Flames 5, Oilers 4 post-game embers: MVP Brodie

Ari Yanover
November 01 2015 08:00AM

The Calgary Flames won a game in regulation in October. Some of the usual things went wrong - too many pucks past a Calgary goaltender, too many glorious chances for the Flames just not getting through - but many more things went right.

For one thing, the Oilers were missing several golden chances of their own, often times not even able to get their sticks on what would have been a sure goal. For another thing, Michael Frolik's hat trick is probably the most hilarious hat trick ever witnessed.

For another thing, the Flames won a game they deserved to win.

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Post Game: Slump Busters!

Kent Wilson
October 31 2015 11:14PM

The Flames rolled into Rexall desperate for a win tonight. Or, if not a win, at least a reasonable facsimile of a good game. 

The Oilers have been Slump Busters for Calgary (and most of the league) for a better part of a decade, but there were certainly no guarantees for a Flames club who have looked like a strong contender for the Auston Matthews lottery so far. 

Luckily the local heroes finally managed to pull off a regulation win. And I do mean "luckily"

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Friedman: Flames Pursuing Russian Blueliner Nikita Zaitsev

Ryan Pike
October 31 2015 07:21PM

In news that shouldn't be surprising given Brad Treliving's reputation as a guy that explores every option and the performance of the Calgary Flames defensively through 11 games, Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman had an interesting tidbit during tonight's Hockey Night in Canada broadcast. Friedman divulged that the Flames are one of many clubs sending representatives to Europe for the Karjula Cup tournament.

The objective? Scouting, and presumably wooing, Russian defenseman Nikita Zaitsev, who has indicated that he'll be coming over to North America after his contract expires following this season.

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Are Teams Waiting Until January To Change Coaches?

Ryan Pike
October 31 2015 04:00PM

I was thinking about the situation that the Calgary Flames - and several other clubs - are in earlier this week, and a thought occurred to be after reading Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts. I think teams are waiting to make potential coaching changes until they know what the league's compensation policy will end up being.

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3 reasons for optimism

Pat Steinberg
October 31 2015 02:06PM


It has been about as bad a start to the season as anyone could have imagined for the Calgary Flames. They've fallen to six games below .500, the percentage pendulum has swung all the way to the other side, and the entire group is frustrated. It's tough to find a lot of things to feel optimistic about right now, but I've come up with three things that would point to things getting (a little) better.

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