shopping his first overall pick - somewhat aggressively according to Panthers beat writer George Richards. Will the Panthers deal the pick? Could the Flames move up? Tons of intrigue around that situation. 

Talk out of Edmonton is that Oiler brass is in love with Leon Draisaitl and are lining up to snag him a pick before the Flames, at 3. There's endless scenarios that could play out and the only sure thing from a Flames perspective is they're working tirelessly to construct their list, and won't deter from it when they go to select.

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