Ryan Culkin Reportedly Out 6-8 Weeks With Shoulder Injury

Ryan Pike
September 13 2015 04:18PM

We've received updates on injured prospects at the Young Stars Classic, and one of them is not good.

Per reports from Penticton, defenseman Ryan Culkin is out for awhile.

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Musings on the alternate universe in which Colorado does not match the offer sheet

September 13 2015 10:00AM


That's what it would have been, had the Colorado Avalanche not matched the offer sheet the Calgary Flames sent Ryan O'Reilly's way.

For all the good fortune that has been bestowed upon the team since finally accepting the need to rebuild, the Flames would have suffered a major setback had it not been for Greg Sherman. The goal was to get a quality centre, and while O'Reilly was the target, Sean Monahan was the end result: a result that would not have happened if Sherman had simply let O'Reilly go.

Thank goodness that's not what happened.

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Oilers Out-Flame The Flames In Penticton

Ryan Pike
September 12 2015 11:50PM

After Friday's strong opening night game against Winnipeg, there's a good chance the Calgary Flames hoped to run the table in Penticton and go undefeated at the Young Stars Classic.

Well, that won't happen now after tonight's game with the Edmonton Oilers. And a familiar script was used, albeit with the roles reversed. Following a season where the Flames kept pulling out improbable comebacks, the Oilers put up one of their own; coming back from 2-0 and 3-1 deficits to beat the Flames 6-3.

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FGD: YOUNG GUNZ BOA - Flames v. Oilers*

Taylor McKee
September 12 2015 02:00PM

*This game will not be graced with his majesty's presence. Adjust your expectations/prayer circles accordingly.

The Flames and Oilers are playing tonight in what has to be the most exciting time to be an Oiler fan in recent memory. However, I am quite certain that this prospect tournament wouldn't exist if it wasn't able to exploit the frothing Oiler fanbase's desperation for reasons to forget about the previous 82 actual NHL contests. 

This year's crop of pimply prodigies from Shelbyville are faster, shinier, and have more endorsement deals, but you and I both know how this ends. An unending supply of excuses and draft previews delivered to the 780 and excitement for next year's rookie tournament. The circle of life for Oiler fans.

Come have a look at tonight's Young Stars tournament lineup against the Oilers

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2015-16 Reasonable Expecations: Johnny Gaudreau

Byron Bader
September 12 2015 12:00PM

After the undersized Gaudreau was drafted he continued to get better and better at Boston College.  In his 3rd and last season at Boston College, he put up offensive numbers not seen in over a decade and was universally considered the Flames' best prospect.  Finally he joined the Flames in the 2014-15 season as a full-time NHLer and appears to be the superstar everybody hoped he would be.

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